Progress is Progress!

In January, I decided enough was enough. I was going to make my health a priority. Healthy eating. Daily exercise. Mindfulness. Taking control of my mental health. Nurturing my spiritual health. I knew it would take a lot of self control and discipline, and truth be told, I was nervous that I’d start this goal out strong, then eventually it’d fade out and I’d go back to my past ways.

But I promised myself I’d do my best. I’d hold myself accountable. I’d believe in myself and I’d push myself.

And now I am three and a half months in and still going strong and I am freaking proud of myself!

I’ve never had a goal weight or clothing size in mind. I just wanted to feel healthy, strong, confident and empowered. I’m happy to say that I’m doing so well and 100% doing exactly what I know I should be doing right now. My self confidence is higher than it’s been in so long, I feel good, I feel strong, I feel empowered and confident and my mental health is doing leaps and bounds better.

Like I anticipated, it really has taken a lot of accountability and discipline, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come and that I’m doing it in a healthy way. No foods are off limits, I’m giving myself grace and I’m being realistic. It feels good to get fit and healthy while also keeping a healthy, happy mindset! I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel months from now!

Ugh, Running

So I’m back to my pre-pregnancy baby weight. I know I will never have my pre-baby body back completely, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t work on getting this post-baby jiggly wiggly belly goo to go away. I have been good about daily workouts but lately I have also been implementing early morning runs with H. I figure since he’s not sleeping well at all and typically wakes up wayyyyy too early for my liking I might as well make the most of our early mornings.

I freaking hate running. Every single step I take my brains moving a mile a minute saying ‘i hate this i hate this i hate this this sucks this sucks ew ew ow ow ugh i hate this‘ but believe it or not once in my life I actually liked running, I actually think I loved it. I was on the cross country and track teams and I felt that runners high you hear about. My goal is to get that feeling back somehow and I’m pretty sure the only way to get even remotely near that goal is to…ugh…run.

I’m digging deep to find that motivation and honestly sometimes the only way I’m able to get myself out the door is reminding myself how cute H is bundled in the stroller and how sweet his little noises are as we run around. But question – how do you motivate yourselves? Because sometimes not even sweet baby H is enough motivation to get me moving. Any and all advice is gladly, happily welcome.




21 Days forms a Habit: Day 21

A 21 day challenge dealing with health and exercise and I did it! I made it and I only missed one day! I did a whole bunch of different exercises from yoga, walking, baby-and-mom workouts, tae bo, more lunges and squats than I care to think about, etc. I’ve been sore for 21 days and I hate that, but I’m also proud of that. Some days I had next to no motivation and it was a huge accomplishment that I got off my sleepy bum and worked out. Other days I woke up and couldn’t wait to put on a cute exercise outfit and exercise while H laughs at me (have i mentioned thats the best part of exercising?)

Unfortunately I cannot say that I’ve seen any changes in my body yet. Maybe, maybe, maybe there is a tiny bit more lift in my booty and I feel like my thighs are an eensy-weensy bit more toned, but thats about it. I realize having huge goals for a 21 day challenge was a little far-fetched, but I’m not discouraged because I have faith in myself that I will continue on with these habits and greater results will happen.

Word on the street is 21 days really does for a habit. I think I really have formed a habit and am excited to continue on this sweaty journey.

Now I leave you with these words of wisdom – if I can do it, so can you. Seriously.



21 Days forms a Habit: Day 16

So far, so good. I have only missed one day and that was the day after an exceptionally painful chiropractor appointment and literally all of my joints throbbed the entire day, so I feel like I’m ok to have passed up exercise on that day.

I’m figuring out some tips and tricks that really help me want to exercise. On my last check-in I mentioned that H is awesome to work out in front of because he laughs hysterically at me throughout my whole workout. I don’t know if thats a compliment or insult, but its hilarious so I don’t really mind either way. I also finally came to the realization that summer is so close and rumor has it my family is opening up their pool next month and I really want my body to look good for the endless days of swimming suit wearing that are ahead of me!

There are unfortunately even more excuses for me not to work out that float around my head a lot. Its really easy to decide I’m too lazy, decide H needs some extra snuggles (thats the hardest factor), choose to watch tv instead, etc, etc. But I’ve been doing great at kicking those temptations to the curb and pressing on.

I’m still getting in 45 minutes to an hour every day and I’ve noticed already my energy, endurance and stamina is increasing! In only 16 days! Thats exhilarating for me. I keep telling myself I have to keep this up because I’d hate to get out of the habit again and lose this momentum I have going.

You hear all the time that exercise brings about the most results if its paired with healthy eating. I’m good at drinking lots of water, but I struggle in the health food department. I will eat healthy food, I’m not against that, the problem is I just really, really like sugary food way more than any other food. I have an especially large sweet tooth at night so I’ve tried to have a bowl of fruit at night to curb the craving and it doesn’t help as much as I’d like it to, but I hope the more I do it the more my body will want that instead of a handful of jellybeans or some chocolate chips.

I have found the last couple days that my very biggest motivating factor is my son and the fact that I breastfeed. He eats what I eat (basically) and I don’t want to fill his cute little body with garbage and tons of Diet Coke. I want my milk to be healthy and in turn, keep him healthy and strong. I’ve decided to commit even more, because of him, to eating healthier and making sure I’m drinking lots and lots of water.

There are five days left of this 21 day experiment and I love knowing that I’m going to finish strong! I haven’t given up on this goal and I have been strict in making sure I exercise and really push myself each day! There really are no excuses. I swear thats one of the biggest phrases you hear when it comes to fitness, but its so true. There really are no excuses and there is always time for exercise even if its just a couple minutes throughout the day and while nine times out of ten its uncomfortable and far from enjoyable (with the exception of yoga ❤ ) its so worth it and your body will thank you.



21 Days Forms a Habit: Day 9

One week down…and you guys? I haven’t missed a day working out! This is exciting considering I’ve always been one to fail at an exercise goal on day 2 or 3. Exercising is kind of empowering I’m learning – and its really fun when you’re doing your workout and your baby is watching and laughing hysterically at you. (thats honestly probably my biggest motivation to work out daily)

I’ve mostly done workout videos I’ve found on YouTube paired with daily walks. Oh and yoga in the morning (most mornings). My videos have consisted of Jen Widerstrom work outs, Jillian Michaels workouts, TaeBo and some other lady who’s name I can’t remember.. BodyFit with Amy? Something like that. I’ve been able to put in at least 45 minutes a day, but usually have been able to go even longer. I’ve been gross, sweaty and out of breath by the end of each work out, too, so I think that means its working. I’ve also been sore every day. Definitely my least favorite part of working out, but at least its a sign that muscles have been worked.

Here is what I’ve learned so far after 9 days of this journey.

  • Wearing cute exercise clothes is an easy way to get the added motivation to get off the couch and sweat a little while
  • You can work out with your baby. Hold them while you squat and lunge, sit them on your chest/stomach during crunches, etc. Its an awesome added weight and if your baby is like mine, they’ll love every second of it
  • Its ok to be pretty sure you look like an absolute dork while working out – at least you’re doing it
  • Working out with friends distracts you from sore muscles and is also a fun time to catch up and chit chat
  • My arms are unfortunately even weaker than I originally thought they were
  • But I have much better endurance than I thought I would! What they say is true – hauling a baby/carseat around does build your endurance
  • You can squeeze in small workouts throughout your day – no excuses. Do squats and lunges in the kitchen while you’re making dinner, hold a wall-sit while you brush your teeth, do jumping jacks while you watch tv, etc.
  • There really is an endorphin high at the end of workouts and an awesome feeling of accomplishment and pride once you’re done. It kind of makes the 45+ minutes of horrible exercise worth it

I’ll be checking in again, soon!



21 Days Forms a Habit: Day Two

It has been four months since I had my baby boy and I am finally ready to take getting back into shape seriously. I was fortunate enough to shrink back to my pre-baby body quickly after delivery, but I certainly do not feel the same both physically and mentally. I am squishy, gooey and my endurance is gooooone. At first the excuse to be lazy was really nice, but I’m over that now. I’m ready to be active, healthy and back in shape.

You hear all the time that 21 days forms a habit. On April 1st I started my 21 day experiment to see if I really can get the habit of daily exercise back (and thats no April fools day joke). Hopefully then I’ll be in the habit and on my way to my new and improved, healthy and active self. Though this challenge began yesterday, the 1st, I’ve exercised here and there before then, but I’m going to be much more diligent about it this time. My goal is to get at least a half hour of good, sweaty exercise in each day, hopefully some yoga (because yoga is heaven) and to eat healthier which unfortunately means cutting out a large portion of the sweets I so easily gobble up. (boo)

My plan is to periodically check back on the blog so you guys/I can hold myself accountable for these goals I am setting. I’m not sure how much change in my body I will be able to see in just 21 days, so hopefully these goals aren’t too far fetched but…


  • Have a better booty (yep, thats my first goal absolutely)
  • Have a little less goo in my belly
  • Have a bit of definition in my arms
  • Feel better about my thighs
  • Have more energy

I also took some before pictures I planned on sharing, but I’ve since decided against that. Maybe you can see the after shots. Maybe.

Wish me luck! And feel free to give me any advice (or words of encouragement!)