Ch-ch-Changes? Maybe?

Ever get that feeling where you know there is so much you want to do and now you just need to figure out how to do it all? But you still have to be a mom and wife and take care of humans and other tasks, etc? Yeah, of course you have.. and thats me right now. Its exciting and exhausting.

But I have a question. Our recent trip to Disneyland has sparked a lot of this. I get asked a lot about Disney tricks and tips. So I like to blog my answers so when people ask, I can just send them a link instead of a 500 page text.

Is it ok that this blog is both a lifestyle blog and a Disney blog? Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I worry its not what people want. Sometimes I feel like this page is so messy and disorganized.

Also, you know the tabs at the top that I organize some of my posts into? I only have one that says Disney, and its getting a little full! So do I just make more tabs that are Disney-specific? Do I create a new blog all together just for Disney?

Someone come be my brain for me.

Love you all.

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