Life Lessons from the Best Boy

Through Emmett, I’ve been given a big, important reminder these last couple of weeks.


Our new house has a pool, therefore it is so important to me that my kids be super water safe. This meant survival swimming lessons. Harrison is a fish and takes so naturally to the water, so I knew these lessons would be something exciting to him. Flora is too tiny to tell me her feelings on the whole matter yet (though her yells do speak volumes haha).

But Emmett would have a hard time with this, I had no doubt. Before these intense lessons began, Emmett was terrified of the thought of drowning. He wouldn’t go near water without a lifejacket and a grown up. There was no way he’d ever even attempt to put his head under water because it was too scary. He was just a ball of nerves when it came to the water.

The first couple of weeks of lessons were rough. He screamed the whole time, fought his teacher, yelled for me, and my personal favorite, would be in his back float and yell out, “THIS IS NOT MY FAVORITE THING!”

We kept at it. He kept going. And over the last two weeks, he’s stopped screaming. He’s gained confidence in his ability to keep himself safe in the water. He’s learning more and more how to trust himself. He has learned first hand, in a very real way, that he can do hard things! It takes effort, it involves some fear and maybe some screaming but it can be done!!

Now he’s jumping in the water and getting himself back to the edge, no lifejacket needed. He puts his head under and trusts himself around open water. Its so exciting!!

I want to be more like Emmett. I’m going to try my best to be like him. Keep pushing. Keep moving forward despite the fear and nerves. Because like Emmett, I can do hard things, too, and so can you!

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