Meet CeeCeeSparkles


Hi, I’m CeeCee (well actually I’m Chelsea, but you can call me CeeCee) – thanks for stopping by!

I live in Utah {best place ever} with my incredible husband, Wild Man/Craig and our three sweet kids, Harrison/’H’/The Captain, Emmett/’E’/Chief, and Flora/’F’/Cupcake. (we don’t always use real names here because i’m a paranoid mess filled with crippling anxiety — its fun)

Together, we are a Disney obsessed family, we love to go on adventures but are also huge fans of sitting at home all day. We love being outside and trying to turn little moments into fun, happy memories. I love animals, crafting, decorating, coloring books, family time, sewing, binge watching tv shows, endless amounts of junk food, Diet Coke, Disney merchandise and Disney music, the smell of clean laundry (but i hate doing laundry), vacuum lines in the carpet, socks, make up, skin care, cute and easy hairdos, Fall and Winter, writing and online shopping.

On this blog I write a little bit about everything. Sometimes its consistent, sometimes posts are far and few between – some make sense, some totally don’t. I have a lot of anxiety, especially since becoming a mom so I complain about that a lot, too. But this is a fun space for me, a happy place, an outlet and a way I relax and unwind.

I try to be happy, positive and a force for good. I try to be kind and spread joy.



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