Life Lessons from the Best Boy

Through Emmett, I’ve been given a big, important reminder these last couple of weeks.


Our new house has a pool, therefore it is so important to me that my kids be super water safe. This meant survival swimming lessons. Harrison is a fish and takes so naturally to the water, so I knew these lessons would be something exciting to him. Flora is too tiny to tell me her feelings on the whole matter yet (though her yells do speak volumes haha).

But Emmett would have a hard time with this, I had no doubt. Before these intense lessons began, Emmett was terrified of the thought of drowning. He wouldn’t go near water without a lifejacket and a grown up. There was no way he’d ever even attempt to put his head under water because it was too scary. He was just a ball of nerves when it came to the water.

The first couple of weeks of lessons were rough. He screamed the whole time, fought his teacher, yelled for me, and my personal favorite, would be in his back float and yell out, “THIS IS NOT MY FAVORITE THING!”

We kept at it. He kept going. And over the last two weeks, he’s stopped screaming. He’s gained confidence in his ability to keep himself safe in the water. He’s learning more and more how to trust himself. He has learned first hand, in a very real way, that he can do hard things! It takes effort, it involves some fear and maybe some screaming but it can be done!!

Now he’s jumping in the water and getting himself back to the edge, no lifejacket needed. He puts his head under and trusts himself around open water. Its so exciting!!

I want to be more like Emmett. I’m going to try my best to be like him. Keep pushing. Keep moving forward despite the fear and nerves. Because like Emmett, I can do hard things, too, and so can you!

Simple + Lovely

Last weekend Craig’s brother got married (to the most wonderful girl) and their whole celebration was so beautiful. Their colors were sage and cream and they had a lot of outdoorsy elements. One of my sisters-in-law and I were in charge of decorating at their wedding dinner the evening of their wedding. We held the dinner at my in-laws cabin in Midway, Utah up in the mountains. My father-in-law always calls the view from their cabin the, “million dollar view,” so we knew we wanted that to be the backdrop. Unfortunately because of all the fires, the air was kind of smoky, but it still turned out really nice.

We put a bunch of tables together in a T shape under some canopy’s and covered the table with white table cloths. We had some logs cut into a few inch thick pieces and topped those with a clear vase holding babies breath, then we scattered leaves from the bushes around the cabin across the table. It was simple, but really lovely, and I feel like it really captured their theme well. We also took some table runners from their reception that were real greenery and strung them around the canopy where the newlyweds would sit. The final piece was putting the brides bouquet on a piece of wood in front of the couple.

It was simple, beautiful and really fun to create.

Long Time, No Type

Hi, friends!! How cringe-y do I sound if I tell you that I’ve genuinely missed you? Well, I don’t care. Because I have. Summer has been crazy. I’ve been busy. I’ve been spending quality time with my kids. I’ve been working on goals ad dreams. I’ve been outside in the pool a lot. I’ve been busy living life and my blog has been seriously neglected.

But lately I’ve felt the urge to get back here and write. I’m not sure what, exactly. I just know I’ve missed it a lot. This is an outlet for me and something I’ve really enjoyed doing for the past several years. AND I just saw that I’ve gained almost 200 new followers on my blog in the past couple weeks?! So I guess I better start entertaining people before they decide to unfollow me 😉

We are in August, which to me is the end of summer and the beginning of fall — if you’re new here, I’m a stereotypical fall gal and canNOT wait for the crisp air and crunchy leaves. But this year, August also means school. My kids are growing up, I guess. Harrison starts Kindergarten this month, and not long after, Emmett will start his first year of preschool. Two kids in school?! Twice a week when both boys are gone, Flora and I are going to have a solid few hours of just the two of us. All of this is so new. So exciting. So crazy. My boys are super thrilled, which is good, because in all honesty its making my mama heart a little anxious.

Craigs brother got married to the most wonderful girl this month and their wedding celebration was something I’m never going to forget. It was such a special, perfect occasion. I’ve just been feeling really grateful about families, love, support and all of that mushy stuff since the wedding festivities. Weddings are just so exciting and happy.

As for me, I’m doing well. I won’t lie, I’ve fallen off of my health goals a little. I’ve visited the gym a little less and have ate a little more carelessly. My mental health has felt this shift and its not always awesome. But I’m aware of it and I’m doing my best to give myself grace and I’m really hoping that once we are on a school schedule here soon I’ll be able to get myself back on track.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my home lately. Planning new projects, making the space a little more ours. Its really exciting to me.

I’ve been kinder to myself. I’m trying to find more positive things about me than negative things, and this positive talk is really helping me out mentally and emotionally.

Life is good. I’m happy to be here. I’m happy you’re here. I’ve missed you guys. I’m sure hoping I can really stick to this blogging train again for a while now.

Wall Re-Do!

The very first wall I decorated when we moved into our new house was this big gray wall in our kitchen. I knew I wanted to do four large pictures with white frames on this wall with pictures of my kids. An individual of each of them, then one of the three of them together. Once we have our fourth baby, it’ll already have a spot. And if we have a fifth? Well, we’ll deal with that when the time comes, won’t we.

For our first round of these pictures, we, well my dad, took pictures in my parents beautiful backyard. I turned them black and white because that was all I wanted – big, black and white pictures on my wall, for so long. I loved it. The wall always brought me lots of happiness.

I knew that I wanted to update this wall yearly, every summer. So on Fourth of July, we went back to my parents house again and this time my dad took pictures in their front yard of the kids in these adorable patriotic outfits. I originally assumed I’d do black and white again, but the color was calling to me this time around and I am SO happy I went along with the idea. Its given the wall new life.

I have a feeling that updating this wall yearly is going to be something I look forward to each year.

Tummy Troubles and Mama Worries

How pretty is that girl? I melt.

I know my fellow parents and caretakers will understand what I’m saying when I say that sometimes parts of parenthood are so, so heavy. My sweet Flora girl is having some tummy troubles. I, a chronic worrier and anxiety-ridden human being, am having a hard time with it all. She’s just…not herself. I hate it.

Its been nearly three weeks now, but this sweet thing has been having so much diarrhea. She had a week where she threw up just as frequently, but thankfully its now been over a week since we’ve dealt with that part. Her appetite has been fluctuating. She sometimes only has like 3 wet diapers a day. She sometimes won’t drink much. She’s sleepier and more mellow than usual. It scares me. It makes me sad for her.

I’ve been in near-constant (it feels like) conversation with her pediatrician who has been so helpful and supportive. He doesn’t seem too worried about it because she thankfully hasn’t had any fevers, blood in her stool or urine and other scary warning signs like that. So I’m leaning into his calm as much as I can.

His theory is that dairy is the culprit. So, since I’m breastfeeding, both Flora and I are now on a dairy-free diet. AND I’m happy to say that for the most part, I think things are starting to look up? And I don’t think its just in my head, either. Hallelujah. There’s been a little less diarrhea. A little less mellow and a lot more Flora energy. I thiiiink things are looking up. I pray they are. No really. I’m praying so much.

I’m sure its just a dairy intolerance or maybe even a bug. But either way, a sick baby, especially for over three weeks, is hard. I just worry about my kids so much. I want them to have a perfect little childhood and sickness doesn’t go along well with my plans.

I’m just grateful that she’s mostly seeming better. I hope we can continue to figure this out and get her all better sooner rather than later. I’m also grateful for prayer. Holy cow, the amount of times I’ve prayed about her. I’m so happy that Heavenly Father listens to me. Its so comforting.

I love this Flora girl!

Time Flies and Kids Grow Up

The other day I woke up in the middle of the night to feed Flora. She’s woken up and needed to nurse to feel soothed. As I sat in the gold chair in her room, I rocked her and held her little tiny hand. I thought about how mind blowing it is to me that somehow she’s already one. That was a very fast year. Her tiny little fingers wrapped around my finger and I rubbed her hands between my fingers. She’s so small and precious. I soaked her in, because I know how this works.. you blink and the next thing you know, your kids are a whole other year older.

I laid her back into her crib then popped into my boys shared bedroom to check on them before I went back to bed. Harrison’s arm was hanging off of his bed in a weird angle, so I grabbed his hand to lay it back on the bed. As I grabbed his hand, I literally froze. I sat there and held his hand for a moment, rubbing it between my fingers. I was just thinking about how fast Flora was growing and how her small little hands were growing every day. Now I was holding my five and a half year olds hands which suddenly felt enormous. There were little scratches and blisters on his hands from all the playing he does. He has big boy hands. Once, they were just like Flora’s.

Time flies. I keep seeing the phrase that, “time is a thief,” or hearing moms telling their little ones to, “never grow up,” and I get it. Man, do I get it. These moments are precious. This phase of life is pure magic. They’re only little so long. They’re only you’re small child for so many years…

But a few months ago I was reading a post on Instagram from the point of view of a father who had a young son pass away at two years old after a courageous battle with cancer. In his post, he told people to stop wishing for your children not to grow up. Stop mourning stages passing. Because someone out there is wishing that they could have watched their child grow up.

I’ve thought about this post so frequently. I see both sides. I truly do. And while I’ll never totally be a-ok with my kids growing up so wildly fast, and fearing that I’m not living in the moment enough, I’m choosing to be so grateful for all of this. I’m grateful I get to watch my kids grow. I’m grateful that time is passing and that we get to pass the time together.

And I’m so very grateful that I’ll be able to hold their hands, in all of their sizes, as it happens.


My sweet baby wildflower is ONE today!! I know the years pass faster the older you get, but wow, this year truly flew by! Wasn’t she my tiny squeaky newborn just a couple of weeks ago?

I’ve yet to find the words to accurately express how much I adore this girl and the absolute pride and honor I feel as I get to be her mother. She is such a light and a joy in our family. She changed our whole dynamic the second we brought her into our home, and she helped shape us as we’re continually working on becoming exactly who we should be.

This girl is special. She’s kind and caring and motherly. She’s curious, brave, adventurous and doesn’t back down from things. She’s feisty and loud, she’s opinionated and fiery. She’s social and happy and loves her family in a remarkable way.

I am so very grateful to have this girl in my life. She’s my little girlfriend. My sidekick. My bestie. Having a girl is quite different than having a boy, and I’ve really enjoyed the adventure. She is bright, beautiful and wonderful.

Flora girl, Happy Birthday!! I love you more than I’ll ever be able to say. Thanks for choosing me.

Love, mom

We Did Disney World

Not too long ago we returned home from a maaaaagical trip to Walt Disney World. Are you totally shocked to hear that we had the best time and it was 100% one of our highlights from 2021 even though the year isn’t even halfway over yet? Ugh. I love Disney World. I always have, but it gets a whole other kind of magic layered on top of it when you take your kids there. Oh also, it was Flora’s very first trip to Disney (which is soo unlike our family – but hello #pandemicbaby) which gave it yet another sprinkle of Disney magic. The. Best. I could ramble on for ages about how wonderful our vacation was, but I’ll stop around here so I don’t bore you with my obsession.

The kids, my mom, and my sister, Adi went for nine days and we adored each and every one. I’m so very grateful we got to go. It was so special, happy and wonderful. Now enjoy a small photo dump of some of my favorite images we captured while there.

SatisFACTual Saturday: Tower of Terror


Did you know?…

  • The attraction stands at 199 feet tall, making it one of the tallest Disney World attractions
  • While falling up and down, you reach a top speed of 39 mph
  • The drops are randomized sequences, making it very possible that you may never ride the same sequence twice
  • Its rumored that originally, the attraction would be both a ride and an actual hotel but, (if these rumors are true), Disney decided it would be too expensive
  • The cobwebs in the lobby are made of glue from a special hot glue gun spinner that essentially shoots the “webs” out
  • If you see the wait time listed for Tower of Terror as 13, you better get in line – 13 means there is a nice, short current wait

SatisFACTual Saturday: Splash Mountain


Did you know?…

  • Its original name was Zip-a-Dee River Run. But Michael Eisner then suggested the name Splash Mountain, as it sounded more like a thrill ride
  • Splash opened in Disneyland Resort in 1989 and was so popular, that Imagineers decided it needed to expand, so Tokyo Disneyland and Walt Disney World gained the amazing attraction in 1992
  • Legendary Imagineer, Tony Baxter, is the mastermind behind this iconic ride, and he came up with the idea while in LA traffic
  • In Disneylands Splash Mountain, its animatronics are repurposed animatronics from an old Disneyland attraction, America Sings
  • There are 3 drops in Disneyland Resorts ride, 4 drops in Tokyo Disneyland’s ride, and 5 drops in Disney Worlds ride