No Elf on the Shelf

Well it finally happened. I knew it would eventually, but I really hoped it’d take a lot longer. I haven’t adequately prepared myself. I didn’t figure out what answers I’d have for the difficult questions that would be asked. But alas, here we are and the questions have been asked.


My oldest boys asked if we could have an elf on the shelf.

Craig and I have been on the same page about this since elf on the shelf happened. NO! No elf. That just seems like…a lot. Our family and close friends who have an elf have even warned us against ever committing to such a task.

But do you know how hard it is to say no to your cute little sons sometimes when they ask for something so excitedly and purely?? It’s kinda brutal.

For those of who who’ve also decided, with Santa of course, that the elf life isn’t for you.. how did you break it to your kids?

My kids really love their advent calendars. Craig and I have sort of told them we decided with Santa that instead of an elf, we’d take a few calendars. They seemed ok with it for the time being, but I know it’s going to come up again.

But why is there this silly part of me that feels like I’m depriving my children of some kind of Christmas magic?

I’m not, right?


I need validation, people.

Gah. So what would you guys do? How do you kindly tell your kids it happens for some kids, but not for you?

Helps appreciated in advance 🙂

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