Kind Quotes

Yesterday was World Kindness Day (can every day be that, please??) I posted a little story about someone doing something very simple that was very kind, but I’m not done posting about kindness, I guess. I wanted to share some of my recent favorite quotes about kindness. If you remember, one of my words for 2018 is KIND so this has been a subject heavy on my mind lately and I’ve found lots and lots of quotes about it that I love. Here are a few.









Lesson from a Stranger

Yesterday the boys and I went on a little play date with a couple friend and their kids to a big indoor playground. It was so fun. Both boys loved playing and I enjoyed the time to socialize.

Me and my boys were the last of our group to leave – mostly because H was so in love with the play area and never really came out of it so it took a while to track him down. As I suspected, when I finally found him and convinced him to come to the table where all our stuff was and told him it was time to go, he LOST IT. We are talking full scale temper tantrum with very, very loud screaming and lots of wailing. Oh how I love knowing dozens of eyes are on me while I’m trying to wrestle my toddler into his shoes and jacket, while also making sure he doesn’t slam his head into the floor or smack me across the face. Fun!

I finally got him outside and he took off running. I caught him which only made him spiral even more. While I started trying to put E into his car seat, H took off through the parking lot which thankfully had no driving cars in it. Again, I caught him fast and he continued to flip out. E was in his car seat and now it was H’s turn. He attempted to run away one more time before I got him into his seat, not without being kicked and punched many times – tantrums are brutal folks.

I got him buckled and shut the door. I took a deep breath before opening my car door and behind me I heard, “moms are awesome!” in a positive voice. It was some guy about my age who looked like he’d just got off work. He gave me thumbs up and kept on walking.

Luckily I was having a good day and wasn’t getting overwhelmed by this. I was just exhausted because I’d crawled through a child size playground several times with a one year old in hand, then chased a fast 3 year old and put them both in car seats. That’s tiring!

But it got me thinking – that comment could have really perked me up on a bad day. Heck, it perked me up on a good day!

I want to be more like that guy. I want to spread positivity and kindness. I want to make people feel proud of themselves. I want to make strangers smile. I’m glad he reminded me of how simple it can be to make the world even a tiny bit happier.

Celebrating One Year!

On Saturday, as you know, my little E turned ONE. Am I still a little bit in denial? Yes. Yes, very much so. We had such a fun, simple day celebrating his big day. We spent the day at home (his favorite place), playing with toys, eating food and just having a pretty typical day. Wild Man and I set the house up for his birthday party that would be happening later that evening. We got the food ready, my friend delivered the amazing Mickey Mouse cake she made for him and the party began. We had a Mickey Mouse Hot-Diggity-Dog party and it was so much fun! Poor E is in the thick of teething currently, so his mood was up and down throughout the night, but it seemed like whenever the attention was on him (for gifts, cake, singing, etc) he was happy as could be – or just very puzzled at what was going on.

My little E is a special, loved little boy. I’m so grateful for him and I’m honored and proud to be his mom.

E’s Birth Story

*E turned one yesterday, so I figured I better finally share his birth story!

On November 10th, 2017 I woke up to find my baby was sideways in my belly. This wasn’t abnormal though. He hardly ever was head down like he should have been and was changing positions almost daily, even though he was big and we were super close to his due date. We referred to him as a ninja a lot. Wild Man predicted he’d be stubborn. I texted Wild Man and told him the baby was definitely sideways. I could feel his head on my right side and his bum on my left. He responded by telling me not to worry yet, “not like the baby is going to come today.

Later that day we were invited to eat dinner at Craig’s parents house with his parents and brother. We went over around 6 and sat down to eat around 6:30. We hadn’t been sitting down for five minutes when all the sudden, I kid you not, the lights flickered and all the sudden I felt a strange, very wet sensation take over the lower half of me. I looked up (and locked in eye contact with my brother-in-law haha) and said, “I think my water just broke!” Except I’m not sure why I said ‘I think’, because there was no denying that was what this was. Baby time. We left H at my in-laws (ugh, I hate leaving my babies) and went to our house to grab our hospital bags and I changed my clothes.

When we got to the hospital they did that test to make sure your water really broke (it did) and I was admitted. My nurse checked me and said, “you’re dilated, but I don’t feel a head,” to which I told her he was definitely sideways. By this time my contractions were coming on top of each other. Ouch. They called for an ultrasound to check my babies positioning. Sure enough, he was sideways. Then my doctor came in to look at the ultrasound and he briefly considered moving him in my stomach (he’d done this a couple weeks earlier and it HURT), but decided that with the positioning of the umbilical cord, it wasn’t safe. I remember him checking me and saying he could see my babies bottom. He looked up at us and said, “I think the safest option is a c-section.” Without hesitation we agreed to it. Whatever is best for baby, you know?

Since E was essentially on his way out bum first, we were deemed an emergency c-section and immediately people were preparing for surgery. I was taken quickly into the OR where I got all prepped and got my spinal tap (which was amazing! haha). I was a little nervous, ok, very nervous, but getting relief from pain definitely helped me relax. Then we were ready to have this baby!

Everything was routine until the very end. My doctors told me later they almost never see this, but as they were removing E, his body was outside of me and his little head got caught in a contraction basically. By this time they’d brought a mirror to me to watch him be born, and I just remember being so happy to see him, but I was also scared. Why was my baby stuck? Also his body was gray. It was a lot of emotions.

Finally, he was freed! But he was gray and not making a sound. As quickly as I could lay eyes on him, he was gone to another room. They took him and my husband and left me alone in the operating room with a team of doctors. I hated it. Oh, I hated it. I wanted to see my baby! But most of all, I knew he was in the room next door and I wanted to hear him cry. I needed to know he was ok. My doctors were trying to keep my mind off of it, I could tell. I kind of remember them telling me I lost a little more blood than usual but I’d be fine. I don’t remember anything else they said. I was just listening for my baby, sad I hadn’t touched him yet.


It felt like forever, but finally from the room next door where he was being worked on by a NICU team, I heard him scream. And scream. And scream. Hallelujah! I was still being stitched up when Wild Man came in holding our little 8.5 pound bundle. He laid him on my chest/neck and E nestled his little face into my cheek. I could hear his little snorts and grunts right in my ear. Though I couldn’t really see him, I was so happy to have him with me. Touching me. Right where he needed to be. We snuggled there for a while and then they took him and Wild Man to the nursery to do all the little tests and what not, I remember they said they’d do extra tests on his lungs and breathing, since he wasn’t breathing at birth (all came back fine – he’s been totally fine and healthy since!) and I was still getting put back together. I was sad I couldn’t go to the nursery with them, because with H, I was able to.


Once I was all finished, I was wheeled back to the delivery room, handed my phone and given some water. Then I just sat there. No baby to hold. It was a crappy feeling, but I was happy to know he was ok. Now I just wanted to hold him! I was so shaky and a little dizzy, but I started texting my mom since I had no baby to love on yet.

Finally, about 2 hours after having him, Wild Man and E came into our room and I got to hold that sweet, sweet boy. Its been heaven ever since. He immediately nursed like a champ, he was go-with-the-flow and happy, but made hilarious grumpy faces. He fit perfectly into our family and has given us so much joy and happiness since.


Happy First Birthday, E!

You blink and a whole year has gone by!! I don’t feel like its already been a year, but lo and behold, it has. One whole happy year.

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my sweet E💚 I really can’t believe he is one. I also can’t believe just how much joy, happiness and laughter he has brought our family. He is curious, adventurous and likes to see how far he can push his boundaries. He is brave and independent. He is a mamas boy, dads little buddy and his big brothers little shadow and biggest fan. He is social, playful and funny about food (baby food is hard, whatever moms eating is the goal and nursing is his #1). He says a few words, points and claps at everything, signs a few words, has one little tooth, finally sleeps through the night, stands and is so, so close to walking. Happy Birthday baby boy. You are so loved, so special and so wonderful. I love you to infinity and beyond ❤️

Holidays in Disneyland!

They’re here!

taken from the Disneyland website

The holidays are officially at Disneyland!

The holidays in Disneyland are as magical as you’d imagine it to be. There is extra magic in the air. The Festival of the Holidays goes from November 9th to January 8th.

Some holiday fun happening in the park during the holidays are:

A Christmas Fantasy Parade

It’s a Small World Holiday

Festival of Holidays (in DCA)

Mater’s Jingle Jamboree (DCA)

Luigi’s Joy to the Whirl (DCA)

Haunted Mansion Holiday (is still going)

Believe in Holiday Magic fireworks

Holiday Time at Disneyland Tour

Don’t forget all the amazing holiday themed food and the incredible decorations and overlays!

Happy Holidays!

Mickey’s 90th Spectacular!


On November 4th, ABC aired Mickey’s 90th Spectacular. On the 18th of this month, Mickey Mouse turns 90 and this was his big birthday celebration on tv. Did you watch? It was amazing. If you didn’t watch it, I added a link to a way to watch it on the top line of this post, and if that doesn’t work for you then lots of it is on YouTube. Did you shed tears? I absolutely did.

While we were watching this I was thinking about how most people want to leave their mark on this world and be remembered somehow after they are gone. What an amazing legacy Walt Disney left behind! He gave us Mickey Mouse! I think he knew Mickey and the rest of the Disney world would be a gift to us, but I wonder if he knew just how impactful and magical it would all be to some people. I, for one, am forever grateful for Walt and for this world he created and I am especially thankful that he gave us my #1 favorite, most special icon, Mickey Mouse.