Happy Birthday Wild Man & GENDER REVEAL

Yesterday was my darling husbands birthday! It was such a fun day and was surprisingly relaxing and rejuvenating. Wild Man is truly the greatest man ever. I have never met a more selfless, helpful person. Without fail he is always putting others and their happiness first. He is the first to offer assistance and he genuinely loves helping people and easing their burdens and lightening loads in any way he can – and it makes me so proud of him. He’s incredible. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else can and the happiness he makes me feel is amazing. He reminds me every day that I am special, valued and worth something. He is a phenomenal husband. So many women talk about how their husbands aren’t helpful around the house, how they’re lazy and whatever…but I always feel so lucky because Wild Man really isn’t that way. Especially as I have been sick with this pregnancy, he has been amazing in taking over some housework that I’ve neglected. He does laundry, dishes and knows where everything goes in the house. I don’t know what I did to get such a handy, helpful guy but boy am I lucky! And I can’t go without saying how much I love that he’s fully embraced my Disney lifestyle and has even taken it upon himself and he really does love love love Disney now too! I married an amazing man and I’m so glad that yesterday was a day to celebrate him, his birth and his wonderful existence in the world.

For his birthday we have always had a pool party at my parents pool with his family, my family and close friends. Its one of the things I look forward to the most every year. Last nights pool party was another success!




Two years ago when we announced H’s gender, we did it at Wild Man’s pool party and pulled a boy swimming suit out of a gift bag. So we decided to do the exact same reveal this year since it was ironically working out the very same with timing and everything. Its always so exciting to tell friends and family what our baby is! It makes things feel a lot more real somehow.


ITS A BOY!!!!!!

We are THRILLED to have a little brother in a few more months! I cannot wait to see H and this little guy grow up as best friends. As soon as our ultrasound reveled that he was a boy my heart nearly burst with excitement for us, but especially for H. Oh I love my boys!





My Guy

I can’t remember if it was right before or right after I got married, but I do remember having a conversation with one of my sisters in law and she had mentioned that she believed wives never show enough gratitude for all their husbands do for them and their families. Even though I felt like I knew Wild Man really well and knew the sacrifices he made and hard work he put into things I never really forgot her saying this.

We have been married for over four years now and I still have that phrase run through my mind pretty regularly and the more I think about it, the more I, too, believe it. Wild Man, from the second I met him, has been one of the most selfless individuals I’ve ever known. Very rarely does he put himself first, and when he does its only because I had to talk him into it. He is so concerned about the happiness and well-being of others that he will bend over backwards one thousand times in order to help lighten someones load, make their lives a little easier and leave a smile on their face.

Being his wife, I feel like I get extra special treatment from him. I have seen him work so hard and put countless hours into something I mentioned I’d like or want done around the house in passing. He makes my dreams a reality and he does so without having to be asked and without hesitation. If he knows something is on my mind he takes the time out of his busy day to sit with me and talk it out. If he knows I have had a busy or stressful day and didn’t get all I wanted to done around the house, when he gets home from work (after having a busy, tiring day himself) before he does anything for himself he does the housework I wasn’t able to get to. He always thanks me for what I do with our son, the house, our family, etc. Then there is his relationship with H. Since bringing H into this world, Wild Man has made so many big life changes, has made some hard decisions and has taken on a lot – all for the benefit of our family and the security and well-being of our son and future children. Every single night I’m shocked that with everything Wild Man on his plate he always makes the time to spend quality time with his son. Its not just throwing a ball here and there and giving him the occasional kiss on the cheek – he spends real, quality time with H. He gets down on the floor and plays with all his toys, helps him work on his new tricks, reads books to him, watches shows with him, feeds him and so much more. As cliche as it sounds, there is honestly no time when Wild Man looks more attractive to me than when he is being a hands on father.

There is so, so much more he does out of the goodness of his big, kind heart for us and I really am very grateful. But I definitely don’t express my gratitude to him near enough. Women get a lot of credit for all they do, but why do the men get passed up? I am hoping this year to make sure I change this. Wild Man is freaking awesome. He does everything and goes above and beyond and without him I’d be an anxious mess and the house and our family life would be a disaster. He truly is my rock, my sanity and my best friend and I AM SO THANKFUL FOR HIM. I know typing that in caps and making it bold is an insanely small gesture and is quite insignificant (will he even read this post? who knows) but I am going to do better at making sure he never forgets how valued he is in our family and how fortunate H and I are to have him at the head of our household.

Thanks, Wild Man for being you. For loving us. And for being the greatest example. Love you!




Last Post of 2016

I wanted my last post of 2016 to be something really cool. You know, go out with a bang type post. I thought about doing an in-depth review of my year, or the typical New Years Resolutions post. Then yesterday H and I went to the aquarium with my family and as I was watching him oo and aw at all the different fish I was hit pretty hard with the obvious realization that he was my whole year. 2016 was our first full calendar year with our little guy and it completely consumed us.


I think Wild Man and I changed a lot in 2016. We went from being 2015 people with no parenting experience or knowledge, to being these 2016 people who have this new little person in their lives that they’re completely obsessed with and want nothing but the best for. We changed the way we thought, the way we made decisions, the way we cleaned, decorated and organized, we changed our daily rituals, we changed our priorities and our hearts changed the very most. There is nothing quite as bonding as having a child together and working together the best you can to ensure that you’re sweet little one lives a good life. Its exciting and terrifying all in one, but there is nothing comparable to it and though its only been 13 months, its been the best 13 months I’ve ever lived. I turned into a different person this year (ok, last November) when I took on the title ‘mom’ and theres no greater joy to me.

Our family is small – just the three of us and in time it will grow, but I couldn’t help but think about what a great year its been with just our little crew. We have made so memories and we’ve all taught each other so much. I get real emotional thinking about the future as we add on more children, more memories, more lessons and more experiences – life is awesome! It has its downs, yes. Every year does and some are greater than others but I am feeling so fortunate to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints and to have faith in God’s plan for me and my family. I don’t know what 2017 has in store for our family but I’m excited (and as always, a little worried) to find out. As I say goodbye to such a nice, happy year I can’t help but thank 2016 for the great memories – and definitely for the entire year I’ve been able to spend with my husband and son. Those two fill my heart and bring me all the joy and happiness I could ever wish for and the more I think about it I know that as long as I have them, then my life – and 2017 – will be good.



Casual Christmas Party

Last night we had Wild Man’s work had a fun Christmas Party. There was yummy food, dessert, hot chocolate and a candy bar where you could take as much candy as you wanted (i’m set for a while on sugar now)! It was a fun evening out, but we always have a hard time leaving our sweet H – thats normal, right?

Since we don’t have a ton of reasons to get all festive this year (well, besides when I just feel like getting cute and festive) I wanted to document our outfits. I’ll be honest, when I heard the dress code was casual I was kind of bummed because I was looking forward to an excuse to get really done up. But maybe that opportunity will present itself later.


How awesome is Wild Man’s Ugly Christmas Sweater? He got it last year through the Disney Store and I believe it was an exclusive item. Its one of our favorite Christmas pieces we have. Since I couldn’t get all fancy I decided to finally break out my new Old Navy puffy vest. Its black and white plaid and so warm. I paired it with a plain red long sleeve thermal shirt and some black leggings and black wedges.

I’m so excited to see everyones Christmas-y outfits this season! Hopefully I can share a few more before January comes around.



Happy Anniversary to Us!

*just a fair warning, there will be plenty of mush and cheesiness in this post because thats who i am and its our anniversary

Four years ago today Wild Man and I were married, sealed for time and alllllllll eternity in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. I still feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world because I am married to my best friend, my confidant, my number one fan, my solace, my rock, my comfort, my partner in crime and my go-to funny guy.


When I met/saw Wild Man for the first time I kid you not it was love at first site. (it does exist, people!) That is so dorky, but its real. You guys I saw him and thought to myself, ‘I’m going to marry him’ and I found out later that when I first told my mom about him she knew he was the one I’d marry (moms are so cool). It was simply meant to be and I don’t care how silly that sounds. I just knew.


I can honestly say that for the past five years (a year of dating – four years of marriage) that I have laughed hard and smiled big every single day because of my husband. He makes me so happy, he sets my heart at ease and he helps me see the world in a different, positive and optimistic light. He is the greatest of the great and I really do feel like I hit the jackpot in the husband department.


In an attempt to stop weirdly gushing about him, here are some random facts about us/our marriage:

  • Our first date was November 4, 2011
  • We were married November 1, 2012
  • Our families live five houses away from each other. I always knew of him but never paid attention to him until I joined the singles ward
  • Speaking of Singles Ward – that is the first place I really looked at him and that is where my obsession with him began
  • I was first attracted to his shaggy hair and long, veiny arms
  • Our first real conversation was at his brothers wedding reception and it was about french toast (ah, the romance)
  • I told him ‘I love you’ first
  • On our first date we went to Nickel City (i think thats what its called) and one of the prizes we won was this little thin red fish that supposedly told you your mood when you held it on your open palm. I tried it first and it immediately curled up into a tight spiral – which apparently meant I was in love. Thats cute now but it was SO AWKWARD in the moment
  • We have lived in three houses – 1 basement, one town home, and now our own home


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY buddy! I love being married to you! I love you!



Messy House – Happy Baby

I was talking to a girl the other day who has an 11 month old baby girl. We were having fun swapping baby stories, then all the sudden she asked me, “so does your husband get really upset with you when he comes home from work and the house isn’t clean?” I told her I try really hard to stay on top of house duties but when I don’t, my husband is patient with me and really has never brought the matter up before. After hearing her response I almost feel guilty for saying that. She explained to me that when her husband comes home, if the house isn’t clean, laundry isn’t done, bed isn’t made etc, he gets pretty ticked at her and always begins with, “you stay home with the baby all day…” then proceeds to make her feel like she is failing being a stay at home mom. This lit a fire in me that I haven’t been able to extinguish. A really gutsy part of me wants to march up to this guy I’ve never met before and chew him out – how dare he say that?! Maybe your house doesn’t look like a model home in a magazine, but your child is happy, healthy and safe and that is FAR more important than dishes sitting in the sink.

Just because I am a stay at home mom and I could potentially stay in my pajamas all day and drink 10 diet cokes doesn’t mean this is an easy job or a day off. Being a mom, even to one baby, is WORK. A fun, rewarding work, yes – but work nonetheless. Its the most important job ever. Raising a child is no small task and nothing to take lightly. It is a privilege, a gift and a divine role I have been given so my child is my priority. Certainly not the house, the garden, the groceries, the dishes or the items on the floor.



I don’t clock in at the office every morning, but I wake up early (after getting not near enough sleep) every morning and I never get time off. I don’t even get private bathroom breaks! Also, I don’t get paid. I stay home with the baby and I keep him safe, I keep his tummy full, I allow him to adventure off and let his curiosity run wild while making sure no danger comes upon him, I teach him things, I actively try to be a good example to him, I practice a lot of patience, I finally get dressed and ready only to get food (or who knows what else) smeared in my hair and on my clothes, I play with him, I chase our wiggly, active baby around and keep him entertained. If I have time and if my baby doesn’t need me, then I will get house work done. Usually this isn’t too hard to accomplish, but some days its impossible – I’m not kidding. So if at the end of the day the house is a mess but the baby is fed, in one piece, happy and safe – I have excelled at my job.

I am so so sooooo grateful that my husband is patient with me and recognizes and appreciates the work I do as a full time mother. He knows I put H first and other duties second and I really love that he is in full support of that. For those of you who are feeling pressure to be better – I hope you don’t feel like you’re failing. You put that baby first. If you can get stuff done around the house, awesome. But that baby is your responsibility, your main priority and far, far more precious or valuable than anything else, ever. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for putting your little human first. You rock.



What I Learned in Three Months

A few days ago my son turned three months old. I really don’t understand how time has moved so quickly and its crazy to me how big my little guy seems. Since bringing him home as this tiny, perfect newborn he has already learned so, so much. His favorite thing he’s learned is definitely that he can turn his head. Seriously his head never holds still, he is constantly looking left, right, up, down, behind him, etc. He’s really loving all this neck control.

But he’s not the only person learning new things..


A FULL NIGHT OF SLEEP ISN’T MANDATORY: Before my son was born I never fell asleep before midnight 6.5 nights out of the 7 in the week, but I still needed sleep. I was convinced I couldn’t get things done, be productive or be even half human without plenty of sleep. I have now been sleep deprived for the whole 3 months The Captain has been around and you know what? I can totally function with only a couple hours of sleep up my sleeve. I mean ya, there are certainly some days I wish I could have clocked in a few more hours or slept in, but I truly don’t need as much sleep as I thought I did.

PATIENCE WITH MYSELF: As far as I’m concerned my baby is perfect so I have yet to lose my patience with him, but I cannot always say the same about myself, though I am learning to. Sometimes I lay in bed and feel guilty for not being the very best mom/wife I could be. Sometimes The Captains blowout laundry sits in an untouched pile for far too long. Sometimes I put zero effort into dinner. Sometimes I have plenty of time to be productive and house-wifey but I spend my time doing anything else. Sometimes I don’t know why my baby is crying and can’t ‘fix’ him as fast as we both wish I could. But thats reality and I’m learning to be patient with myself and give myself credit and positive affirmations.

ITS OK TO HAVE DIRTY, STINKY CLOTHES: I used to be the person who always had a clean, fresh, unwrinkled outfit. Then I had a baby and now I often have spit up down the front of me and on those *lucky* days, poop and potty also find their way onto my clothes. So with hearing that you can just imagine the smell.. But hey, there are more important things than clean looking/smelling clothes.

MY BODY IS A WORK IN PROGRESS: I have already written about my thoughts on women post baby bodies (read post here) and I still stand by every word I said. Of course there are still days I get discouraged that my stomach is still as squishy as play dough and my boobs are usually two different sizes thanks to nursing, but I know that my body did something incredible by bringing my tiny BFF into the world so I respect it and I know that as long as/if I put the work into it and eat right, I’ll eventually get the results I’m wishing for. It may not be a fast transition, but it can happen. In the meantime I’m just going to still be proud of what my squishy belly (& my insides) did.

PRIORITIES HAVE DRASTICALLY SHIFTED: Nap time for The Little Captain is as precious as gold. Nap time is the #1 priority now and I will schedule my day around his 3 to 4 naps to keep everyone in this house happy, well-tempted and just feeling good. Plus there is nothing cuter than watching him wake up from a nap then getting to play with him for a while after he wakes up – he is the happiest little guy after a good, long nap. (can you blame him?)

EVEN TEENY BABIES LIKE BOOKS: I really thought babies under 6 months didn’t care a bit about books and reading. I received lots of books before my son was born and would mentally think to myself ‘I won’t be using these forever,’ but I couldn’t have been more wrong. We love reading time. The Captain sits on my lap and happily kicks and flails his arms around as he excitedly looks at each new page. Its adorable and I can tell he genuinely enjoys it.

MAKE UP AND CUTE HAIR CAN BE SACRIFICED SOMETIMES: I’m definitely a firm believer that cute hair and a nice face of make up can be the recipe for a really great day. I was sure I’d think the same thing once my son was here, too. I was all prepped and ready to be the mom who got ready every single day – but that has ultimately become something far from my reality. I used to spend an embarrassing amount of time on my make up and hair, but since The Captain’s arrival, I can’t leave him alone for so long and he gets bored and doesn’t like not being held for longer than 15 minutes (& i don’t like not holding him for longer than 15 minutes). So there are just some days that I opt out of any make up and throw my hair into a top knot and call it good then go hang with my little man.

I REALLY LOVE MY HUSBAND: Watching Wild Man become a father has been incredible. I always knew he’d be an amazing dad because I’ve seen how good he is with our nieces and nephews, but he’s really exceeded my expectations when it comes to fatherhood. He rocks it. He loves our son and there is something so special about the bond they have. Since we have had The Captain I’ve seen Wild Man with new eyes and its made my love for him grow even stronger. He is an amazing man and I am so blessed to be his wife for time and all eternity.

I NEED ME TIME: You’ll never hear me admit this out loud, but I do. Typically my favorite ‘me time’ is in the bath tub. That is where I relax and unwind. A couple times a week I decide to draw a hot, bubble bath and shut the door and just let myself relax and think about nothing. I fight guilt the entire time because I really hate being without my boys, but I also think the time I set aside for myself is something that helps me maintain balance and sanity.

MOTHERHOOD IS MY CALLING: I always knew I wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl. I have vivid memories of laying in bed and pretending to deliver babies/stuffed animals then proceed to ‘raise’ them. I loved it then and knew it would be a trillion times better once it was the real deal. In high school I can totally remember wondering to myself how many years after school I’d get married and have babies because I really was so anxious. Now that I am a mom and I have my first little baby, I have no doubt that this is what I have always been meant to do with my life. I love being a mom. There is no greater joy. I’m lucky to be able to be a full-time mom and spend nearly 24/7 with my son – I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.