Getting Close!!

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and I have another one next week. This period of pregnancy is so exciting when the appointments are so frequent and you keep yourself up every night just wondering if you’ll even make it to your next appointment, or will you have a baby instead? In all honesty, I think I’ll definitely be there next week, but still, its exciting to know we are so, so close to meeting our baby brother we’ve been daydreaming about for what feels like years.

There was no surprise to find that baby boy is still breech. I mean, I can feel his adorable tiny little head up in my ribcage 24/7, so I sure wasn’t shocked at all when they confirmed it. But now I am far enough along that it was time to schedule an ECV! An ECV is the external Cephalic Version – I did this with Flora, too, because so far Harrison has been my only head-down, obedient baby and the rest have been breech. Thats where my doctor will manually move my baby from head up to head down by basically just pressing into my belly. Real hard. Real painful. Its a party. However, its super worth it to me. My c-section with Emmett turned out to be just fine, but I sure prefer vaginal deliveries, so if I can give myself that chance, safely, then we’ll give it another go!

All this to say, my ECV is scheduled for next week. I’m in a weird headspace of being so excited to hopefully get him to go head down and with the excitement of knowing he’ll be here in the next couple weeks, but I’m also a wee bit nervous about the pain. I’m a baby when it comes to pain, ok? But we are going to focus on the positive, friends. I feel really grateful that I have such skilled doctors who I know keep me in good hands. I know they’ll monitor me and baby closely and ultimately what will keep my baby the safest is what will be done!

Exciting, crazy times, guys!!

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