2018 GBOMB


  • In January I finally vocalized my concern to Wild Man about my fears about H- specifically that I was stressed out that he was hardly talking at all. In late January/early February we started his speech therapy journey and it took an enormous weight off of my shoulders. It was wonderful to know I wasn’t crazy and making this problem up in my mind and to know we were getting him the help he needed to catch up and thrive. We are basically a year in now and I am amazed as I reflect back on his progress. He’s come leaps and bounds and I’m so, so proud of him.
  • We had several amazing Disney trips this year. We always do and I’m sure I sound like a broken record talking about them, but I love them and they’re some of the most special parts of my year no matter how many times I go. I just really love Disney, you guys. I will always. I’ll never stop. Now lets go back.
  • In September we took a trip to the mountains of Colorado to stay in our cousins uncles huge cabin with some family. This was our second time going on this trip and it just keeps getting better and I’m already looking forward to next year. The boys loved exploring and honestly seeing H take everything in from this new experience for him was amazing – a highlight of the year for sure.
  • Just a few weeks ago I was called to be the Secretary in my wards new Primary Presidency. I have felt so good about this since I was asked to serve in this calling and its such a great feeling. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be in the church, I have no doubt. Its really awesome to be periodically reminded of just how mindful and aware of you that Heavenly Father is.
  • I basically quit Twitter. I was a little sad about it at first, but now I love it. I still check it every few days because I have some great friends I’ve made on there and this is my only way to keep up to date on them, but the more I’m staying away from it, the more I’m realizing I don’t need it and I’m just fine without it. I’d realized that Twitter was draining me. There was a lot of negativity there and I was getting sickened by it. I was ready to be done but wasn’t brave enough to pull the trigger. Then in October, President Nelson challenged the sisters of the church to take a break from social media. Ever since then I have seen that I just don’t need Twitter. Hallelujah.


  • It was a bad year for mental health. Some months and weeks were awesome and I felt like I was so on top of it, but for the most part I felt like I was fighting to stay afloat.
  • I’m pretty sure every month at least one of us was always sick. Thats really exhausting. Hopefully hopefully hopefully 2019 is a healthier ear for us.
  • Its very clear to me that I need to up my housekeeping game. I’m so lucky to have a husband thats incredibly helpful around the house, but I still need to pull more weight than I have the last little while. I get lazy and unmotivated quickly. I’m sure a lot of this correlates with my mental state, but I’m determined to get better at this stuff in the coming year.


  • The end of the year always fills me with questions about the year that is coming up. I’m not setting a whole lot of goals for myself this year. I am going to hopefully just go with the flow and do what feels right. But I’m still so curious about whats to come for our family.
  • Social Media. Its always on my brain. I don’t really even know what to say about it except that I wouldn’t be surprised if my activity and position on it changes in 2019.
  • I love my family. We’ve grown a lot this year and we have made incredible memories with each other throughout these last twelve months. I’m very happy. I’m very blessed.

Self Respect Check In

This past weeks focus for my Self Love and Respect Journey was: Every day write down 5 good things about my character (no repeats)! Read the list throughout the day and believe those words. At least 10 minutes of quiet  meditation a day (whether that be yoga, laying in bed, sitting in the spare bedroom in the basement, in the bathtub, etc). 

I am actually pretty surprised at how hard it was to come up with five things a day I thought was good about my character. Especially those last few days, I really had to challenge myself. But today as I read through my list of these things I like about myself, I felt a sense of pride and I felt a love for myself that I definitely don’t always feel. These were results I was really hoping to have.

As for meditation…why don’t I do that more? Making sure I had at least ten minutes minutes of peacefulness to myself every day was so therapeutic and calming. I felt good and happy and my mind was clearer.

This coming weeks focus is: Be extra friendly and give service. Every day do something/say something kind to someone else (outside of immediate family) – do this however you think would work best for you and others (in person, on social media, a letter, treats delivered, etc). Be mindful of how many times I say sorry and stop apologizing for my actions that don’t need an apology. For example, sometimes before I start talking or make a comment on something, I’ll start with, ‘sorry,’ or if I feel like I’m in someones way I’ll apologize. I’ll apologize for the way I look, sound, act, etc. Don’t feel embarrassed to have an opinion or to want to speak up or say something. Not all of this needs an apology! I can exist without having to feel like I’m bothering people! 

This is the week I’ve been most excited for. I’m already a few days in and I’m loving it already, but won’t go into it until next week. This weeks challenge feels so Christmas spirit-y and I’m all about that.

Have a great week!

November GBOMB

Oh, November. Thanks for being you. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this month. I decided to be openminded and it all turned out really well. I think we were sick like…the whole month (still), so that was a downer, but as far as I can recall, the rest of the month was nice, simple and sweet.



  • It was birthday month for our boys! Now we have a one-year old and a three-year old! Is it weird if I say they’ve already both grown up some since becoming one year older? Because I swear that they have. You guys, they are such good boys. I am a very, very lucky mama.
  • We had Thanksgiving with Wild Man’s brother and his family, along with two of our sister-in-laws sisters and their families. It was a fun group, a delicious meal and a wonderful day.
  • 10758003360_PY1A9400
  • I am on top of the ball for Christmas gifts. Like guys. I’m basically done – and its not even December!! I’m so proud of myself. Things are going so well. There are still a few things to finish up here and there, but I’m basically done so I’ll be more able to just enjoy the holidays without the stress of wondering what I should get everyone on my list.
  • On Thanksgiving we put up all our Christmas decorations and YAY!
  • IMG_5784


  • I really should probably get to the doctor, but I’ve been sick for a couple weeks now and it hasn’t improved. Its most likely a sinus infection. Its just the worst. Thats all.
  • My oldest family dog died. That really sucked. I think we got him when I was 15-ish, and it feels like he’s been part of the family forever. He was a fat, happy little (but actually huge) shih tzu and he was so gentle, playful and sweet. His death was sudden and sad and we miss him lots. Dogs are family, so it stings pretty bad when you have to say goodbye to them.
  • IMG_6070


  • We had our six year wedding anniversary this month. Six years. Thats an achievement! That feels like so long but also just the beginning. I was thinking back to our first year of marriage and I’m amazed and also so grateful at far far we’ve come along. Our relationship has changed so much. We fit together even better than we did when we were first married. Life with him is good, these past six years have been incredible and I’m really excited to see what our future holds.
  • IMG_5523
  • Christmas shopping is hard this year. Usually I’m a fountain of ideas. This year is just not the case. But finally the ball started rolling and I’m doing ok with ideas now. Thanks for asking.
  • H had his first day of school (i just barely did a post on this) and its giving me so many emotions. I’m so excited for him and he seriously loves it so much. I love it for him too, but its also really tugging at my momma heart strings. This feels so grown up. Time moves so fast. Someone bring me a Dr. Pepper.
  • Speaking of Dr. Pepper – thats my drink now. I don’t know how it happened, but I now favor DP over Diet Coke (but don’t get me wrong, i still love Diet Coke with all my heart).
  • I am really motivated to make December special. The focus of Christmas time should always be Christ, but so often, I lose sight of that due to all the festivities and fun. I want to make a conscious effort to really make sure I am focused every day of December. I want to be very Christ-centered, come December.
  • IMG_6654



December is the best month, don’t fight me on this. Its not just because of Christmas, either. Its not because my birthday is this month, either. Its just the spirit of December. December is magic. The focus on Christ, the heightened family time, the smells and the delicious food, the sparkly lights, the wonderful Christmas music, the look of fresh fallen snow, the cozy clothes (especially fuzzy socks), the feeling of peace and happiness. I love it. Christmas Day, the Christmas traditions, my birthday, my sisters birthday and the insane amounts of food are just the cherry on top.

I am so happy that there is a December every year. Its like the reward at the end of the year for surviving and (hopefully) doing your best.

Happy December, guys! Have a magical month. You are loved, special and deserving of goodness and joy.

I Found Your Perfect Shirts – You’re Welcome

What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t tell you about the two magical shirts that you NEED in your life? You know that in no way, shape or form I consider myself any kind of ‘fashion blogger’ or a person that knows anything about fashion, but guys. These shirts are fabulous, comfy, cute and can be dressed up or down. Its perfection. Did I get these two shirts, try them on and then almost immediately go order several more of both of them in more colors? …yes. I did.

The other day I realized that I don’t really have any ‘casual’ long sleeved shirts. So I went to Old Navy (duh) and found a few to try. Funny story, when I ordered these two, I was actually fairly certain I’d end up returning them because I didn’t love the look of them. But I WILL NOT BE RETURNING THEM. They are magic, people. They are soft and comfy cozy. They hold their shape. They come in pretty colors. They are loose and flattering. They are simple enough that they can be dressed down and dressed up (i already said that, but thats how important that fact is to me) and they are what dreams are made of.

Please enjoy these slightly grainy pictures I took of myself by videoing myself (awkward) and taking screenshots from the video of these shirts. Then go buy some, but act fast because they’re going pretty quickly it looks like.

This shirt is balloon sleeved, so I feel like this is going to be my fancy-comfy shirt. I like that the sleeves gather at the wrist. Is that how all balloon sleeved shirts are? I don’t know. But its a feature I like. And OH THE COMFORT. You can find this shirt here.



This next shirt is really just a standard long sleeve t-shirt. Its the greatest. The sleeves are slightly more fitted and they hold their shape even when you’re pushing them up and down your arm all day. You can find this shirt here.

Self Respect Check-In

*If you haven’t read my original post about this journey to gain more self love and self respect I’m taking myself on for the remainder of the year, you can read that here.

This past week my focus was this: Focusing on body love – verbally telling myself things about my body I am grateful for. Doing yoga twice a day, focusing on love and appreciation for my body. I am perfect the way I am right now – I am beautiful the way I am right now. 

Ok, so I knew I’d like this week and I knew it’d be beneficial for me, but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting such an internal transformation in such a short period of time. I started on Sunday just by standing at my counter putting things away and verbally saying to myself the great things my body has done. Its given me two children, hopefully more in the future. It hasn’t given me any real trouble or health issues. Its gained and lost weight, but its done so kindly. Its been patient with me. Its gently reminded me that sometimes I need to reevaluate how much garbage I’m eating (haha) and its loved me, protected me and given me a literal home for myself. I am very grateful for my body. I really am. I want to make sure I give it more gratitude, recognition and respect as I go forward.

As for the yoga, I’ll be honest – I really flopped. I have a sinus cold/infection whatever and yoga was just out of the picture this week. I was bummed because I’ve been really nailing daily exercise, but my head has been hurting so bad it just wasn’t an option. Yoga will come at a later date.

This coming week my focus is: Every day write down 5 good things about my character (no repeats)! Read the list throughout the day and believe those words. At least 10 minutes of quiet  meditation a day (whether that be yoga, laying in bed, sitting in the spare bedroom in the basement, in the bathtub, etc). 

This one makes me uncomfy as I think about how many things I’ll have to come up with about myself, but I’m ready for the challenge and excited to see how recognizing my good qualities will benefit me. As for meditation, oh my heck bring it on!!