My 2023 Word

This was perhaps my trickiest year of deciding which word I wanted to use for this new year. You should see the notebook page I have filled with possible words and why I’d want to use them and how I planned to. It was a whole ordeal. I have this notebook that I have on the table next to my bed where I spill my words onto all throughout the night (sometimes while awake, sometimes while asleep) and during this deciding period, that notebook was getting a lot of action. I thought through a lot, but I finally came up with my word!

Without further ado, my word for the year 2023 is…

Yay! Love!

Here’s how it sounds in my mind.

Love for myself. Love for my family. Love for my neighbors. Love for those I come in contact with. Love in my home. Radiating love. That sort of thing, you know?

I’m so excited. I can’t wait to be love.

Do you have a word for the new year?

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