Word of 2022

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of each year is to assign my year a word. In the past I’ve had words like, ‘Home’ and ‘Secure.’ Every word I’ve picked has been something that I’m really proud of and a word I’ve really worked on getting better at/cultivating/etc. I put a lot of thought into my words and don’t take them lightly throughout the year.

In the later part of 2021 I started thinking about what my new word would be. Around this same time I started to really get the pull and strong urges that I need to be more giving and serve more. I felt like I have worked so hard on myself in 2021 and now in 2022 I need to look toward others and be a help and a better friend. We also have a quote that sits on our mantle that has really resonate with me in the past year that says, “Search Inward, Reach Outward, Look Heavenward” (Thomas S. Monson) Between the urges I’ve had to serve more, and this quote that I can’t quit reading and saying in my head, my word came to me pretty easily.

My word for 2022 is

In 2022, I am going to look outward and be better at serving and showing my love for those around me. I don’t have a huge plan for this word yet. In all honesty, I plan to just listen to my gut and let it and the spirit guide me to whoever I need to help. I plan to really help my kids catch the bug to look outward as well and hope I can inspire them to serve and love openly as well.

I’m really excited for this word and for the possibilities of places it will take our family. I feel so good and eager for this and plan to bring you guys along on our OUTWARD journey throughout the year as well, so stay tuned!!

If you’ve picked a word for the year, I would LOVE to hear it!! Let me know!

Love you all. I hope your New Year is lovely and I hope you know you’ve got a friend in me.

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