FEAST Upon the Words of Christ

Have you ever heard how we need to feast upon the words of Christ? I have a funny little story to go with that phrase.

Last Sunday we were all dressed and ready for church which starts at 11. At 10:50 H fell fast asleep. Naps are tough lately, so I wasn’t about to wake him up. We made the decision that Wild Man would go to church and I’d stay back with our sleeping buddy. A while later he woke up and we played together on the floor. He must have felt guilty about missing church, because his favorite toy was The Book of Mormon. He had this little Book of Mormon slobbered on, pages were crumpled and it was a mess. Then the little stinker ripped a page out of the book! (a page in Alma, if you wondered) and — he feasted on the words of Christ. He straight up took a bite out of the page. I’m 99% sure I got it all out of his mouth, but theres a chance a little bit made it into his belly. Babies are funny. We have taken on a very literal understanding of the scriptures in this house!





Announcing Our Pregnancy and Gender (this is not a pregnancy announcement)

You guys, I almost posted a picture of my pregnancy test from when I found out I was pregnant with H on this post – but then I realized that was a stick that at one point was covered in my urine and promptly decided against that. Its never bothered me when other people post a picture of the test, but apparently doing so myself is not my jam.

Today I was reading through a journal I kept while I was pregnant with H. I cried more than I care to admit because being pregnant was AWESOME even though I was sick 100% of the time, had gestational diabetes and was so uncomfortable. Its actually very easy for me to look past the gross stuff and think about the amazing stuff that was happening inside my body. Isn’t it crazy we are capable of GROWING a HUMAN?


A few particular entries in this journal were dedicated to the days we announced to our families we were pregnant. I learned something from this. I am not creative. Wild Man is. Keep reading, you’ll see.


Neither of our moms got a cool announcement. Turns out my mom already knew because she could tell I was different and was picking up on my symptoms and my mother-in-law guessed. So neither story with them is all that exciting..


Somehow we decided I’d decide how to tell my family and Wild Man would decide how to tell his. There are always those huge, grand announcements and I applaud them, but thats now how it worked out for me. I can’t even remember why but I ended up announcing to my family in one of the most boring, un-energetic ways possible (probably because I was too sick, tired and lazy to put forth effort anywhere in life?).

I had a picture on my phone of the pregnancy test. Every once in a while my family will sit around the tv and take turns throwing pictures up on to the tv via Apple Tv. One night we decided to start showing pictures and videos and in the middle of it I threw a picture up there. The picture of the test. It took a second for my dad and sisters to register what it was. (my mom already knew). I think my dad was the first to notice and I still have the look on his face in my mind – pure joy! Both of my sisters were quiet because they’re freaking adorable and got emotional. It was so cute. They were so excited. In my family H is the first grandchild and niece or nephew, so he was so, so greatly anticipated.


Like I said, Wild Man is 100x more creative than I am. He is also tons funnier. He is also talented with technology. All of those factors led to a much cooler baby announcement than I came up with for my family. Oh also his was lots more inappropriate than showing off a stick I stuck in my own urine.

He decided to make a video. Essentially it said in several different slides: When did it happen? We don’t know! Was it an early morning treat? An afternoon delight? Something in the night? We will never know. But one thing we do know… Our family is becoming a family of three. All while Marvin Gay’s ‘Lets Get It On’ is playing in the background and the sound of a squeaking mattress can be heard…

Embarrassing, yes. But very, very Wild Man. And it got the message across and led to some excited yelps and hugs. I still laugh/cringe thinking about this announcement.


We publicly announced our pregnancy on Mothers Day. It felt very appropriate and that was when we had hit either 12 or 13 weeks. We just did the usual post a picture on all our Social Media platforms. I pointed to my belly – which was proudly showing at this point (makes it very hard to hide a pregnancy) – and Wild Man held a sign announcing our due date, November 24, 2015. I’m laughing in it and Wild Man has a hilariously shocked face.



I guess this is where I sort of got creative. We found the gender out either in beginning of June or end of May, I can’t remember at the moment. Wild Man has a birthday in mid June and we always have a big birthday party at my parents house because they have a pool. We decided it’d be fun to somehow announce the gender at the party when both of our families are there together. We had everyone write down their guesses then before the pool party really started we had a gift bag and counted to three and Wild Man pulled a swimming suit (see the pool theme?) out of the bag. And it was a BOY swimming suit! I don’t know – is that creative? I thought it was fun.

Fun fact: I remember being terrified of having a boy. Having only sisters I had no idea what to expect – but I am LOVING it.


Now that we’ve done all the announcing and such, I’m already planning how to announce all these same things with baby #2 (not a pregnancy announcement) and I’m hoping to be more creative. But I can’t guarantee that it won’t be any less inappropriate because Wild Man will still be the dad and he’s gotta stay true to himself 😉




He’s Here!

On November 20th, Wild Man and I welcomed our perfect baby boy into the world. Our sweet little man came in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces and is 20 inches long. We are on the highest high and are feeling so blessed, humbled and completely overjoyed to be the parents of this special boy. His birth story is in the process of being worked on and I will hopefully publish it soonish, but its a special story and I want to make sure I do it justice. So stay tuned for that! …and if I’m a little quiet on the blog for a while longer, now you’ll understand why!



“You are the best thing thats ever been mine.” -Taylor Swift

T-Minus One Week (until the due date, at least)…

12227698_10153795139768383_5568428920531989907_nI had my 39 week doctors appointment early yesterday morning. Its so weird, I’ve known since March we were having a baby, but I feel like yesterday while I sat in the room waiting to be checked it really hit me that we are having a baby. I kind of got emotional as I sat there thinking that at any time in the next little bit our little man could join us and our worlds will be forever changed. Literally any time, Wild Man and I could become parents. We are having a baby and we are having one, soon. Holy. Crap.

Since I’ve been hit with this realization I feel like everything else is just sort of hazy. All I can think about is this huge change thats about to happen. I’m going to be lugging a carseat around and a diaper bag that probably contains 50% of our house inside of it, I’m going to have to learn how to fold and unfold our stroller without freaking/stressing out, I’m not going to sleep much, I’m going to have to learn how to multi-task a heck of a lot better than I do now, I’m going to have to make so many changes in my life. But I cannot wait! I hear parenthood is hard, but that phrase is always followed with, “but it is so worth it.”  

Today I officially hit 39 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe there is just one week left until the due date!! Remember how I used to say time was flying by? Well, it certainly isn’t anymore. November is d r a g g i n g by – but that was sort of to be expected, so I can’t say I’m surprised. The closer we get, the more I think maybe I’ll go past my due date with him (the 24th). Ugh. But as much as it pains me to say that, I’ll let him cook as long as he needs to. All I know is that very, very soon I’ll finally be able to hold my baby boy and cry my eyes out while I watch Wild Man hold him and love on him and though my life will have significantly changed in those moments he came into the world, everything will be right and perfect.

Come any time, Baby Boy!! Your mommy and daddy are so excited to finally meet you!



“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney


One of my very best friends, Amy, who I have known for years and years and years, now, is a photographer – and a mighty talented one at that. I strongly suggest you take a look at her work here – you will thank me). Together we decided it would be fun to go walk around her neighborhood with her darling baby and energetic dog and find some places to take a few maternity pictures. We ended up stopping by a nearby park and then using cute scenery from around and inside her new home. It was such a fun day and these pictures turned out so, so good! Thank you, Amy!!



The Day We Found Out

Every March, Wild Man’s extended family has a huge family reunion in Bryce Canyon. This year was no different. We were trying to get pregnant and after doing some calculating, I found that if I was not pregnant, I would start my period on the second to last day there. I wanted to be really hopeful and faithful that I was pregnant and not pack any ahem, lady supplies, but I also really didn’t want to have that awful experience when you start and have absolutely nothing. So reluctantly I packed the stuff.

If I remember correctly, the reunion lasted four days, maybe five. Typically, at least three days before my period would start, I’d start to feel very crampy and sick. A couple days into the trip I realized that I hadn’t felt any cramps – but I chalked that up to being too preoccupied by family and activities to notice them. Finally, the second to last day came and I just awaited that sign that it had begun.

I waited and waited and waited…

It was time for bed and still nothing. Of course, I got really hopeful, excited and anxious. But I didn’t even tell Wild Man because I was so scared about jinxing myself. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time my period started a day late or so. So I forgot about it and went to sleep. I’d probably start the next day.

But I didn’t. The whole last day as we had a few last activities, packed and said our goodbyes, I kept waiting for the cramps then the real deal. But nothing. I felt totally fine with no signs of it coming. Again, I felt that rush of hopefulness, excitement and anxiousness.

We got home from the reunion and still nothing. This time I mentioned to Wild Man that I didn’t start yesterday and hadn’t started today and it was almost midnight. He asked if I was pregnant. I didn’t want to say yes, but I think at this point…for some reason I just kind of knew. But I’d seen a negative pregnancy test before and felt that disappointing blow even when I was sure I was pregnant. Even though I think I really did know, I kept saying that I’m probably just late this month.

Wild Man talked me into taking a test. I’d read somewhere that your have the strongest levels of the pregnancy hormone in the morning, so I decided that the next morning I’d wake up early, run to the store, buy a test and come home and take it. I should have known I wouldn’t really do that. Morning came and I was tired and I don’t think I really fully woke up to my alarm. So I missed that chance. That day I went to the store and bought a test. I’d take it the next morning.

The next morning I woke up early due to huge amounts of anxiety. I was now several days late and that positive feeling in my mind was only getting stronger but I was too afraid to admit that to Wild Man or even myself.

I took the test and sat it on the counter. The test said to wait 2 minutes before getting my answer. I set a timer, left the bathroom and laid in bed for what felt like an eternity. The entire time I laid in bed I just prayed over and over, “let this be the answer we want, let this be the answer we want.” Then the timer went off. I have NEVER felt my heart race like it did in that moment. I walked slowly into the bathroom, now totally nervous to look at the test. As I approached it, I started reminding myself that if it was negative, it was ok and I’d be ok. I started to doubt that good feeling I’d had for the last few days. I looked down at the test…

It was positive.

The whole world stopped. I checked the plus sign over and over. I compared it to the sheet of paper explaining what a positive sign looked like and I stared at the sign to make sure it wasn’t just my imagination playing tricks on me. Then I walked right outside the bathroom to a carpeted area and literally flopped on the floor and started to sob. I cried for a while, the whole time holding my stomach. I remember at one point even talking to my stomach, saying ‘hi’ to my little person in there. I was beyond thrilled and possibly in some kind of wonderful shock. I prayed and thanked Heavenly Father over and over and promised I’d try and be the best mom I could possibly be. Then I cried some more, still there in the hallway, holding my stomach that now held a little baby.

There were a million creative ways I wanted to tell Wild Man. I’d seen such cute ways to announce a pregnancy to a new father on Pinterest and other blogs so for a moment I thought about how I’d like to tell him. But then I looked at the clock. It was 8:15am and he wouldn’t be home until a little after 5. There was no way I could wait that long to share such exciting news. So I announced the pregnancy to him in the most boring way possible. I texted him. I said, “guess what?” He knew I was taking the test that morning, so he texted back, “Pregnant?” I sent a picture of the positive pregnancy test and started sobbing, again. Then I got another text back that said, “PREGNANT!!!” Thousands more messages were sent back and fourth about how excited we were, etc. I just cried a lot that day (& may or may not be crying thinking about that day…) When Wild Man came home from work he walked in happily and said, “Hi, pregnant one!” Then, for the first time, he came over and started talking to his baby in my stomach – something he does all the time, now. I melted and at that moment I knew our lives would never be the same and we were the luckiest people, ever.



“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.” -Winnie the Pooh

Family Pictures

Our family is about to grow, and for the past couple months I’ve really wanted to get family pictures taken while its still just the two of us. A last little reminder that once, it was just Wild Man and CeeCee, you know?. Ideally, I would have liked to have got the pictures after Wild Man got his hair cut and I got my roots filled in, but yesterday turned out to be the perfect day. Besides, I decided Wild Man sort of has a Flynn Rider look going on with his current hair, so I’m not complaining. I have a very talented little sister who is good at everything she does and photography happens to be one of her very many talents. Luckily that cute girl agreed to take our pictures up the canyon and they turned out SO good! I had such a hard time only choosing a few to show, but I think these  are some of my favorites. IMG_2619 IMG_2635 IMG_2645 IMG_2646 IMG_2653 IMG_2656 IMG_2657 IMG_2663

outfit details:

Wild Man: Sweater – H&M (similar here) Pants – H&M (similar here)

CeeCee: Cardigan: Iceland (my dad & sis picked it up for me there..wish i could give more detail!) Maternity Dress – Target (find here)



“The most important thing is family.” -Walt Disney

I Think I Will Miss It

As I am typing this (on 10/20/2015 @ 2:30am, just in case I don’t post this for a while) I’m literally camped out on the floor on my bathroom switching off between throwing up into the toilet and feeling sudden, terrifying urges to tinkle (i don’t like the word pee – is tinkle too childish?) because Baby Boy thinks there is no greater joy in his tiny world than to punch my bladder and smash his head into it, rapidly. I’m sure its only a matter of time before I wet myself here on the floor. (TMI?)

I’m not going to lie, this pregnancy thing has been kind of rough on me. I’m 35 weeks and still sick. I’ve been nauseated since being 5 weeks pregnant and it hasn’t stopped. For nearly the entirety of my first two trimesters, I was having my weight closely monitored because I lost so much so quick and was having a difficult time gaining it back. For years and years I’ve had back and hip issues and this pregnancy has enhanced them, making them hurt so much more. I have heartburn now that is paralyzing. Baby Boy has somehow managed to move my entire rib cage forward so my bones are sticking out forward, painfully. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes which is a cruel adventure in and of itself. I get headaches all the time. The list could go on for a while. But honestly?

I would not trade any of it.

I am so lucky to be where I am, sick or not. I am pregnant with a healthy, wiggly baby and though its taken a toll on me and my health…and sanity, most times, I’m doing good. I’m proud of my body for being able to do this and continue to press forward even when I’m feeling extra sick, sore or sleepy.

Disclaimer: I’m very well aware that there are some out there who, for whatever reason, cannot experience this same opportunity. I have several friends, acquaintances  and people I went to high school with who are struggling to conceive. I’ve had several friends and family members who had to try a long time and go through some difficult things before they got their babies. Though Wild Man and I didn’t get pregnant on our first try, at least we got pregnant. I am not kidding when I say every night I thank my Heavenly Father that Wild Man and I were able to create this baby and I ask that those who are still trying to get their babies will be comforted and hopefully, if it is God’s will, get their babies, soon. I know this can be a sensitive subject. I was an only child for eight years and watched my momma as she went through the journey of trying to get pregnant with no luck for those eight long years. She has three children, now, and I know how lucky she is to have got them because I saw pieces of the struggle. Even though I was young I could still see it, sometimes. I feel like because of that, I have a teeny-tiny taste of how sensitive and fragile this subject truly is – I hope I’m making it apparent that I do not take this lightly, I’m not at all trying to rub my pregnancy in anyones face and I truly do feel sympathy and heartache for those who cannot or haven’t yet been able to get their babies. Those women and men are so much braver, more courageous and stronger than I will ever be. I am inspired by them and am so happy to know Heavenly Father has a plan – a plan of happiness – for them.

Great. Now I’m sitting here crying. Hormones…


Just a second ago the baby kicked my ribs. This is exactly what I wanted to talk about. Being pregnant. As challenging, at times, as it has been, I think I will miss it. Of course I imagine having Baby Boy here in my arms and being able to stare at him and smother him (figuratively) with love 24/7 will be wonderful beyond wonderful. But I really think I will miss feeling him inside of me – kicking me, adjusting his wiggly little body, stretching and even his pokes, prods and dances on top of my bladder that send me in a panic to the bathroom every couple minutes. Its very intimate having a little person grow inside of you. I have developed a relationship with my son and I haven’t even physically met him, yet. I love him and I know he loves me. He needs me and I need him. We are close – and not just because we’re literally attached to each other by a cord and he currently resides inside of my belly. There is something special about having him safe inside of me that I don’t think can be recreated by anything else. I love being pregnant and being able to have him with me everywhere I go. Maybe this is selfish, but I also love that right now, I’m the only one who can physically hold him and that I’ve been able to have that honor for the past eight months.

I am so eager, excited and anxious to finally have my son here and am so thrilled to be able to watch him and Wild Man as they interact and grow their friendship of epic proportions (i already know i’ll be the third wheel), but for right now as I only have a few weeks of pregnancy left, I’m really going to enjoy it, embrace it and love it.

Because I think I will miss it.



“Love is a song that never ends..” -Bambi

8 MONTHS, ootd, & Primary Craziness

I know just a few days ago I posted about hitting 35 weeks pregnant, but today is another exciting milestone. 8 MONTHS PREGNANT! One month from today is my due date and I don’t think I’ve fully wrapped my brain around that quite yet. But I do know my brain (and the rest of me) is SO. STINKIN’. EXCITED. The thought of being a mommy and being in charge of my own tiny human is a little daunting, but I’ve got a lot of faith in Wild Man and myself – I think we’re going to be good at this parenting thing! Somehow I think Wild Man is really going to excel at that calling, hopefully I can keep up. Obviously there will be some bumps and learning seeing as this is our first baby, but we’ll get it down. Hey, I’m the first child of my parents and I turned out pretty great 😉 And in this picture I have a very sun-shiny face, it was really bright outside and I was facing the sun. Also look at my cute sisters shadow — we are professional photographers, here.

Not like my outfit is anything to write home about. But lets do an #OOTD, shall we? (Wild Man pointed out some people may not know what ‘ootd’ stands for – for those of you who don’t know, it stands for ‘outfit of the day’). These are my comfy clothes. The shirt is some long sleeve old shirt I used to wear under my scrubs at esthetics school, the cardigan is from Target (i actually talked about it on an older post) and these pants I refer to as fancy-jammies. They are maternity pants from Old Navy and I’d absolutely would wear them 24/7 if that wasn’t frowned upon. They’re very light-weight, flowy and the most comfortable things, ever. Pregnant or not, you should really consider getting a pair (or 10).

Jumping subjects now.

I am a primary teacher in our ward. I teach the seven and eight year olds. I have a huge, wild, hard-to-control, loud class, but regardless of the insanity that they create, I love them. I come home from church every Sunday with something new to laugh about and I also come home feeling like I just ran a marathon because kid wrangling is no joke.

Tomorrow is our Primary Program in Sacrament Meeting and today we had our program practice at the church. Wow. My class is wild and crazy, but they’ve never been quite to this extreme for me, before. Of my large class, we are split into two. Half the class knows every word and scream/sings at the top of their lungs. Literally they have veins sticking out of their foreheads because of the vigorousness in which they are singing…or screaming, whatever. The other half knows the chorus’s to some songs and mostly quietly mumble. They are not divided however when it comes to NOT standing still. When we sing our songs we are instructed to stand and sing. All of them wiggle, dance, try to sit down without me noticing (ha, jokes on you kids, i see everything!), spin in circles, etc. I have one boy in my class who is particularly irreverent. During songs he likes to pelvic thrust. Like hands in fists, arms swinging, full on pelvic thrusts. No matter how many times I ask him to stand still, he thrusts on.

That has been my biggest concern about this primary program.

Until today.

Today at practice my little pelvic thruster wasn’t as into his dance move as he has been in practices in the past – hallelujah. However after today, I think I’d rather have the thrusting. A few minutes before it was my classes turn to give their talks at the microphone, he explained to me how nervous he was. I told him that all would be well and he’d do a great job. He then told me he was worried because sometimes when he gets nervous he, “says weird things.” I interpreted this as getting tongue tied or flipping a couple words. I reassured him even if that did happen, no worries, he’d still do awesome and if he forgot his part (we are supposed to have parts memorized) that there was a cheat-sheet up on the podium so he could get last minute help from that if he needed. It was our classes turn and they all marched up there and delivered their parts. This little boys part was last. I paid close attention to him, knowing how nervous he was. He got up to the podium, cleared his throat and started delivering his part. As he predicted, a few sentences in, he must have got a little freaked out because he paused. I figured at this point he’d just look down and the cheat-sheet and finish giving his little talk. Instead he sighed…and dropped the f-bomb. Right into the mic. AHH!

Thankfully none of the kids were really paying attention or maybe just don’t know that word, but all the teachers and primary presidency started exchanging awkward, very surprised looks and no one really knew what to do. He then finished his part and came and sat back down next to me.

What was I supposed to do? Like what would you have done?! Do I talk to him about how that words really not appropriate to say at the pulpit, or at church? Or just in general? Is that my job as a primary teacher to teach him this? Do I discipline him? Do I ignore it? I was so, so torn. I had no clue what to do.

He looked up at me and smiled and said, “glad thats over with.” I just decided to let it go. Is that bad? However we did mention this little word-slip to his guardian so hopefully it can be taken care of at home now?

So join with me, if you will, and cross your fingers and say your prayers that there will be no f-bombs in the program tomorrow. Hopefully no pelvic thrusting, either…

But I’m not worrying about that anymore today. Its all about celebrating one month left of pregnancy (give or take)…



“The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.” -Remy (Ratatouille)

Thirty-Five Weeks!


WHAT?! 35 weeks preggo? Just 5 weeks until me and Baby Boy’s due date! I remember finding out we were pregnant at almost 4 weeks and thinking it would be ages until I reached the finish line – or even  nearing the finish line. Well here I am, and I’m very excited to say it hasn’t really felt like ages. Dare I say it, its gone by almost quickly. We are so close to baby time. The Wild Man and I are so excited and we are basically all the way ready, too! Baby Boy has been measuring big so theres always that thought in the back of my mind that he could come early, so its comforting to be ready, more or less. Pretty soon we are going to be parents and be able to experience the joys and wonders and crazinesses of having a new little one to care for. Eep! Bring it on. I’m so excited.



“Happiness is a state of mind. Its just according to the way you look at things.” -Walt Disney