Happy Birthday Wild Man & GENDER REVEAL

Yesterday was my darling husbands birthday! It was such a fun day and was surprisingly relaxing and rejuvenating. Wild Man is truly the greatest man ever. I have never met a more selfless, helpful person. Without fail he is always putting others and their happiness first. He is the first to offer assistance and he genuinely loves helping people and easing their burdens and lightening loads in any way he can – and it makes me so proud of him. He’s incredible. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else can and the happiness he makes me feel is amazing. He reminds me every day that I am special, valued and worth something. He is a phenomenal husband. So many women talk about how their husbands aren’t helpful around the house, how they’re lazy and whatever…but I always feel so lucky because Wild Man really isn’t that way. Especially as I have been sick with this pregnancy, he has been amazing in taking over some housework that I’ve neglected. He does laundry, dishes and knows where everything goes in the house. I don’t know what I did to get such a handy, helpful guy but boy am I lucky! And I can’t go without saying how much I love that he’s fully embraced my Disney lifestyle and has even taken it upon himself and he really does love love love Disney now too! I married an amazing man and I’m so glad that yesterday was a day to celebrate him, his birth and his wonderful existence in the world.

For his birthday we have always had a pool party at my parents pool with his family, my family and close friends. Its one of the things I look forward to the most every year. Last nights pool party was another success!




Two years ago when we announced H’s gender, we did it at Wild Man’s pool party and pulled a boy swimming suit out of a gift bag. So we decided to do the exact same reveal this year since it was ironically working out the very same with timing and everything. Its always so exciting to tell friends and family what our baby is! It makes things feel a lot more real somehow.


ITS A BOY!!!!!!

We are THRILLED to have a little brother in a few more months! I cannot wait to see H and this little guy grow up as best friends. As soon as our ultrasound reveled that he was a boy my heart nearly burst with excitement for us, but especially for H. Oh I love my boys!





A Heaping Dose of Reality

See this picture? This (high quality) photograph is a pretty perfect depiction of my life since March.


My morning sickness started kicking in pretty intensely at about 5 weeks for me and if I remember correctly, thats about when it came in when I was pregnant with H as well. I really don’t like complaining about pregnancy stuff because I know there are some women out there who would give up everything to feel the way I feel. I was an only child for 8 years and watched my mom wish for another baby. I have friends who had to wait a really long time to get their baby and some who are still waiting. I totally understand how lucky I am to be pregnant with my second child right now. I don’t take this experience for granted and although I do complain occasionally, I hope its not mistaken as me not being happy about growing a baby or being able to physically grow a child.

But sometimes it feels good to complain a little, am I right? I’ve been losing weight, I throw up several times a day, I live in constant fear that I’ll be diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes again, I have no energy or motivation, I’m so dang tired and I just don’t feel like myself yet. I remember there came a time during my pregnancy with H sometime during my second trimester that I eventually figured out how to force myself to be productive and be a functioning human being again and I’m really hoping now that I’m in my second trimester I can figure that out again, soon.

I’m so grateful for my husband and for the patience he has had. He went from having a good wife who did all the housewife jazz to a wife who lays on the couch and forgets grocery shopping and meal planning all together most weeks. He has been the dish-doer, the laundry guy and the person who straightens up our house and he hasn’t complained or made me feel bad or guilty about it once. I mean, I still do feel guilty about it, but its just because of my own thoughts. I married a real good man and I hope he knows that I’ll be back at my wife duties soon (fingers crossed)!

I also have to talk about what an angel H has been. His mom is BORING right now you guys. I can’t tell you how guilty I feel about this subject. H is a wiggly, active, energetic little boy who just wants to play and to be played with. Yet his mom is usually gross on the couch and is turning on yet another Disney movie for him. But he has rolled with this change so effortlessly and so easily and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. He plays happily by himself on the floor but still makes sure to crawl up on the couch with me from time to time to cuddle and give kisses. He’s been a dream boy through this. Lately I have been able to get down and play with him a little more often and I hope it just keeps getting better because you can just tell how much he loves it! But I’m also really glad that he knows how to play alone and self-entertain when he needs to. I have an amazing little boy.

So anyway. Life is weird right now. I’m lazy and sick and tired and gross. But I’m really grateful that I get to have another sweet baby and that our family is going to grow. Every second, no matter how barfy, is worth it in the end.

And I end this post with a picture of my family this past Sunday – a rare occasion when I actually got ready.




The Freaking BEST

I’m a Master Esthetician and I own my own spa that is in my basement. It keeps me busy and I really love that its my job. The thing I do the very most is eyelash extensions and doing them is really fun because for a few hours I get to chat with my cute clients/friends. Its really awesome to talk to these great ladies and socialize, laugh, vent and all that great stuff. A few days ago I had a client who doesn’t have kids yet and she was asking me lots of questions about how I like being a mom. I kind of got the idea that she’s not in any rush to have children because a lot of her questions basically ended with her saying, “it seems so hard” “it seems messy” “it seems like so much work” “it sounds like you never have time for yourself” and so on. And thats just fine! Everyone has their own opinion and they know themselves best so I’m totally not bashing on that. I like being really honest about motherhood. I don’t sugarcoat stuff because I feel like real life needs to be more regular instead of all this i-have-a-perfect-life stuff. I just have my little 18 month H right now (and the baby I’m currently cookin’) and yeah, life with him is busy and messy and sticky and poopy. It comes with the age! It comes with the fact that I wanted to be a mom! Sometimes, yes, it does make me want to cry and pull my hair out – like when I leave the room for less than a minute and walk into my kitchen to find him drawing on the tile floor with a permanent marker…


…but its also the best thing I could ever do. The rumors are true. Life changes BIG time when you add a child to your life. Priorities change drastically. You find that you focus less on yourself and more on this little person who is in need of another diaper change. Your house gets a little messier and your walls/cupboards/everything gets stickier. You’ll sleep less, worry more and feel completely clueless but also all-knowing. It changes you in ways you could never prepare for and no one could ever accurately depict to you. But if you want my opinion, its honestly the greatest thing EVER. I knew I wanted to be a mom since – well forever. I was always (still am) the girl who wants to hold all the babies and when I’m not pregnant I long for the days that I am again (yes, even with how sick I get). But even with how excited I was to be a mom and how much I knew I’d love it, its still surprised me with just how incredible it is. Nothing compares. Nothing, to me, is more fulfilling.



I love being a mother. I understand that it isn’t for everyone, but it is absolutely for me. My hairs never been dirtier, my clothes have never been messier and the bags under my eyes have never looked scarier, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love my sweet little guy. He’s my best friend and the cutest little partner. I am so excited to meet our new baby and to get to know it so closely and carefully. I’m eager for our future children. And hey, I’m even super excited for my grandkids! Kids are just the best and being a mom is the greatest. Its the freaking BEST.



Round Two!


Hooray! We are finally announcing that I am pregnant with our second little bundle of joy! Come November, we will have another sweet little thing to love on and snuggle with and we are overjoyed. Funny enough, this babies due date is H’s birthday! So our kids will be pretty much exactly two years apart!

Just like with H, I have been feeling pretty miserable. Sick sick sick. Throwing up. Losing weight. All that fun stuff. But hey, you just keep on trekking because these babies are so worth it! Its different being pregnant with your first compared to being pregnant with your second. With my first pregnancy I could lay on the couch 24/7, sleep in, nap whenever I needed to and was just 100% lazy. Now its a different story because, though I’d love to be 100% lazy, I have a busy little boy to chase around and care for. Its actually nice. Its made time pass a little quicker and forces me to get up and be even kind of productive.

I’m actually really relived to be announcing that I’m pregnant because now I have an explanation for why I have been so flaky and absent when it comes to blogging and other social media. I felt like I had writers block when it came to blogging because all I wanted to talk about was being pregnant but I couldn’t say anything yet so I’d start a post and then just fizzle out and end up deleting the post. Now that we have gone public with this though I feel like I’m going to be a lot better at posting frequently, even if it has nothing to do with being pregnant. Does that make sense? I don’t know, but thats how its working.

And now I can post about our magical Disneyland trip from a couple weeks ago! I was hesitant to post pictures because my belly is in that is she pregnant/is she chubby phase and I didn’t want to post the pictures before you guys knew that its a baby in there!

Yay for Baby #2! We are very blessed, excited and sleepy!



10 Things I Wish I Knew

I am baby hungry 100% of the time. Even when The Captain was a week old I found myself wishing I was pregnant again. Is it crazy? Yeah, maybe. But its who I am and therefore I think about pregnancy, labor, the newborn stage, H’s first year, etc a lot. For a while I have been thinking about my pregnancy with H and how I was pretty darn sure I knew what I was getting into. I mean, I was clueless about a lot, but I felt like I had a good grasp on how my life was going to change. But then you have that baby and even within the first few minutes of holding my fresh little newborn I realized that nothing could have possibly prepared me for the way a child can change your life. There is nothing like it. I think about the next time I’ll be pregnant with baby #2 and this time I feel like I have a  better feel for the way my life will change again – but I’ve been surprised before, so who knows really. This all led me to my own list of the 10 thing I wish I knew before becoming a parent. I have seen posts like these on the internet for years now and my list likely isn’t that different from the ones you’ve all seen a thousand times but alas, I’m still adding my list into the mix.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Parent

10: Babies need so much stuff. Just when you think you’ve got everything your child could possibly need, you realize there is so much you’ve forgot about.

9: You learn just as much (maybe even more) from your child as they learn from you. I read every article while I was pregnant about how to be the best mom to my son and for a split second I think I even believed I’d learned all I needed to know. Nope! He taught me so much and continues to do so. Its amazing! He can’t even speak yet, but somehow he’s figured out how to communicate his wants, needs, etc with me. Babies are incredible.

8: There will be bad days. Even if you are a really positive person and are doing everything ‘right’ bad days will still happen. There will be days where your patience is a little thin, there will be days where you feel like you’re a bad mom and you’re failing your perfect child, or if you’re like me then you’ll be attacked with anxiety and your world will feel like its spiraling out of control. These days happen, but the nice thing is that bad days/weeks/etc come to an end. Also, your baby can help you feel better. I have no doubt that children have healing powers and my husband has been an incredible outlet for me when I’m feeling lousy.

7: You’ll burst into random tears. Its ok. Thats normal. Or at least thats what I tell myself because I refuse to believe I’m the only one that does this. Sometimes I’ll catch myself watching H playing on the floor or sleeping in his crib and next thing I know I’m sobbing. I am not even entirely sure why or where it comes from but I usually decide its a mix of the love I have for him, how stinkin’ cute he is and how lucky I am to be his mom.

6: You need to give yourself credit too. I’m lucky to be surrounded by really supportive and uplifting people. After I had H, Wild Man would tell me very regularly how amazing he thought I was and how proud he was of me and how much respect he had for me. Our families gave very similar, genuine compliments. It made me feel good and proud of myself and confident. But I also learned that I need to give myself credit as well. When I finally gave myself credit for the fact that I PUSHED A HUMAN BEING OUT OF MY BODY and credited myself for being the best mom I knew how to be, it made a world of difference in how I viewed myself, how I felt about my day and how my attitude was. I did an amazing thing! And being a mom is a hard, amazing thing! I, along with all other mommas deserve lots of credit!

5: You adjust. I remember those first few nights of little to no sleep stressed me out so bad. How was I ever going to survive with such little sleep? I’m happy to announce that you figure it out and you somehow figure out how to manage going day to day on less sleep than you once got. Of course there are still some days where you’re exhausted and can barely keep your eyes open, but for the most part your awesome mom body, brain and attitude gets through it.

4: Its new for your baby too. Its not just new, scary, exciting, crazy and such for you and your partner. Its really new for your baby. Your little one was used to being snuggled up in a ball in the womb, warm and care-free and now they’re in this new, bright, cold, loud world and its got to be a lot to take in. You’re both new at this baby thing but you’ll both survive – promise.

3: You think you’re a worrier now? Wait until you have a kid. This is the one thats rocked me the most (well, besides #1) I have been a worrier since the day I was born I’m pretty sure, but it increased by 500% when I saw my positive pregnancy test, then it grew another 500% when my son was actually born. I worry constantly and have awful, crippling anxiety. Its tough but thankfully I’m learning more on how to manage it and cope with it and even overcome it! I’m fairly certain worry is a guaranteed side effect of having a baby and I’m sure it comes in different degrees to different mothers, but whether its barely there or the only thing you think about, its ok – and don’t be afraid to ask for help and be open about it. I’ll do a post about this someday, but being open and honest about the anxiety I have had since having H has been one of my biggest lifesavers.

2: There will be SO much advice. And guess what? You don’t have to listen to any of it if you don’t want to. Trust your God-given motherly instinct. You know your baby better than anyone else. You can pick and choose what advice you take to heart and what advice you brush off. Its so important to remember that you and your husband are the ones in the end who know whats best for your baby.

1: The LOVE. You know you will love them, but you can’t know just how much until that sweet, perfect newborn is placed in your arms and the flood of every single emotion comes over you. In that very second your life changes forever and your heart grows a million times its old size. Its incredible. The love a parent can possess for its child is the most powerful thing on earth and I believe its the closest we will ever get to understanding how our Father in Heaven feels about us. Its incredible.




Who Said Babies Can Get Sick?!

No really, who?!

My sweet baby H hasn’t been able to catch a break! Last week for nearly two weeks he was super congested and just when things were looking up and he had two days of complete health, he got hit with a fever yesterday and its wiping him out. It breaks my heart to see my wiggly, active, crazy baby just lay on the couch with his sleepy face and tired eyes. Ugh. Why can’t moms have the superpower to take their children’s sicknesses and have them themselves? I know that a fever is nothing compared to what some people go through – I’m not trying to say we have it harder than anyone else – not at all. I’m just saying it makes me sad that these sweet innocent little people feel sick from time to time.

The only bright side to this is that together we have taken some amazing long naps and he is so cuddly and snuggly.


Hopefully the next few days are brighter and my little boyfriend can be feeling good again, soon!



Mama Bear

You know how you always hear people label other moms as ‘mama bears?’ Basically meaning that they can get fierce, feisty and ultra protective when it comes to their children? This may sound weird but I always hoped I could be one. I hoped I wouldn’t have to be one too often, but I hoped that if the time ever came, that I would be brave enough to stand up for my child or do whatever I had to do to protect my child. I’m a very non confrontational, awkward human being so sometimes this seemed like a lofty goal, but I always assumed that if it came to my son I would do anything. Yesterday I learned that I can indeed me a Mama Bear and to be honest I am feeling really, really proud of that.

H has graduated from his infant carseat and we just recently got his new seat. During the day yesterday he was perfectly content with his bowl of snacks and watching Octonauts so I figured it’d be a good time to run out to my car and take the old carseat out and install the new one. Our door that goes out to our driveway is only a few feet from where my car was parked and I left the door open a bit so I was able to see/hear H while I switched seats. For this story its important to know a little about what our porch looks like out of this door. There is no railing around it. The driveway is off to the right and the stairs are parallel to the driveway. (does this make any sense? no? sorry.. thats the best i’ve got) 

So there I am trying to work quickly when all of the sudden someone starts talking to me. A guy, probably a few years younger than me was standing behind me and asking me if I’d heard about some product he was trying to sell. I didn’t really pay attention to his little speech and when he’d finished it I informed him I wasn’t interested. He seemed nice enough and I recall thinking I wished more salesmen were like him because he was so cool to take the rejection and leave. He took about one step away then turned back to me and asked if he could use my restroom. Wild Man was at work, my baby was inside — it just felt sketchy and scary so I just straight up said, “no, sorry I’m not comfortable with that,” thinking that was the gutsiest thing I’d have to do that day. Honestly, to me that felt like being a Mama Bear because that was a form of confrontation and let me remind you again that I avoid confrontation like the plague. He turned back around and I figured he was off to the next house to try and sell his product. A second later I looked up and HE WAS WALKING TOWARDS THE DOOR TO MY HOUSE. He was closer to the door than I was and I knew H was in there. It was like every scary story I’d heard in the news recently rushed into my head and my blood started to boil and my heart started to race and I yelled, “excuse me?” as he got to the four stairs that lead to the door. He turned to me and said, “I just really have to use the restroom.”

This is where the Mama Bear kicked into gear inside me. Something took over my body because there is no way I should have beat him to my door. I had to run around my car and jump up the ledge from our driveway to the porch. I got there right before he reached our door. I ran inside and slammed the door and locked it.

Maybe all he really wanted to do was use the bathroom. But you DON’T go waltzing into someones house – especially when they told you NO. Maybe nothing would have happened. But also maybe something would have happened. Maybe my day could have turned out a lot worse. You never know and I’ll never know. But I knew my baby was inside my house and didn’t want some stranger to even so much as look at him so I did what I had to do to ensure he stay safe.

I was pretty freaked out for a while and needed a bit to calm down. I called the police station and reported it and ultimately felt safe inside of my locked house. But it was a scary situation. I’m very grateful all turned out well and that somehow I was able to run faster than I’ve ever run.

I am a Mama Bear.