2016 Best Nine

Is it weird that when I saw people posting their 2016 Best Nine I got strangely giddy? Apparently I was super excited for this. My 9 pictures that were most liked on my Instagram (@ceeceesparkles) were really random, but all good memories. 2016 was a good year for my clan. And for those who have asked, if you go to 2016bestnine.com and put in your Instagram handle – you can see your top 9 too! 



Another Swaddle Designs Giveaway!

A couple weeks ago the fabulous company that I love and adore, Swaddle Designs contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a product and doing another giveaway! Of course I said yes! And I am so, SO excited for this one because its something I am CRAZY about!

This is the Cotton Knit zzZipMe Sack and I promise you need it.


I will be honest, when I first heard about it I was skeptical and wrote it off as an item my 8 month old son would not be into – therefore neither would I. But here I am, eating my words. I am in love with this product. This product was created to help transition your sweet baby from swaddling. It is essentially a cute sack to zip your baby up in when they go to bed. There are arm holes at the top so their little arms can still be out and able to wiggle but their bodies are all enclosed in the sack. A feature I particularly love is the double ended zipper which makes middle of the night diaper changes a breeze. Oh and the fabric options are to die for! They are available in sizes 0-6 months (fits up to 28 inches) and 6-12 months (fits up to 32 inches). It is soft and stretchy and makes your baby somehow look even more cuddly and sweet!



Now YOU can enter to win a zzZipMe Sack! To enter visit my instagram: @ceeceesparkles and follow the directions there! Good luck!

While you’re at it make sure you visit swaddledesigns.com to see all their amazing products and follow them at @SwaddleDesigns on Twitter and Instagram! I really do love Swaddle Designs and have been a die hard fan since becoming a mother.

Good luck!