Memory Keeping

Since having my first child five and a half years ago, I’ve been wondering just how I would store my kids important papers/documents/keepsakes. Everyone has their own method that they’re passionate about, and I listened to so many ideas, but ultimately I (finally) landed on this, my own, method. I’ve seen this same idea all over the internet, so I’m not at all claiming it as my own. I’m just super excited about it so I’m sharing it with you in case you’re on the hunt for a good storage idea too! And believe me, if I can do it, so can you. It was super simple and very satisfying.

I ordered file folder boxes and files. The boxes I ordered came in a pack of 4, so I even have one ready for my next baby! Then I ordered a pack of files for each box – the packs I ordered came with 25 (I think) and there are several extra folders in each box, should we decide we need them for something in the kids future. I put the folders in the box and labeled them (in this order):





1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade





Then, with my cricut machine, I cut out their first initials in vinyl and applied them to the front and voila! Told you it was easy!

I don’t plan on keeping every single paper from school or piece of art they create (like adorable scribbles on scraps of paper, you know?) But I’m going to mindfully keep the papers that my kids worked extra hard on or are extra proud of. The papers that have a funny story behind them or are particularly adorable. The ones I think they’d be happy to see someday when they’re adults showing their own children their memories.

I have put the bracelets we wore in the hospitals for their births in the Baby folder, along with ultrasound pictures, etc. In the boys Toddler folders, I put the bag of clippings from their first haircuts. Things like that. I also knew I had to have a folder dedicated to their stats from doctors appointments. I’m obsessed with my kids stats so I wanted them readily available.

What else would you add?!

Quarantine Scrapbook

I wanted a few things to keep me busy or to be used as an outlet during this pandemic/quarantine period of life. I had a few ideas, but ultimately I kept coming back to this:





A Covid-19 Quarantine Scrapbook

Scrapbooking has always been something I’ve really loved doing, but its tricky for me to make time for it. It involves making a bit of a mess, and currently I don’t really have a scrapbook station where I can leave my things in the middle of a project. You also have to take into consideration when you’re going to scrapbook. Have you ever tried to deal with small embellishments for your scrapbook page and keeping things semi-organized and not bent with toddlers running around and being very curious about what their moms doing? Its hard. But I decided I’d make scrapbooking – this form of time for myself – a priority during this pandemic. I’d make the mess, I’d take the chance of doing it while my kids were awake and wild and I’d delve into the creative outlet I’ve been missing for a while now.

I decided to make my own little kit as I began this project. I wasn’t going to go to the store, so I went through my stash of scrapbook things and threw paper, stamps, embellishments, etc, into a box that I thought would all work nicely together for my project. Next, I chose several pictures and sent them off to Snapfish to have them printed and sent to my house. The trickiest part in starting everything was figuring out what I was going to scrapbook on. I really didn’t want to spend any extra money on this, so I had to get creative. I settled on these plain white 10 page notebooks I got in an 8-pack from the Dollar Spot at Target. I knew how many pictures I’d sent in to get printed and knew the amount of pages in these little flimsy notebooks, so I was glad I had 8 to work with, if needed. I also made the decision though, to add pages to my notebooks. I have a 6×8 paper pad from Heidi Swapp (storyline chapters) that I’ve loved and they fit nicely into the notebooks, so when I wanted to add pages, I’d use paper from this pad and glue them in, in several different ways to add several more pages to this tiny book. I am almost done with my first notebook now and its very thick and chunky looking and it actually makes me love it more. Right now thats a look and feel I’m into, so I’m not mad about it one bit.

Now, as I am starting to visualize my Quarantine Scrapbook Volume 2, I can’t decide if I want to stick to the same stash I created or if I want to try new stuff.. I still have a couple pages to go in my first volume before I have to decide, but whatever I choose, I’m excited to keep this going. I think looking back, this will be a neat time to have documented so well. I know the majority of our pictures and my journaling on the pages aren’t exciting or extravagant, but thats a perfect representation of this time of life anyway. So again, it just makes me like it more!

Are you guys doing anything special to document this phase of life?!