What a good and exhausting month! This month has left me feeling refreshed and so tired all at the same time – which I’m guessing is the sign of a good, memorable month..

Lets get into it, shall we?



  • We had a really fun 4th of July party with Wild Man’s family and my family. It went so smoothly, the food was delicious and it was so relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • Our puppy is doing actually really well! Training isn’t perfect yet, but she’s picking up on things SO fast! Best of all, she and H are seriously the best of friends and she is so patient and loving with him.
  • I had my big 22 week ultrasound this month. Its always so much fun to get a little peek at your sweet baby. Everything is looking perfect and he’s measuring and developing just how he should. It makes me really grateful. The whole drive over to the ultrasound place I was in constant prayer just begging for everything to look good and when we saw that he is perfect I was flooded with gratitude and a calmness I didn’t so much have before.
  • H has started racing and its the best thing. He’ll stand against the wall and give us this look which we know means we need to say “on your mark, get set, go!” then he runs as fast as he can to us with the biggest grin on his face.
  • We toured the new MTC (missionary training center) and it was incredible. The art and quotes on the wall were really inspiring and moving. It was especially neat to hear Wild Man and his brothers talk about how the new MTC compared to the old one. It was a very cool experience and I highly suggest you get tickets to tour it too!IMG_6533


  • Poor H went about 2 weeks not feeling well at all. It seemed like we could hardly go an hour without diarrhea or throw up and it felt like it was never going to end. Luckily he was still able to mostly act himself unless some bodily thing was about to happen. It was sad to witness. I know its cliche to say you wish you could have a sickness instead of your child, but its true. Its hard seeing those sweet things feel sick.
  • I’m not sure what I did but I think I pulled a muscle or something in my stomach at the end of the month. Its so achey that its become a constant pain and is making taking deep breaths really, really hard. Lifting even light things is a bit more of a struggle and there is no comfortable position I’ve found so far that makes it feel ok.
  • Why is church so hard again? I felt like we finally had a system down that worked and H was decently behaved and I didn’t feel like having an emotional breakdown while there, but then all the sudden everything has changed. We sit down in Sacrament Meeting and almost instantly H loses it and there is NO way to make him happy. It is a long, long hour. Thankfully he still is loving nursery. IMG_6813


  • My mom and one of my sisters went to the D23 Expo this month (a big fancy, exclusive Disney exposition) and it was a really long week for me. I know I could have gone but opted to stay home to be a mom. Decisions like that are tough sometimes. But they had an amazing time, learned many really neat things and had some phenomenal experiences. Maybe I can join them for the next one!
  • Can dogs tell if you’re pregnant? I swear our dog knows. She treats my belly different. That sounds weird – but I really think she knows theres a little tiny human in there.
  • Our laundry room is odd. Its this huge, weirdly empty space besides the washer and dryer. This month we have been slowly making it a better space. We painted a wall, my sisters doing some amazing Up artwork on it, we are putting in a nice soaker sink, some cupboards and places to hang laundry and put in new baseboards. I know its just a laundry room but I’m really excited to see it all finished. Its also made me really gung-ho about personalizing the other spaces in our house I’m not crazy about. Something amazing about being a home owner is that there aren’t really rules. We have the creative freedom to make the space exactly how we’d like it. Its exciting and has my creative wheels spinning.
  • I’ve been extra mindful of the gratitude I have for my family this month. There have been a few personal things that have happened recently that have made me realize I need to not take family for granted. Not just my husband and sons, but my own family and Wild Man’s family. I’m really lucky to be surrounded by amazing, supportive, happy people. I genuinely love every member of my family – immediate and extended. How many people can say that and really mean it?? IMG_6738



A Month with the Pup


We have had our sweet puppy girl for a month now (well like a month and a week if you’re wanting to be technical) and I most certainly have some thoughts and feelings about this. So many of my friends have kids and dogs and they rave about what a wonderful thing it is to have kids who have dogs. I knew I wanted that. Wild Man and I always talked about how we were going to get a family dog but we weren’t planning on getting her until later. Getting her ended up being kind of a rushed decision, but I truly do not regret it. Yes, we have a one year old, a baby on the way and a puppy. It is a little overwhelming and crazy, but overall it has been a good thing. I got really frustrated with her the other day and I’m not going to lie, for a split second I was ready to text Wild Man and say we are selling the dog – I’m done. But then I thought about the month we’ve had with her so far and I honestly think I’d be devastated if we got rid of her. She drives me nuts but we already love her and she’s part of the family.


By far my favorite thing about having a dog is the relationship that H has with her. Its no secret that she loves him the most and he adores her right back. If H could talk I have no doubt she’d obey his commands the best and quickest. H is sad when we leave her and when we come back she’s always most excited to see him. These two are going to be such cute friends growing up. However their friendship is not all sunshine and rainbows. I often refer to them as frenemies. H for whatever reason gets really rough with her sometimes. He loves to yank on her ears, pull her tail, poke her eyes, step on her while she sleeps and so on. She’s a good girl and doesn’t ever retaliate but I still feel bad for her. But she’s not innocent in this either. Her favorite chew toy is unfortunately still H. Its getting better though – thank heavens. 90% of the time, however, they’re the best of pals hanging out on the floor or her dog bed together, snuggling and bonding. I love it. I am so glad my boys have a dog to grow up with.

This next point is kind of good and bad I guess, but I love that she is challenging me. She motivates me to get outside, go on a walk or just sit in the grass when I’d rather be on the couch watching tv. She has also made me more patient and has greatly shown me where I lack in patience. She has also been awesome motivation to keep the house clean so she doesn’t chew up everything in view.

She’s picking up on training pretty quick and we are really proud of her. She is a lab and labs are kind of notorious for being easy to train and for picking up on things quickly. We can mostly attest to that. She caught on to house training and being crate trained within like 3-4 days and has rocked those ever since. House training was the thing I was most worried about but she has proven to me that she’s reliable and has got it down. We hang a bell on our back door that she rings when she needs to go out and she’s so good at it! Its a massive relief. She’s not awesome at responding to her name yet but she improves every day. She’s good at come finally, too, which is nice. She’s mastered sit and lay down and we’re starting some more tricks now like stay, shake, etc. We are also working daily on training her to walk good on a leash which 9 times out of 10 she’s great at. She’s really a good girl.

Then theres the biting. And she’s recently discovered her bark. Those two things kind of make my blood boil. I am so sick of being bitten by razor sharp puppy teeth! I know I got myself into this by buying a dog, but oh my heck I hate it. Everyone says its because she’s a puppy and she’ll grow out of it – I can’t wait. For now we are working with her best as we can. I’ve definitely seen improvement but theres also a long way to go. The barking is new. The barking is loud and ear piercing. This is our latest challenge we’re tackling head on because this just isn’t acceptable in my house (do i sound like a prude yet?)

So yeah. She is a challenge and she is a pain and she tests my patience hourly. BUT we love our girl and are very pleased with our quick decision we made a month ago to randomly get our family dog.

So You Want to Buy a Puppy

Perhaps you are one of those folks who considers yourself a dog-lover. Maybe you’re a blanket animal-lover and have been eagerly looking forward to the day when you could finally find your family pet. Maybe your husband, who isn’t as much of an animal lover, has informed you the only animal he wants is a dog. You, who love all animals, don’t argue because dogs are awesome. So you find that sweet litter of puppies thats not too far from home and decide to set up a time to go look at them and pick your perfect puppy. Its a pretty overwhelming task at first because they’re all freaking adorable and you kind of just want to take them all home. But then they start nibbling on your toes and your child and you realize just one will do. So you play with them and really begin to eye that one specific one. You tell your husband to come over a little later and meet her. He likes her too but ultimately lets you decide if you’re going to really go through with buying a dog or not. Its really cute so obviously you say yes and a couple days later you come home with your newest, furriest family member. Congratulations!

But now what? Allow me to explain to you how your first few weeks will go, some of the thoughts you will feel and emotions you will undoubtably need to express somewhere.

First you will be thinking: YES! This is the greatest! This dog is amazing! I’m going to train her so fast and she’ll be the perfect dog in no time. She is going to stop biting my one year-old constantly because she totally understands that he is also her owner and wouldn’t dare bite her own owner! You’ll also start fantasizing about taking naps with her, taking her on long, effortless walks and how she’ll never have an accident in the house because you’re going to train her so well and if you’re putting in the effort, then so will she – duh.

Then you put her to bed in her crate for the first time. Ok, maybe she isn’t as perfect as you thought. She’s practicing her dog screaming/yodeling/crying and she’s getting an A+ at it. You lay in bed with your husband and each remind each other…she’s only a few weeks old, she’s a newborn, we just took her from her parents and siblings, this is fine, this is normal. But a ways into the musical practice you wonder what the return policy is on this new puppy.

You’re totally shocked when potty training is actually going pretty smoothly. See? You knew she’d be the best dog (and sleeping is getting easier for her too) Accidents in the house? Nope, not my dog! But then there are two days in a row where you find yourself having literal emotional breakdowns (maybe because you’re also pregnant) because the freaking puppy won’t stop peeing on the freaking carpet! You text your mom while you’re in tears and she brings over some amazing carpet cleaner thats safe for animals and babies and does the job, but still, who wants to clean up dog pee? Its gross and WHY is the smell so brutally strong? Its ok, this weird potty training regression only lasts a few days but you live in fear the rest of your days that when she’s sitting on the carpet she’s actually doing something else.

Remember how she’d never bite her owners – especially the baby? Wishful thinking, lady. She probably does love you and for sure really loves your baby – and for some reason that actually makes her bite you even more. You send a cry for help into the social media world for advice on how to make the biting stop and thankfully people are saints and send you tons of different ideas that worked for them. Some fail miserably with your dog, others are slowly working. The biting is still happening for now but you see a very itty-bitty light at the end of this pokey tunnel and you cling to faith that she’ll eventually stop using your flesh as a chew toy.

Then you strap her in to her cute new pink harness and you take her on one of those effortless walks. So its better than when you just walked her with her leash and collar (apparently harnesses make a difference?) but she is quickly informing you she doesn’t care if she’s a large breed of dog and needs lots of exercise. She wants to stay home and lay in her spot in front of the couch, under the ceiling fan and sleep. Walks are dumb. But you’re determined to be persistent. You load your one year old into the stroller, you tell your sciatic pain to chill for a little bit and you beg your puppy to use their dang feet as you physically drag her down the street. This too will get a little better, but she’ll still put up one heck of a fight at least once a day. Don’t lose your sanity. You are stronger than her! Or so I hear..

There may also come a day when your son puts all her dog food in her water then the two of them team up together and spill it all across your kitchen floor. Its the strangest consistency you’ve ever laid eyes on and you’re at a loss for how to even start cleaning it. So naturally you burst into tears and have a little meltdown on the floor for a few minutes before putting on your adult pants and getting the job done. And while you do the dog runs over and tries to eat some of your sons toys – I feel like that nightmare is a post in and of itself. That may be your toughest hurdle but people tell me it gets better, but has it yet? No. No, not at all.

Its not all bad though. You had dreams of this dog being BFF’s with your kids. You only have one so far but they actually both really like/tolerate each other and you’re seeing the beginnings of a beautiful friendship. Its exciting and motivates you to train her even more consistently so she can be that good (you’ve given up on perfect) dog even sooner.

When she’s had a long walk and is finally on the mellow side she’ll come and snuggle up next to you and stare into your soul with those puppy dog eyes and you melt a little and pat yourself on the back for making the wonderful, life changing decision to buy a dog.

Your husband gets home from work and she excitedly greets him (and doesn’t jump up on him like you’ve been working on!) and the whole family loves her a little bit more because that was a really cute sight. You calmly remind yourself the puppy stage doesn’t last forever and she’s well on her way to becoming a well trained member of the family.

There are the days when she’s really rocking her training and you’re so proud of her and even though she’s only 12 weeks old you feel like she’s mature beyond her weeks. Maybe, just maybe you did get a dog that has the potential to be perfect?

But then you look over at her and she’s gnawing on your shoe on top of the bath mat that she pulled from the bathroom, next to a puddle of her own urine. #doglife




18 Weeks!

On Monday I hit 18 weeks pregnant with Baby Boy #2 – and I feel like this pregnancy is going so much faster than it did when I was pregnant with H. I guess it makes sense since H keeps be busy and occupied so I’m not constantly thinking about how November is so far away. There have been a lot of similarities with these two pregnancies and a lot of differences. Every several weeks I’m hoping to pop on here and give some bullet points and updates of how I’m doing, how babies doing, etc. I think someday it will be fun to look back and kind of relive the pregnancy days.

  • I am not as sick as I was my first pregnancy! Definitely still sick. Definitely still throwing up a lot and losing weight. But definitely not feeling as miserable as I did the first time around. Again, I credit H for this. He’s an incredible distraction.
  • I hurt 100,000x more. Which is a bummer because I hurt pretty bad with H’s pregnancy. The sciatic stuff started way earlier this time around. My bones feel like they are literally locked in certain positions sometimes. My hips, back and thighs are so achey and tight and sore. I already waddle and I limp! I can’ only imagine what 35+ weeks is going to feel/look like.
  • Around 16 weeks I started feeling baby. They’re just the soft little flutters right now but they’re progressively getting stronger. Yesterday at church H was sitting on my lap leaning on my stomach and I could actually feel the baby kind of pressing against H. It was really exciting and gave me some major feels about these two being brothers.
  • Like last time, my hair and nails are growing like weeds. My hairs also getting thicker. Last time it got like 50 shades darker. I haven’t been able to see a color change yet, but my hair is feeling so thick, healthy and nice. This is a perk to pregnancy!
  • I’m finally not as fatigued all the time. Which is good especially since now I have a puppy (more on that later) to work with as well as being mom to my one year old.
  • I’ve been better about staying active and exercising with this pregnancy. With H’s I was super gross feeling and losing weight crazily so I wasn’t actually allowed to do much physical activity, but since I haven’t been told to slow it down this time, I am going to do my best to at least not become a complete couch potato.
  • No diabetes! I had to test early for Gestational Diabetes since I had it with my last pregnancy and so far its all good news! I will test again later, but for now I am still thoroughly enjoying my sugar and carbs.




I didn’t do an April GBOMB. I started one about 1,000 times but just never stayed motivated enough to finish it or have any amount of pride in what I wrote. But I’m finally starting to figure out how to function while feeling sick all the time and I hopefully won’t be slacking too much more.


  • I’m pregnant! It still feels really good to be able to say that so I have an ‘excuse’ to feel/look the way I do. Its also just exciting. I am in my second trimester now and it is this strange feeling of ‘wow that came fast’ and ‘i have been pregnant forever’. I generally hear that your pregnancies go a little faster once you already have a kid because said kid distracts you and keeps you busy. So far I think I agree with this mostly.
  • H had his 18 month well-check the other day and he is doing so good and is so healthy. I’m very thankful for my sweet boy. I try really hard not to take for granted the fact that he’s developing perfectly, that he grows healthy and strong every day and that he is a good, smart boy. IMG_0850.jpg
  • My parents opened their pool (in April, actually) and we have been loving going over and using it a bunch. H is so dang confident in the water. Its both adorable and terrifying. He has a little floaty thing he sits in and he’s usually content to sit and float, splash, enjoy the scenery and some toys, but sometimes he gets brave and tries to climb out. Of course this always happens when we are in the deep end too. He’s a brave one – and thats rough when your mom is a professional worrier.
  • I broke out my maternity clothes. I know I don’t need to wear them yet, but gosh they’re just so much more comfortable! I remember after having H saying that I planned on wearing maternity clothes for long after I had him and my body back. If we’re being honest, I feel like I stopped wearing them too quickly.


  • Sciatic pain, back spasms and hip aches are here in FULL force. I feel like this is early. Maybe its not, I don’t know. But one thing for sure is that it kills and I am being cruelly reminded of my embarrassingly low pain tolerance.
  • We haven’t even been home from Disneyland a full month yet but I have been fighting a real case of the Disney Blues. I miss that wonderful, magical place.
    IMG_5865 (1)
  • Ok this is kind of embarrassing, but a week ago I got quite a bit of syrup in my hair and for the life of me I cannot get it all the way out! So I have this permanent little sticky, tangle in my hair thats driving me crazy. I’ve washed it, I’ve washed it again. I have used a few different products in my hair and though its getting better, its still not gone. So annoying.
  • I went to a mommy/baby playdate this month and I ended up being so discouraged by it. It felt like a place where moms met together to let their children run wild while they hardcore bashed on their husbands. I felt so surrounded by grouchy, unhappy, negative people and it was so unpleasant. Thankfully H had a great time running around with the other little kids, but I kind of hated being there. They’d complain about their husbands then look at me like they were waiting for me to bash on my husband. Maybe most peoples marriages are really crappy, I don’t know. But I’m in a happy marriage and don’t actually enjoy complaining about Wild Man and freely talking about his faults. Thankfully H had a blowout and I didn’t have wipes so we merrily made our way back home early. Can’t we just hang out as moms and have fun? I’m all for venting sessions – those are great and necessary from time to time – but this was just too much.


  • I’m in this weird place where I want time to fly but also slow way down. November is on my brain a lot because thats when this baby is due, but its also the month that H turns two. I’m in denial that he’ll be a two year old and it makes me emotional. I would love for him to stay small forever, but I know thats obviously not going to happen. Then theres also the impatient part of me that wants November to get here quick so I can smooch on this new one! Thoughts are weird. IMG_5807
  • On the 27th Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT in California Adventure and Pandora – The World of Avatar in Disney World’s, Animal Kingdom opened. Of course I’m bummed I’m not there for the debut of either of them, but I have spent a large portion of my time on social media living vicariously through the people who are there and really enjoying it.
  • I haven’t colored my hair since a few months before H was born. I decided to embrace my natural color and let it grow out. My original plan was to not color it again until I started going grey. Well wouldn’t you know it, I’m now itching to color it again. I probably won’t. But also maybe I will. I like changing it up, I just really hate having to fill in my roots so often (I have very fast growing hair).



Its April! (also i hate april fools day)


Here is a fun fact about me: I have always loved April. Its my favorite month name. Its the month that brings color back to the world and its just pretty.

If 2017 has taught me anything so far, its been not to expect anything from the coming month. It goes a lot better when I just let things happen and take them in stride. That is what I plan on doing a lot more of this month. ::fingers crossed::

I don’t really have any plans for this month and while that feels weird, it also feels really refreshing and freeing. But some of the things I’m counting on doing/enjoying are:

  • WATCHING GENERAL CONFERENCE! Oh my heck I’m so excited. General Conference weekends (there are two in a year) are some of the weekends I look forward to the very most. I can’t wait to hear council from the leaders of our church and to be able to apply the council to my life and to set new goals for myself based off of what I hear during Conference.
  • Playing outside even more. H and I have been loving the nice weather and I won’t go into a lot more detail because I feel like I talk about this in every post lately.
  • Watching Dancing with the Stars. A new season started. I’ve already got my favorites and I’m invested.
  • Keep on going on this healthy train. You guys. I’m proud of myself! I have been eating so well lately and I have actually even cut out a lot of Diet Coke (gasp!) from my diet too. I have been exercising and I just feel good!

And thats really all on my to-do list. Like I said, I’ll let the month take me where it will. I’m excited to spend time with my family, relax and enjoy the weather.

Now lets talk about something very important to me. Today is April 1st, also known as April Fools Day. I despise this day. Why do we have to have a day where we tease each other, pull pranks and scare the heck out of people? I have just decided on this day to believe, trust and confide in no one. I just have to get through this day with my head down and anxiously look forward to April 2nd. Who’s with me??



Weekly Happy: I Love My Family

This post will be a little different than my Weekly Happy posts usually are. Today I just wanted to gush about my little family for a minute.

I am so so grateful for my husband and my son. I know this behavior isn’t uncommon, but I get overwhelmed really easily when I think about how blessed I am to be the wife and mother in this little family.

I knew back when Wild Man and I were newlyweds that I was lucky. I knew he was always going to be a great husband and that he would make a terrific father someday, but he has never ceased to exceed my (high) expectations of the kind of husband and father he’d be. I have never met someone so selfless, who is such a hard worker, so dedicated to his role as a father/husband and who is such a genuine sweetheart. I’m inspired every day by his optimism and his natural happy demeanor and friendly personality. Everyone who meets him loves him (especially the older ladies haha!) because he’s such a charmer and so charismatic. He is loyal and I know that he loves me. He will set aside his wants and the important things he needs to do if he can tell I need to talk or if I’m struggling or needing help with something. He is a very busy guy but he never lets a day go by where he doesn’t spend quality time with H and remind him of how loved and special he is.

My little one year old son is the greatest. He has placed a joy in our home that I don’t think we realized we were missing so badly. He keeps us happy and always is giving us a reason to smile and plan 1,000 more kisses on his squishy little cheeks. He gives these heart-melting hugs and gives you kisses exactly when you need them most. He possesses a natural light that can lift spirits around him. Wild Man and I have said many times we feel like H is a healer because so often he can figure out which person in the room is hurting and he gives them extra attention, snuggles and love and how can a happy, sweet baby not heal you, you know? He is friendly, flirty and kind and even though he is still young I can tell that he wants to do good – he is happy when he does things he knows are good (i know this because he typically applauds himself) and I really hope this is a trait he keeps with him as he grows up.

My family makes me so happy. They fill my heart full with love and joy. I am so blessed to be a part of this.