A Heaping Dose of Reality

See this picture? This (high quality) photograph is a pretty perfect depiction of my life since March.


My morning sickness started kicking in pretty intensely at about 5 weeks for me and if I remember correctly, thats about when it came in when I was pregnant with H as well. I really don’t like complaining about pregnancy stuff because I know there are some women out there who would give up everything to feel the way I feel. I was an only child for 8 years and watched my mom wish for another baby. I have friends who had to wait a really long time to get their baby and some who are still waiting. I totally understand how lucky I am to be pregnant with my second child right now. I don’t take this experience for granted and although I do complain occasionally, I hope its not mistaken as me not being happy about growing a baby or being able to physically grow a child.

But sometimes it feels good to complain a little, am I right? I’ve been losing weight, I throw up several times a day, I live in constant fear that I’ll be diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes again, I have no energy or motivation, I’m so dang tired and I just don’t feel like myself yet. I remember there came a time during my pregnancy with H sometime during my second trimester that I eventually figured out how to force myself to be productive and be a functioning human being again and I’m really hoping now that I’m in my second trimester I can figure that out again, soon.

I’m so grateful for my husband and for the patience he has had. He went from having a good wife who did all the housewife jazz to a wife who lays on the couch and forgets grocery shopping and meal planning all together most weeks. He has been the dish-doer, the laundry guy and the person who straightens up our house and he hasn’t complained or made me feel bad or guilty about it once. I mean, I still do feel guilty about it, but its just because of my own thoughts. I married a real good man and I hope he knows that I’ll be back at my wife duties soon (fingers crossed)!

I also have to talk about what an angel H has been. His mom is BORING right now you guys. I can’t tell you how guilty I feel about this subject. H is a wiggly, active, energetic little boy who just wants to play and to be played with. Yet his mom is usually gross on the couch and is turning on yet another Disney movie for him. But he has rolled with this change so effortlessly and so easily and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. He plays happily by himself on the floor but still makes sure to crawl up on the couch with me from time to time to cuddle and give kisses. He’s been a dream boy through this. Lately I have been able to get down and play with him a little more often and I hope it just keeps getting better because you can just tell how much he loves it! But I’m also really glad that he knows how to play alone and self-entertain when he needs to. I have an amazing little boy.

So anyway. Life is weird right now. I’m lazy and sick and tired and gross. But I’m really grateful that I get to have another sweet baby and that our family is going to grow. Every second, no matter how barfy, is worth it in the end.

And I end this post with a picture of my family this past Sunday – a rare occasion when I actually got ready.




Round Two!


Hooray! We are finally announcing that I am pregnant with our second little bundle of joy! Come November, we will have another sweet little thing to love on and snuggle with and we are overjoyed. Funny enough, this babies due date is H’s birthday! So our kids will be pretty much exactly two years apart!

Just like with H, I have been feeling pretty miserable. Sick sick sick. Throwing up. Losing weight. All that fun stuff. But hey, you just keep on trekking because these babies are so worth it! Its different being pregnant with your first compared to being pregnant with your second. With my first pregnancy I could lay on the couch 24/7, sleep in, nap whenever I needed to and was just 100% lazy. Now its a different story because, though I’d love to be 100% lazy, I have a busy little boy to chase around and care for. Its actually nice. Its made time pass a little quicker and forces me to get up and be even kind of productive.

I’m actually really relived to be announcing that I’m pregnant because now I have an explanation for why I have been so flaky and absent when it comes to blogging and other social media. I felt like I had writers block when it came to blogging because all I wanted to talk about was being pregnant but I couldn’t say anything yet so I’d start a post and then just fizzle out and end up deleting the post. Now that we have gone public with this though I feel like I’m going to be a lot better at posting frequently, even if it has nothing to do with being pregnant. Does that make sense? I don’t know, but thats how its working.

And now I can post about our magical Disneyland trip from a couple weeks ago! I was hesitant to post pictures because my belly is in that is she pregnant/is she chubby phase and I didn’t want to post the pictures before you guys knew that its a baby in there!

Yay for Baby #2! We are very blessed, excited and sleepy!



So You Want to Have a Dance Party?

Since I am a SAHM and I have a very busy husband, I have a lot of one-on-one time with my little man. I super love planting our bums on the couch and watching a movie or two, but I try to make sure that we have a lot more time playing and being active than we do being potatoes. One of our most recent favorite pastimes lately are having full-blown dance parties. We hook the music on my phone up to our AppleTV and turn our music up loud and dance dance dance! H has some killer moves consisting of small squats, thigh slaps, hand claps and gentle head banging that blow my moves out of the water, but we dance hard nonetheless. Bonus: If you actually dance (or attempt to) it also counts as cardio!

Seeing as these dance parties happen at least once a day and H and I are kinda feeling like pros at this, we consulted and decided to share with you our favorite dance party playlist! Spoiler Alert: Its all Disney music. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be..


  • Try Everything (from Zootopia): A classic dance song. I don’t think anyone can listen to this song without at least tapping their toes to the beat.
  • I Just Can’t Wait to be King (from Lion King): Why is this such a little boy song to me? It makes me so proud that H loves this one so much.
  • Be Our Guest (from Beauty and the Beast): I really didn’t think this would be such a dance song but H lights up when he hears it so I can’t ever skip past this one when it comes on (not that i’d want to – its a great song!)
  • Sugar Rush (from Wreck It Ralph): Oh we have fun with this one and according to H, this is a great one to thigh-slap to.
  • The Bare Necessities (from Jungle Book): Wild Man sings this song all. the. time. so it seemed like a necessity (see what i did there?) to add this to our playlist.
  • You’re Welcome (from Moana): We are big fans of this song here. And we are sooooo excited for this movie to come out super soon!
  • Winnie the Pooh (from Winnie the Pooh, duh): I can’t hear this song now without picturing H doing this cute little squat while clapping his hands and smiling. He is a big fan of Pooh Bear.

And by that point I am exhausted and H is ready for a snack.

Think there are any songs we’re missing on our go-to Disney Dance Party Playlist?




H and I have had a rough week. About a week ago H started coming down with a fever and a horrible, phlegmy cough and had a really, really bad runny nose. You could just look at his sweet eyes and see how sick he was. He was very mellow and watched movies all day on the couch and just wanted to cuddle. It really broke my heart because he is normally so active, wiggly, loud and is very busy. Then a couple days ago I woke up with a very sore throat and a bit of a cough. I can only assume that H also has a sore throat since I felt it once I got sick too. Poor kid. Now my ears feel plugged and I can’t pop them, my throat is on fire, my body is achey and my cough and runny nose are still going strong. Poor, sweet H has pretty much beat the fever, but is still coughing, phlegmy, has a runny nose, and is mellow. Oh, and on top of all that he is teething which is HARD! He has one of his top teeth now and the other is going to pop through any second, I swear. I’m thinking there is another on the bottom thats really close as well. I guess its ‘nice’ to get it all over with at once, but its made for a rough week.

I have felt really lucky to be able to spend pretty much the entire week just one-on-one with my baby, though. Even if we were quietly snuggled on the couch watching Zootopia, Wreck It Ralph or Finding Dory for the thousandth time it was so special to be close with him and not have him fight the million kisses I gave him or push away from my hugs (one year olds don’t have time for that mush it turns out).

This is just my way of trying to find the positive side to all this coughing and fatigue. And here is a picture of us a few weeks ago, much healthier. Heres to hoping we’ll be back to normal quickly!




You Rock Little Guy

Yesterday (and maybe today, its too early to tell) I felt so, so sick. My stomach was in knots and I literally felt like I was having contractions all day! On top of that I felt super nauseated. My little sister also had these fun symptoms all day. I’m not sure what we caught, but it was nasty. This was my first time being a stay at home mom and feeling really sick. Like the kind of sick where your brain and body are mush and you want to do nothing but lay in bed. This is really hard to do when you have a mobile, very active one year old. I ultimately felt like a really lousy mom that made her baby play by himself all day until his dad got home from work. H was so good to keep himself busy and every once in a while the sweet little guy would come climb on my lap and snuggle with me. On a few occasions he’d even fall asleep in my arms which was the most healing thing that happened all day. I’m so thankful for him. He is such a good, easy baby. One of my favorite things about him has always been that he is a go-with-the-flow guy. Whatever is on his agenda for the day he just goes with it with a cute little grin on his face. I’m especially thankful for this today and am really, really hoping that I’ll feel better today so I can give him the attention he so greatly deserves!


Who Said Babies Can Get Sick?!

No really, who?!

My sweet baby H hasn’t been able to catch a break! Last week for nearly two weeks he was super congested and just when things were looking up and he had two days of complete health, he got hit with a fever yesterday and its wiping him out. It breaks my heart to see my wiggly, active, crazy baby just lay on the couch with his sleepy face and tired eyes. Ugh. Why can’t moms have the superpower to take their children’s sicknesses and have them themselves? I know that a fever is nothing compared to what some people go through – I’m not trying to say we have it harder than anyone else – not at all. I’m just saying it makes me sad that these sweet innocent little people feel sick from time to time.

The only bright side to this is that together we have taken some amazing long naps and he is so cuddly and snuggly.


Hopefully the next few days are brighter and my little boyfriend can be feeling good again, soon!



Venting Session

Sometimes I wish becoming a mother came with a handbook but as we all know very obviously, it does not. The Captain does not eat. He nurses and he is all about that life. Its the only kind of food intake he wants. Actually I take that back, he likes corn too. But thats kind of it besides the random day where he’ll unhappily eat spoonfuls of baby food or pieces of whatever I’m eating. We all know I’m a worrier so it should come as no surprise to anyone that now — I am worried. I don’t believe he is starving or unhealthy, but I have noticed he gets cranky so much easier and is sad way more than usual and I always assume its because the poor guy is hungry. I love nursing, I really do. The times I nurse H are honestly some of my favorite parts of the day, but he is 10.5 months old and I know he needs a lot more than just my milk now. So I stress out that he’s not getting enough and that he doesn’t feel good or that he is always hungry. But you also can’t force a baby to eat anything so I feel like we stuck between a rock and a hard place. There is no real way to win right now. I just have to be patient and I’m bad at that. I want everything to be perfect for my little buddy and it breaks my heart to even think of him being hungry. Also maybe he isn’t hungry. Maybe he’s totally fine and I’m making this all up – this is a very plausible theory. This is more a post to vent because sometimes venting makes me feel better and can sometimes calm me down and be able to breathe a little better. Heres to hoping thats the case right now.

Thanks for listening.