September Beauty Talk

Its kind of like monthly favorites. Its kind of like hits and misses. Its kind of product review. Some will be new products. Some will be products I’ve had forever. Its my Beauty Talk and starting now, I’ll be doing one every month. I’m back tracking a little and starting with September. Ready, go.


SOAP & GLORY – BODY WASH AND BODY LOTION (CRUSH SCENT): This stuff! I’m obsessed. The body wash is so refreshing, gentle and makes your entire bath/shower smell like limes and the scent lasts! Use the body lotion afterwards and you will be in heaven. This lotion is really creamy and very moisturizing. I’m an incredibly dry person but I really haven’t had the issue since using this lotion. And I cannot stress enough just how phenomenal the scent is. Soap and Glory has several different scents, but Crush is by far my favorite.


RCMA NO-COLOR POWDER: I have been using this powder for quite a while now and I have no plans of ever using a different powder to set my make up. It also works awesome for baking your face (on the rare occasion that I do that..) Its a loose powder that goes on without any color and it really holds your liquid products (foundation, concealer, etc) in place. My one huge complaint however is the packaging. Loose powder in a big container like this gets so messy. Every single time I use it I have powder all over my shirt, hands and counter. Its easy to clean up, but its still a pain you know?


CREST 3D WHITE TOOTHPASTE: This isn’t technically a beauty product, but a clean, white smile helps make you beautiful! I’ve been obsessed over the idea of whitening my smile lately so I grabbed this toothpaste on a whim a while ago and I’m never going back. It works! And its minty fresh ::thumbs up emoji::


COLOR POP – SCULPTING STIX AND HIGHLIGHT: Mixed reviews here. I got the highlight in shade, Monster and I love it. It isn’t the easiest to blend and sometimes I feel like it takes the makeup thats underneath it off, so thats a bummer – but when it goes on nicely it is an incredible highlight and you will be beaming! Its definitely not subtle and sometimes thats just how I like it. The Sculpting Stix I had high hopes for. I got a couple really light shades for highlight and a darker shade for contour. The colors are nice, but they are soooooo hard to blend. I have to work them for a while with my beauty blender before they finally start looking decent. I’m bound and determined to make these things work for me – its just going to take a bit of effort.


BROW PENCIL – ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS BROW WIZ: I don’t think I’ll ever use another product on my brows. I’ve used this pencil for several months now and I’m committed. Its incredible and you need it in your life.


MASCARA – MILK MAKEUP: This is a newer product for me. I was weirded out by it at first because it comes in a squishy tube and the applicator is insane, but I gave it a try and now its the only mascara I use. Its a deep, dark black that doesn’t transfer and it fans my lashes out nicely and elongates them. Love this stuff.


MAYBELLINE – FIT ME CONCEALER: I love when you find a drugstore product that works just as nicely as higher end makeup. I use these concealers for my under eye, setting my eyelids, highlight and contour and I love them. They blend effortlessly, they don’t crease or cake up and they have a nice, flawless finish. And they’re cheap so I’m all about these.


REAL TECHNIQUES – SETTING BRUSH: I use this brush for my powder highlights and its the best. I have used so many brushes and tried to get them to apply my highlight the exact way I wanted and this is the only one that does so. It fans the product out so I don’t have to blend too much and its soft and easy to use.


BE A BOMBSHELL COSMETICS NAIL POLISH IN HOLY FUCHSIA: I love this color and this brand. It stays on nicely (with a bottom/top coat) and the color is so fun because its still a bright, happy color but its deep enough that it works as a perfect Fall nail color. I’m all about this.


KAT VON D – TATTOO LINER: People have raved about this forever and I never felt the need to purchase it. I have been in an eyeliner rut recently so I finally caved and got it. I get it now. This is a staple makeup product everyone needs in their makeup bag. You can get blunt, thick lines or precise, thin lines. Its perfect for any look.


LIPSENSE: I was hesitant to mention Lipsense because I know there are very strong opinions about this. But then I remembered this is my blog and my opinion and I am free to share that here. I love Lipsense. I searched forever for a lipstick I could wear and still kiss my husband and baby without leaving lip marks on them and this is it. It really doesn’t transfer, the color payoff is awesome and there are so many colors to choose from! You guys…I even sell this stuff. (don’t worry, i have vowed not to be a pushy salesman. i won’t force you to join any groups or make you endure endless posts on social media about the product – my pages are there but you have to join them by your own free will to see the content)





Get Ready Challenge

Maybe this is just me, but my day almost always goes better and feels better on the days I get ready. You would think this would make me get ready, right? Wrong. I still wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt or a t-shirt of Wild Man’s 90% of the time. For no real reason I decided t0 issue a challenge to myself to get all the way ready for a full week. This entails getting dressed in actual clothes/wearing a bra, doing my hair, wearing make up AND getting sweet baby H ready too (putting him in clothes instead of comfy clothes to match my own). To really take this up a notch I am going to try new make up techniques/product every day and I am going to do my hair different every day. I am writing this paragraph on Day One and will be updating this post every day but actually posting it on the seventh day.


What I Wore: I could be wrong but the shirt I wore is called something along the lines of ‘the boyfriend….shirt?’ I can’t remember. But I do know its comfy and I do know its from Old Navy. I wore an old reliable pair of super skinny jeans form American Eagle and when I went out I wore a pair of black pointed toe flats.

My Hair: I got bangs two days ago. They’re cuter than they look in the picture below – I’m still figuring out how to pose with them I guess. Also I’m getting them thickened here soon. Anyway my hair frustrated me today. I used a large barreled curling iron on it and approximately ten seconds later the curl was gone, leaving my hair looking messy and like I just rolled out of bed. Whatever. It’ll look better tomorrow. Maybe.

My Make Up: My favorite part of any day I get ready is the make up. I did a full face but I kept it fairly simple. I used some warm oranges and golds from my favorite shadow palette (Morphe 35O) and paired it with a fairly bold lip (Bella from Lipsense – yes I wear/love it). I didn’t really challenge myself today with the look but I’m hoping to have time tomorrow to get more creative.

What H Wore: This cute boy wore this new long sleeved t shirt from Target and some jeans from Baby Gap and darling Mickey Mouse socks from H&M. No matter what he wears he looks like a million bucks and I can’t take my eyes off him.



What I Wore: My parents recently returned back from Disney World (right before the hurricane hits, thank goodness) and they brought us back some fun shirts that I knew I wanted to wear this week. Today was the day. I wore this WDW top thats sort of the feel of a light hoodie with no hood. What are those called? Seriously I know nada when it comes to fashion terms. I also wore some dark wash jeans from Target and wore some silver sparkly Sperry’s.

My Hair: I pulled the top of my hair back and twisted it around. Of course you can’t tell because I failed to take a picture. But hey at least I did my hair.

My Make Up: I didn’t have a lot of time for make up today but I still wanted to do something a little different than yesterdays look so I decided to go with a pretty thick winged eyeliner. It wasn’t very long or dramatic but it was a fun way to bring the focus to my eyes. I wore a soft mauve blush and opted for no lip color today. I also tried out a new highlighter from ColourPop today and I really like it – this one may knock out my current highlight fav for the time being.

What H Wore: How cute is he, seriously? Sweet Baby H wore a Mickey Mouse hoodie from Disney World and when he saw himself in it with the hood on the first time he was so excited! Underneath he just has a little black t-shirt from Target and wore some simple grey comfy pants from Carters and some more of those Mickey Mouse H&M socks.




What I Wore: I knew the day would come during this challenge where I had no desire to get ready. BUT I still did (with a kind of crappy attitude). Today I wore an old shirt from Gap that I always feel grown up in. For an unknown reason I feel ‘ready’ in this shirt. Its also a little bit thicker material so it was nice and warm for this chillier day. I have a relaxed style of jeans on from Gap and paired this outfit with some mustard flats.

My Hair: Yeah, I didn’t do my hair. Well I did it, it just is in some weird messy bun type thing. I showered this morning and my hair was still wet while H was taking his nap and I was getting ready and I wasn’t about to turn the hair dryer on and ruin his nap. So the wet hair was stacked on top of my head. At least I did my bangs, thats got to count for something.

My Make Up: I used all different face products today. A new primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder and a new under eye concealer. I also used browns and dark purples on my eyelids and tight lined my eyes. I have a nude, barely-there lip and kept everything pretty easy. Also, I didn’t capture it very well in the picture (dang) but my eyeshadow looked killer today.

What H Wore: We kept H comfy and cozy today in a red long sleeve onesie (Walmart – so cheap!!) and cute comfy pants from Target. He had a pair just like them but in red last Fall/Winter and they were my favorite! Then some Disney Story Mickey Mouse socks (i promise he has socks other than Disney…)




What I Wore: So this day just really didn’t go how we planned it to. Its a Saturday and Wild Man went mountain biking with his brother earlier this morning. At around 11:45 I got a call from him and he told me he crashed – bad. (there will be a story on this later with more detail) We spent the whole day in the ER and I literally left the house the second after I got ready so no pictures were taken. Luckily I somehow snuck into a picture my mother in law took, so thats my outfit picture for the day. Anyway. We are BYU fans in this family and today was game day so I wore blue. This is a loose 3/4 sleeve shirt from Gap and I wore a pair of jeans, also from Gap and some grey fake converse from Target.

My Hair: Wavy curls that died a while later – that is the story of my hair whenever I try to do anything ‘fancy’ with it. Someone teach me how to make curl last. My hair is thick and heavy and I’m starting to believe I’m destined to be curl-less.

My Make Up: It was a basic full face of make up. I warmed my eyelids up by sticking some bronzer in my crease, I wore a brighter pink/peach blush and some tinted chapstick. Nothing fancy or high maintenance. Which was good since I spent my whole day at the hospital.

What H Wore: I so wish I would have got a better picture of The Captain but I had to rush out of the house and leave H with my mom. He wore a BYU jersey top and some jeans from Target and some little BYU socks. He looked SO cute I could hardly stand it. While Wild Man was still biking and I was hanging out at home with H, I took the picture below because I thought it was funny that he figured out how to pull his arm out of his sleeve – and thats his outfit picture for the day.

What a day…




What I Wore: I love Sundays and getting ready for them is half the fun. Today I wore a full length dress from LuLaRoe. This is my one item from them and I really don’t hate it. Its pretty, its stretchy (makes for easy nursing) and the pattern hides the leftover pooch I have from being pregnant so I really like it. I wore a pair of sandals that matched the little bit of blue in the dress.

My Hair: I got real exciting today and just straightened my hair. But I hadn’t done it yet this week and honestly the days I straighten my hair are the days I feel prettiest. Probably because my hair doesn’t ‘fall out’ of being straight like it does with curls, so I feel put together all day long.

My Make Up: I did a full coverage face and used all my go-to products today. I let the focus fall on my lips that were a nice berry color. My eyelids had some golds and browns blended together and a little bit of glitter because thats never a bad idea. I finally jumped on the band wagon and bought the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and today was the first day I used it and I’m already a big fan! I did a simple line but I’m looking forward to seeing what other kinds of looks I can create with this. I also used a new highlight that I can’t even remember the name of and I don’t care because I wasn’t a fan..

What H Wore: My baby in church clothes = CUTEST EVER EVER EVER. He is so stinkin’ handsome my heart can’t handle it. Today H wore a button up collared white onesie from Baby Gap, some Chicos (my fav church pants for him) from H&M and some cute little shoes from Target. And he melted everyones heart at church. He seriously got so many compliments and I agreed fully with all of them.




What I Wore: You know when you’re looking through your closet and find a shirt you bought forever ago and never wore? This great event happened for me the other day and I couldn’t wait to finally wear the blouse from Old Navy – today was the day. I wore them with black jeggings (my jam) from Target and black flats.

My Hair: I was undecided on hair today. It started off straight like yesterday, but then it went into a high pony tail to stay the rest of the day.

My Make Up: Once Fall hits all I want to do is wear warm oranges, reds, browns and golds. Today I mainly wore orange and gold and I la-la-loved it. I wore Caramel Apple (from Lipsense) on my lips and did a soft all over face look.

What H Wore: This cute baby wore another long sleeve T from Target, some Target jeans and socks and later wore the cutest little baby tennis shoes (also from Target). If you haven’t been able to figure out already, Target is my favorite place to shop.




What I Wore: Finally the last day! I can’t wait to wear leggings, yoga pants and wrinkly t-shirts again tomorrow! Anyway. Today I wore a short sleeve sweater from Gap, the Always Skinny jeans from Gap and gold flats (either from Target or Old Navy, I can’t remember).

My Hair: Can you tell I sort of gave up on my hair today? Top knot for the win. It is messy and boring, but it worked and believe it or not I got two compliments on it and Wild Man told me he likes when my hair looks like this. So I’m not sorry for being lazy in the hair department.

My Make Up: Ok, I was kind of lazy with my make up too. I look so tired in the picture – it makes me glad not too many people saw me today. H has been fighting his naps so hard lately and in result is easily cranky so I didn’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to my face. Plus I did a face mask today so I had even less time. I wore BB Cream, translucent face powder, blush, highlight, brows and mascara.

What H Wore: Today this cute boy wore a Storm Trooper T from Target and these adorable washed Joggers from H&M. They are so long and require a few rolls, but they’re still so dang cute and he gets compliments on these all the time.




  • I buy a lot of stuff from Target (this isn’t shocking news or anything – just a statement)
  • Its awkward to take pictures of your face/make up and I feel like those pictures made my head look massive. Thats a bummer.
  • I need someone to tell me how to make my hair cute. I have so little motivation to do much with it and it never looks how I wished it did. If I put lots of time and effort into it I can make it look good, but I don’t always have the time sooooooooo I just need help.
  • I love make up and I love trying new products. I wish I would have been more out of the box this week though.
  • Getting ready every day is fun and makes me feel fancier than I am, but I also missed the days where I could just throw my hair up, go sans make up and wear super comfy clothes. I’m definitely not going to give those days up, but I will also try to get for real ready more than I normally do.
  • Jeans are cute and nice to wear sometimes but they’re also overrated. Leggings count as perfectly fine pants and I’ll stand by that forever. (oh my heck i am so lazy you guys)
  • H is always cute no matter what he wears. I especially love him in jeans. He’s just the best and the cutest, guys. Love that little dude.
  • I think I’ll do this again in a month or two.



Go-To Shadows

Its easy for me to get comfortable with products when it comes to make up. If I find something I love, like really love, I am totally fine with jumping into a long term relationship and committing to the product. I love branching out, too, but I feel like more often than not I find myself back with my originals favs.

This morning while I was getting ready I was realizing that I’m a lot more open to trying new shadows frequently, however I’m becoming more and more attached to my Z-palette I put together containing 10 of my favorite shadows. (I also super love my BareMinerals powder shadows and The Blushed Nudes from Maybelline).

I wanted to share my Z-palette shadows. They’re all individual pans from MakeUp Geek. I love their products – so pigmented and easy to apply. Do you use MakeUp Geek shadows? What are your favorite eye shadows?


  1. Sorbet
  2. MaiTai
  3. Petal Pusher
  4. Vintage
  5. Drama Queen
  6. Gold Digger
  7. Preppy
  8. Barcelona Beach
  9. Moondust
  10. Dirty Martini

Of all of these I think Petal Pusher and Vintage are my favorites. They’re such pretty shades and they can be dressed up or warn by themselves and look just as pretty. Also, Sorbet is the queen of all transition colors. Drama Queen and Dirty Martini are pretty dramatic, but such fun colors and bring lots of attention to the eyes. Love, love.

Also, I think the coolest job in the world would be to be the person who names eye shadows and/or nail polish.



March Favorites

I forgot about March Favs. I was supposed to post this on the 28th.  You guys. I’ve got all these big plans for finally personalizing our house and decorating it and making it unique to us and it is consuming all my thoughts, dreams and excitement. April is the month when I’m going to make this house ours and its going to be epic. Ok, we’re getting off topic…

March Favorites – They are so random this month. I’ve just thrown together some stuff, but they are things The Little Captain and I genuinely do like. Feel free to make fun of me. This post is already a mess anyway!

Lets start with my little man. He has two favorites from March.

Nuk Binkies

I don’t know what these are really called. They feel exactly like the Soothie/Wubbanub but they’re the Nuk shape. I’ve noticed my son hasn’t been loving on his Wubs/Soothies like he once did so I grabbed a few other brands/shapes and he’s dominating this one! Keeps it in like a champ and I feel like he genuinely likes these.


Mickey Mouse

My parents gave him this for Easter and it was a win. It makes the crinkle noises, it rattles, theres rings to grab and chew on, his nose may as well be a binkie and he’s easy to hold. Its like the toy of his dreams.


Now its me time. Here are my insanely random items.


LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this. Love this. This is my favorite favorite of all my favorites this month. This cleanser makes me feel like a princess and I want everyone to feel my soft, happy face after using. This is the pūr~lisse, pūr~delicate gentle soy milk cleanser and makeup remover. Its heaven. This is the first cleanser I’ve ever used (& i’ve used many a cleanser) that literally feels like silk and makes my face feel the same. Oh my gosh. Pricey, yes. Worth it, absolutely.


Shadow Crayon

I got this in an Ipsy Bag or Birchbox, I can never remember. But I like it! Its LOC Tati. Its a pretty, neutral, shimmery color and it stays really well! Its nice to use when you’re just wanting to throw on some color over your whole lid but not take lots of time.



This is a Real Techniques Sculpting brush I use for my contour. The shape, the firmness of the bristles, the duo fiber-ness. Its glorious and highly recommended from me to you. Its also affordable so theres no reason we shouldn’t all own one.


iPad Game

Haha, am I a nerd or what? This is a Disney (disney for LIFE) called Magic Kingdoms. This is my nursing game. I play it always when I nurse. Basically you’re saving Magic Kingdom from Maleficent. I’m sure this isn’t everyones jam, but its mine and I’m not even embarrassed to say it.



Obviously. But lately Vanilla Diet Coke’s have really been speaking to my soul and providing me with lots of happiness, joy and peace.




January Favorites

So did January just FLY by, or what? I mean, didn’t we just celebrate New Years like yesterday? In all honesty its fine by me. January is probably my least favorite month (except for the pretty snow) and I’m super looking forward to February because its going to be a BIG and EXCITING month for my little family (more on that later).

I hope you guys didn’t have your hearts set on a December Favorites post… because that didn’t happen. My baby is cute and sometimes he distracts me from getting things done. I’m trying to improve on this, but I doubt I’ll get any better any time soon.

But I’m not going to neglect January. So here ya go.

January Favorites

NuMe Wand: I love curled hair so I’m always game to try a new curling iron/wand. I bought this 32MM wand several weeks ago and was hooked after my first time using it. It makes these big, loose, bouncy curls and even after they die down after a day or so, your hair still looks good. Love it.


Fuzzy Swaddle: This was a baby shower gift from a dear neighbor. The Captain does NOT like to be swaddled. He is happiest if his arms and legs are free to wiggle, kick and definitely not be confined. This swaddle is perfect for him because while it keeps him warm and wrapped, its long and a little loose so he can still get his wiggling in. Plus its so soft and cozy and very cute.


Boppy: I like the Boppy for nursing obviously, Wild Man likes to use it when he’s holding the baby a long time, but Captain is finally big enough that now I can prop him in it! I use it every morning when I get dressed. I stick him in it on the end of my bed so he can keep an eye on me (which is very important for him). Its such a useful product. I highly recommend it.


It Cosmetics Brow Power Pencil: I’ve never been a fan of brow pencils – I much more prefer the brow gel/wax you put on with a brush, but I decided to take a chance on this pencil and I’m so glad I did. It goes on so easily and its forgiving enough that if you go too dark or bold, you can use the spooly brush on its opposite end and brush it out and make the color soft and natural looking, again.


Moéa Spa Body Body Soufflé Lotion: I use hand sanitizer 1,000 times a day because I’m a paranoid germaphobic mother. This makes my hands annoyingly dry and uncomfortable. My cousin gave me this lotion last year sometime and I’ve used it here and there, but since my baby was born I’ve been using it a lot more often and I’m a believer! Its very hydrating and its scent isn’t so overpowering that it makes you sick.


Lasting Smiles Peppermint Creme Chapstick: I got this in either an Ipsy bag or Birchbox. I. Love. It. This is one of those chapsticks that leaves your lips moisturized for hours!! I definitely recommend checking their website out and ordering one or two (or 10). Plus they are a charity company and for every 1,000 chapstick sold, one child receives the gift of a cleft lip/palate surgery. (order yours here)


Dr. Seuss Board Books: The Little Captain has received many Dr. Seuss board books and we love them. Its so fun to read to your baby and watch them as they notice and study the pictures, but I feel like these pages are so bright and colorful that he likes them that much more. Plus its fun for me to read them because its like a little trip back to my childhood.


‘Bear Rocker’: I don’t actually know what this is called, but its a life saver. A sweet neighbor gave this to us a couple weeks after our son was born because she was done having kids and it was only lightly used. This thing is the best. It rocks and also has a switch that causes the whole rocker to vibrate which is a huge plus for my little guy. He really hates to be put down, but he stays content for quite a while in this!





12 Outfits of Christmas: Christmas Shopping


I knew when I took on this 12 Outfits of Christmas challenge that on one of those days I had to wear this shirt. Do you have that one shirt that you just love? I do – and this is that shirt. During the end of my pregnancy I found myself actually missing being able to wear this shirt and it was one of the first shirts I wore when we were home from the hospital. It was a Christmas or birthday gift from Wild Man a couple years back from one of my favorite little boutiques called, The Nest on Main. Its such a comfy shirt and I just feel like 99% more confident and awesome when I wear it. I also did my hair in a messy half bun and put on a decent face of make up. I felt good, guys. I like getting ready every once in a while.


Thankfully I took these pictures when I did because not too much longer after these pictures were snapped, I was changing Captain’s diaper and not only was I tinkled on, I was also pooped on. It was a mess and I ended up looking like I’d wet my own pants. It was so glamorous. The two of us had to strip down and get in new clothes, stat, so I’m glad I was able to catch the look before it was covered in my sons business. Cute little guy.

Also, it was a stripe day.


shirt: The Nest on Main – jeans: American Eagle – flats: Target

Captain’s one piece: Carter’s



12 Outfits of Christmas: Traditions

Yesterday Wild Man, The Little Captain and I went to my parents house for our annual Christmas tradition of decorating gingerbread houses. I’ll be honest, every ounce of me wanted to not get ready today. I’ve had a headache and my episiotomy stitches are seriously going to be the death of me. I wanted to stay in my jammies with a top-knot on my head and not a speck of make up on my face. It sounded good. But I couldn’t miss out on a day of the 12 Outfits of Christmas that I’ve so been looking forward to! So I decided even if it was just for decorating gingerbread houses with my husband, son and two little sisters, I was going to get ready.


I’m all about button-up shirts right now. It makes breast feeding 100 times easier. I got this shirt a couple years ago and typically wear it under a solid colored sweater, but today I wore it all by itself and was very pleased. My jeans are just old jeans I’ve had for who knows how long. But they’re comfy and today they brought me a personal victory because they aren’t maternity pants and they fit! As for the boots, they’re my favorite boots. Wild Man picked them a couple years ago for me and its been a very successful, magical love story ever since.


I also wore my Moby Wrap for a good percentage of the evening. I love baby wearing. Having the Captain right up against me all snug and adorable is my favorite. Nothing beats looking down and his little eyes looking back up at me. {gosh, i love that little boy}. I’ve really loved the Moby Wrap, too. Its easy to use, lightweight and comes in a variety of different colors. I got my wrap in grey because it would match with so much and grey is one of the worlds best colors.


shirt: Target – pants: American Eagle – boots: Zappos – wrap: Moby Wrap

I had to give a shoutout to my hair, too. Like really you guys I didn’t want to do it. But I did and it didn’t turn out too bad. Don’t you love when that happens?


And lastly, my family and our gingerbread houses. Cute.




November Favorites

Another month has passed and I’ve found some more favorites!

NickaK New York Eye Shadow Pallet

Who doesn’t love a good eyeshadow pallet where all the colors look good on your eyelids?? I have hazel eyes and really wish I had straight green eyes. I love the copper/rosey shades that play up the green in my eyes and thats exactly what these shades do for me. They’re also deep earthy colors, which to me screams Fall.


Bath and Body Works Candle in Pecan Pumpkin Waffles

The perfect smell for Fall and it is oh my yum. A little goes a long way, too. I only have to have these heavenly candle lit for a few minutes before most of my house smells like it. Another plus for me is the cute design on the outside of it – for whatever reason it is super pleasing to me.


Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy Vaseline (teeny size)

My lips have been so dry the last several weeks. Chapstick is good, but sometimes I need a little extra oomph to get my lips back into gear. I’m feeling extra motivation to keep them soft, too, so when I smother my son with my kisses I’m not scratching him up with my chapped lips! Vaseline is always a good idea and makes my lips feel so good, plus the Cocoa Butter vaseline has a yummy, light smell to it, as well.


Chobani Yogurt

Especially raspberry, peach, strawberry and blueberry. While I was still pregnant the list of things I seemed to be able to eat and keep down got smaller and smaller every day. Yogurt was one, that with the exception of a few weeks in my second trimester, that was able to almost always agree with me. I tried lots of different brands but I always went back to this one.



So I’m a nursing mother. Of course I love this stuff. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop the pain of nursing (like these first few sucks – OUCH) but it really helps the feeling of being chapped after nursing. It is soothing and calming. I’m all for it.



When I first saw these binkies I thought they were so ugly and I didn’t understand the purpose behind them. Then I watched some mommy bloggers continue to use them so decided they couldn’t have been as bad as I thought – so my momma and I ordered two (the giraffe and reindeer) and I’m hooked. I hope Santa will bring Captain another for Christmas. Having the small animal on the end of the binky helps keep the binky  in place which is especially helpful for Captain’s age.



I love these. Everyone told me I would and they were right. They are huge and there is plenty of fabric to wrap my little guy in or just to loosely bunch over him. I have a pack of white swaddles with different blue accents on them (polka-dots, birds, stars, etc) and I love them and how they’re totally a boy-looking item, but still soft and snuggly looking. This particular brand is, Swaddle Designs.


The Little Captain

This one is by far my favorite of all the favorites. Pretty sure he’ll top the list of my favorites every month for the rest of my life. I’m having SO much fun with this handsome little dude. He is my best buddy, he’s such a good, well-behaved baby and he sleeps and eats like a champ. Wild Man and I are so very fortunate to have such an angel. I loooooove him!




OOTD: Navy & Black — Or a Witch?

I had places to go today, my Visiting Teachers were coming over and I was feeling decent after throwing up twice early in the morning. So I was going to get ready. Boo-yeah.

I wore a knee-length, navy maternity dress with a cute little detailed design on the chest from Old Navy, my favorite black maternity tights from H&M and a black cardigan from Target and duh, my comfy Target loafers!

Kinda fancy, super comfy.

And yes, these pictures are taken on our staircase. Classy is my middle name.IMG_2715 IMG_2717

I wish I could say I did my hair… But I didn’t really. After washing it I just kind of let it do its own thing. Apparently all my energy was used on outfit picking and make-up doing.IMG_2719

Funny story. I went to Costco today and there were kids and adults dressed up everywhere you looked. At one point, a little boy dressed as Iron Man turned to his mom and asked him if I was a witch for Halloween.. I’m not sure if that was an insult or not. Like, do I look like a witch? Or was it the dark lip and dark colors? Eh.. Either way, I liked my outfit and if it also looked like I dressed up then score.



“Aren’t you scared? Well thats just fine. Say it once, say it twice, take a chance and roll the dice. Ride with the moon in the dead of night.” -Nightmare Before Christmas

My Quick Lip

*I am in dire need of a lash fill. I’m getting one Thursday & all will look well on my eyeballs, again. So for now, just try your best to ignore the sparseness. Thanks.

I am a big fan of lipstick. I don’t wear it every single day but I love the finishing touch it can give your look, I love all the different shades and the fun it can add to your face. I’ve had a few people ask how I do my lip. I don’t do anything major, extravagant or fancy, but it works and stays on all day.

Here is my everyday quick lip tutorial:
IMG_2456Before I put on any of my make up, I exfoliate my lips. I use a lip exfoliator – this particular one is from elf – super affordable and works just as good as that expensive stuff.

IMG_2441Sometimes instead of the exfoliating stick I use an organic body scrub and lightly rub it around my lips then rinse it off. This technique is a little more rough on your skin so I wouldn’t recommend doing it daily, but it is nice for those days your lips are super dry or chapped. It smooths them out nice and fast. After exfoliating I put on either chapstick or vaseline to add some last minute moisture before I wear lipstick all day.


Then I put my face of make up on and end with lips.

I start with this Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Ozone. I line my lips then fill the entire lip in with this pencil. Its completely transparent, so it can seem like you’re doing absolutely nothing during this step, but it really helps your lipstick stay on, stay in place and not fall outside of the lines you’ve created for your lipstick.


Then I choose my lip color and a liner that basically matches the shade. Today I chose a light mauve. Its more of a natural, dark pink, not so much a bright, bold color but I really like this shade on my pale skin and its a nice basic look that goes with any kind of outfit (todays outfit is baggy sweat pants and a loose t-shirt, so obvs I’m not going for anything dramatic and fancy).


I line my lips slightly outside of my natural lip line to make my lips just a little bit fuller, then I fill in the middles of both my top and bottom lip.


Then its lipstick time! I spend a few minutes making sure I’ve covered my entire lip, get straight lines and cover all the liner and coat it a couple times just to make sure its on there good. You can never be too sure 😉


Ta-da! All done!

See? I told you it was easy.

IMG_2451 IMG_2453xoxo


“In dreams you will lose your heartache. Whatever you wish for you keep.” -Cinderella