No7 Stay Perfect Foundation Review

You guys make me feel all cool and fancy when you ask for my opinions and reviews on things. Lately I have had a few different clients, friends, etc ask what I think about the brand No7. Admittedly, I haven’t tried much from this brand but I’ve never heard really negative reviews about them but apparently there have been a lot of mixed reviews around the internet about their Stay Perfect foundation. I feel bad when people ask me for reviews and I’m not able to give them my own personal opinions about a product. So I bought the No7 Stay Perfect foundation (in Cool Vanilla) and now I have my first impression reviews for those of you who’ve asked.


Let me start with saying this: I wish they had more of a color selection. I am very pale and feel like even their lightest shade wasn’t quite light enough for me.

Putting it on/first couple minutes of wearing: 

  • It claims to be medium coverage and I totally agree with that. It wasn’t super sheer, but it also didn’t give me the cake-face effect. I have some pigmentation under my eyes from this pregnancy that I hoped it’d cover (i didn’t use any concealer during this test) and unfortunately it didn’t – but it did lighten it quite a bit.
  • It applies easily and evenly. I needed to use more that I thought I would though. To get the coverage I was happy with I had to use 3.5-4 pumps. I applied it with my beauty sponge and it gave me no trouble.
  • Its buildable. The coverage gets more heavy duty the more you put on.
  • This product needs to be set with a powder. Its a very shiny, dewy, sticky foundation. Shiny and dewy is fine – sticky…not so much. I felt like if anything touched my face my foundation would come off. Once I put a setting powder over top it cleared that problem up and no longer felt sticky.
  • Its lightweight. I don’t feel like I’m wearing tons of makeup on my face.
  • It oxidizes. Ugh. This just means that once its out and on your skin the shade gets darker. My face looked more tan than the rest of my body all day. Not a ton, but enough for me to notice. Luckily I was able to hide most of that with other make ups on top of it.
  • It applies nicely over a primer and other products apply nicely on top of it.

After several hours of wearing: 

  • The pigmentation under my eyes started to peek through the foundation a little more than when I first put the product on. The foundation on my chin also started to wear off a little – which is common for pretty much every foundation I try.
  • I took a 20 minute nap and was pleased to find that it stayed on well and didn’t wear off where my face was on the couch.
  • I didn’t find it to settle in to my creases and wrinkles anywhere – always a bonus!

At the end of the day:

  • It didn’t sheer out anymore than it did in the middle of the day – I was very happy about this.
  • It didn’t settle into any lines on my face.
  • It hadn’t transferred onto any clothing even after changing my clothes twice during the day.
  • It removed very easily at the end of the day when I took it off.

So…the No7 Stay Perfect Foundation. Do I recommend it? I do! (and I didn’t think that I would to be honest) At $15.99 I think its a good price for the quality of the product. I absolutely recommend that you make sure you set it with powder, otherwise it may be a whole different situation. I liked the medium coverage, I liked that it wasn’t heavy on my face, I liked that it didn’t transfer. I didn’t love the oxidizing but I figured out how to work with it and I didn’t like how sticky it felt initially (before i set it down).

If you’re on the market for an affordable, dewy foundation – this one would be worth a try in my opinion.

*Sorry there were no pictures of my face in this post. Mom brain + pregnancy brain… If you hurry you may still have time to catch my live review of the product on my Snapchat at ceeceesparkles though!



2016 in Review

So lots of people have hated 2016. And yeah, some real annoying, sad, bad things happened. But if we are being honest, I admit that I’m definitely in the minority — I had a good 2016. Our family had a happy, healthy year and a lot of good, fun stuff happened! There were numerous Disney trips, lots of family time, huge milestones for H, Wild Man and I made some really cool goals, etc. I’m always excited for a new year and a clean slate, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the year 2016.

In January

  • We got a private tour of the new Provo City Center Temple with Elder Richards and Elder Bednar
  • We were still basking in the newborn phase with our little 2/3 month old
  • My grandpa passed away (which is actually sad) but we were able to reflect on his incredible life and looked through so many pictures of him and celebrated his life as a family

In February

  • We bought our house and moved in and everything went flawlessly and our house has been a dream
  • We had the German Dinner with Wild Man’s family

In March

  • Our sweet baby H was blessed by his dad
  • I was brave and chopped my hair off in a lob (that i’m now growing out)
  • We celebrated Easter

In April

  • We got to watch my sister nail it in her dance competitions
  • The weather got warmer and we were able to finally introduce H to the outdoors

In May

  • I got to celebrate my first Mothers Day
  • We had a really, really awesome Disneyland vacation with my family
  • We saw Captain America: Civil War
  • H turned six months old
  • We went to Moab with Wild Man’s family

In June

  • We celebrated Wild Man’s birthday with a fun pool party
  • Lots and lots of swimming
  • I started my mom and babies swim club
  • We had a fun FHE in the canyon with Wild Man’s family

In July

  • We went to Stadium of Fire, watched my sister perform (as a speciality dancer) and loved Tim McGraw’s performance
  • Disneyland turned 61
  • H started mastering pulling himself up on things
  • We went to Lake Powell for a week

In August

  • Lots and lots of pool time
  • My mom got a big surgery and we got to take care of her
  • We went to my families beautiful condo in Eden

In September

  • We had a fun campout in the canyon near our home
  • Fall finally started happening
  • September holds several birthdays in both of our families so we had lots of get togethers

In October

  • We went to Eden again and watched General Conference
  • Wild Man dislocated his shoulder badly in a mountain biking accident
  • My favorite Disneyland trip ever happened
  • We dressed up as the 7 Dwarfs for Halloween

In November

  • Sweet Baby H turned one
  • We had our four year anniversary
  • We had Thanksgiving in California (the Bay Area)
  • We put up our Christmas stuff

In December

  • We had Christmas!
  • I turned 26
  • We saw the lights at Temple Square
  • Lots of family parties and get togethers

It was a fun year an I’m looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings me and my cute family!



Eugene & Gatsby

*this is a sponsored post – all thoughts and opinions are my own

I don’t know about you guys but the hardest people on my Christmas List to shop for are the men in my life. From my husband, to my dad and father in law to my brothers in law and nephews, etc, I am typically at a loss for what to get them. It can be so difficult to know if I am getting them something they will like and/or use. But then Eugene & Gatsby came into my life and now my stressed out Christmas shoppers heart is more at ease.


Eugene & Gatsby sells unique, hand-stitched, high quality neckties and bowties for men and even for the little guys down to 18 months (something I’m particularly fond of seeing as I have a little dude of my own). Something they do that I’m a huge fan of is sell a Father/Son Special which is a necktie for dad and a matching bowtie for junior.



As their website states, “Like most gents, we were tired of boring neckties that did not reflect our personality. So, we decided to do something about it. We created Eugene & Gatsby as a reawakening to good fashion, because style should reflect who you are.” Their product is unique and modern and they have something for everyone – no matter what your preferred style may be.

Something that adds a little extra to your purchase from Eugene & Gatsby is the special hand stitched envelope they come in when delivered to your house! Its a fun little add-on that makes the business feel that much more personal and exciting. And did I mention that shipping is FREE on all their orders?


I am not a necktie or bowtie wearer. But I do have a husband and a one-year old son who have been known to wear a tie on Sunday’s and when there is a fancier occasion. My review is clearly based off of looks (and let me tell you – your man will look goooood in one of these!), so here is my husbands direct words about his experience with them: “I like them a lot. I like that they are skinny ties, that they’re modern and hip (he laughed after saying that word) and the designs are all different and unique, different from ties you can buy anywhere else. They make me look extra fresh at church, too.” 

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for the men in your life, look no further. Eugene & Gatsby is the answer.

And I have some great news! Now until January 5, 2017 you can get 15% off your purchase from Eugene & Gatsby by using the discount code: CeeCeeSparkles at checkout!


*Fun Fact: My favorite is the Frankie, whats yours?