New Year Hot Take

I’m doing something so out of the ordinary for me this new year. Part of me honestly hates it, but even more of me thinks that it’ll feel really good. So I’m doing it for me! What is this ‘thing,’ you ask? New Years Resolutions. I’m not doing any this year.

The goals I have this year are the same goals I’ve had for myself the last several years as a human/wife/mother. But I’m not really setting any specific 2022 goals. I just want to focus on being a good person and making good choices. I want to keep working on my word of the year and focus on serving others. I just want to focus on the good things I’ve got going instead of having a list of things to work on, thus making me feel like I’m not ‘perfect’ yet (don’t worry – I know perfect is unattainable, I just couldn’t think of a better word). I’m going to give myself grace, patience and love. I’m going to encourage myself to be a good, motivated person that works towards my dreams, takes care of myself and my family and just feels good about what’s happening around me in my corner of the world.

So I guess my resolution this year is to not have and focus on them.

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