October Favorites

I’m going to sound like a teenage girl here – but a couple people I watch on YouTube do a ‘Monthly Favorites’ video. Its basically a video where they showcase just a bunch of stuff that they particularly loved that month. For some reason I am so intrigued by these videos and I look forward to them at the end of each month. Then an idea struck me! I could do a monthly favorites blog. So here we are. And here we go.


Gel Effect Nail Laquer, Aurora, in color Inky Dinky: I love this new color. It is such a fun Fall color and I think it will be a good Winter hue as well – its a deep blue/purple (i swear it changes colors) but it can also look black. It also doesn’t chip super fast, either as far as I can tell, at least when you use a top and base coat. I’m looking forward to grabbing some more colors from this brand! (link to favorite)


CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lip Color in Blossom Berry (#555): Years and years and years ago my cute momma bought me a few different colors (a red, a pink and a nude) that are this same brand. I swear by this lipstick because it is affordable (always a plus) and stays on SO well. Literally all day. It goes on sort of like a gloss then once its dry, you apply basically a chapstick over it. The actual product is pretty drying so the chapstick is kind of a heaven sent and I reapply the chapstick (or a different tube of chapstick) throughout the day. I found this dark purple color a few weeks ago with my momma and sister and I love it! Its bold and fun, very appropriate for Fall…I’m in love with it. (link to favorite)


Loafers: I have talked about these shoes before on the blog, but they’re so good that I’m talking about them again. These are the loafers my mom so kindly bought me from Target on a day my feet were particularly swollen and busting out of almost every other pair of shoes I owned. They are so comfy! I bought them a little big so my feet can swell and shrink as they please, so I am kind of wondering how they’ll fit after I deliver, but for now, they’re my go-to shoes (who cares if they match the outfit!) I call them my Grandpa Shoes because they remind me of shoes my grandpa wears. That probably sounds like a turn-off to most people, but to me it only made them more appealing. At Target I only saw them in grey and black, but if you look online I think there are 2 or 3 more colors to choose from. Hmm, do you think I need a few new pairs?… (link to favorite)


Black Maternity Tights: Wild Man and I wandered through H&M several weeks ago just to see if they had anything we ‘needed.’ We left the store with two baby hats and a double pack of black maternity tights that were $1! I only started wearing the tights a couple weeks ago as the weathers got cooler, but I am really loving them! They aren’t as sheer as I thought they’d be (thats a good thing) and they fit up and over my belly so nice and don’t cut into my skin and create a weird crease in my body. Love ’em. (link to favorite)


Grey Fleece Leggings: I am a leggings girl. I wear leggings all the time and am always down to try a new pair. I got these grey fleece leggings from The Nest on Main Boutique and not only are they comfy like all leggings are, but they’re also so warm. I caught them on sale for $6, but I think they’re regularly $12. (link to favorite)


Village Naturals Therapy, Aches and Pains Tension Relief, Bath Salts: I take at least one bath a day, if not more. Between my back, hips, sciatic pain and general aches and pains, bath time is a bit of sweet relief for me. They only got better when I found these bath salts from Target. They were reasonably priced, they smell good and I swear they help my body out. (link to favorite)


Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate: I have Gestational Diabetes (only a few more weeks of that torture – woo!) and am on a strict diet. Sugar and carbs are pretty much a no-no for me, unfortunately. I have a huge sweet tooth so its been rough, guys. Here and there I’ve been finding sugar-free treats that aren’t too bad, but about a week ago my mom bought me some (brand name) sugar-free hot chocolate. It tastes just like hot chocolate! It has made me so happy, you have no idea. This has been my saving grace and helps satisfy my sweet tooth as best as one can when they can’t have sugar. (found at local grocery stores)




“Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you HAPPY.”

Family Pictures

Our family is about to grow, and for the past couple months I’ve really wanted to get family pictures taken while its still just the two of us. A last little reminder that once, it was just Wild Man and CeeCee, you know?. Ideally, I would have liked to have got the pictures after Wild Man got his hair cut and I got my roots filled in, but yesterday turned out to be the perfect day. Besides, I decided Wild Man sort of has a Flynn Rider look going on with his current hair, so I’m not complaining. I have a very talented little sister who is good at everything she does and photography happens to be one of her very many talents. Luckily that cute girl agreed to take our pictures up the canyon and they turned out SO good! I had such a hard time only choosing a few to show, but I think these  are some of my favorites. IMG_2619 IMG_2635 IMG_2645 IMG_2646 IMG_2653 IMG_2656 IMG_2657 IMG_2663

outfit details:

Wild Man: Sweater – H&M (similar here) Pants – H&M (similar here)

CeeCee: Cardigan: Iceland (my dad & sis picked it up for me there..wish i could give more detail!) Maternity Dress – Target (find here)



“The most important thing is family.” -Walt Disney

OOTD: Channeling Fall (& staying comfy, duh)

When I woke up this morning I could hear rain out the window, there was a general chill in the air and I knew tonight Wild Man and I were going to my families house to paint pumpkins (best halloween tradition, ever, btw) and I was instantly filled with this desire to just fully immerse myself in all things FALL.

I started with my make up. Using earthy tones I created a warm look that I think can qualify as a simple, attainable Fall look. I used a mauve blush, a burnt orange eye shadow all over my entire lid and a lip color slightly darker than my natural lip color.

For my outfit I wanted to pull in some Fall colors but also stay comfortable. “Comfort is the main priority” is kind of my maternity fashion motto as of late. My belly feels SO heavy and all my joints hurt so sometimes getting all dolled up just seems like too much effort and too much ouch. Ultimately, I’d love to just stay in my pajamas or robe all day, but since thats not always an option (dangit), I just have to be sure that my outfit is still comfortable, not restricting and if its cute – or even just kind of cute – then bonus.

Leggings are a no brainer. I wear these black leggings from Gap (find similar: here) multiple times a week because of how comfy, stretchy and versatile they are. To those of you who believe leggings are not pants – good for you, I respect your opinion, but I personally believe they are totally pants. I paired my leggings with an old blouse from Target (i searched for something similar, but with no luck) that is white and ombre’s into a peach then into a darker orange. Orange = Halloween color, so I was all about that. Plus its flowy and fit over Baby Boy. Score. Because this blouse is pretty sheer and it was semi-chilly outside, I threw on a olive green (ish) cardigan also from Target (find similar: here).


I think its important to state that I had grand intentions of doing something really cute with my hair. But then I started to get hungry so I opted for a quicker option. Whenever I do my hair like this, for whatever reason I remind myself of a teacher. Maybe I had a teacher who did their hair like this? I don’t know.. But I like it, its easy to style and it takes just a couple minutes. Clearly, I didn’t spend a lot of quality time making sure it all looked 100%, but oh well. I did my hair, when I just as easily could have thrown it up in a top knot on top of my head. So we’re good. If you’re at all interested in a tutorial on how I did this hairdo, let me know and I’ll put one together.


Now I have to talk about these shoes. So. For those of you kind, sweet people who tell me I am only pregnant in my belly (bless you, i love you, may all the good luck in the world come to you for making me feel so confident in this funny shaped body), what you may not know is that I am also very pregnant in my lower legs, ankles and feet. We are talking swollen-city. I have tree stump calves 90% of the time and my feet are so fat its actually caused me a great deal of pain. Side Note: Can feet explode? I think mine might, soon… Anyway, unfortunately all my regular shoes I’ve been wearing, including several pairs of flats that I adore with all my heart, don’t really fit anymore. I can squish my foot in there but its instant misery. No thanks. A couple days ago my cute momma-dear took me to Target (in case you haven’t caught on, Target is my favorite store and I will never change that) and we looked for ‘fat-feet-shoes’. We found these loafers (find them: here) and my worlds never been the same. 1) They look like shoes my grandpa wears and while that may sound like a negative point to you, its totally a selling point for me. 2) They have squishy soles and pad my feet. 3) They are loose enough that even my feet at their most swollen state can fit into them – and not squish into them, but still slide right in! These help me feel less tree-trunky and more human-leggy. Its wonderful.

Also, the fact that I’m sharing a picture of my swollen legs, ankles and feet with you should make you feel very special that I trust you enough to look at them without too much judgement.




“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” -Emily Bronte

Let the Fall Crafting Begin!!

I love to craft. I especially love to craft with the woman who helped spark my love of crafting – my momma. First of all, she is the cutest lady, ever. Second of all, she is a killer-crafter and everything she touches turns to gold. She’s so creative and a great ally to have when trying to ensure your crafts turn out even half as cute as hers.

Once fall {best season, ever} comes around, I get a mega itch to craft and cook. Cooking kind of won’t be as fun in Halloween since I can’t have sugar {thanks, gestational diabetes}, so I’ve really had to immerse myself in the wonderful world of CRAFTS. A few weeks ago my mom and I were looking on Pinterest to find some inspiration for our next craft. As Pinterest typically does, it filled us with ideas – and also made me completely overwhelmed. But we found one particular craft that was going to be quick, easy and so cute and tonight we finally made it. We found this idea off of our friend, Landee’s Pinterest. She created this, so unfortunately I cannot take any credit for the creative brain that dreamt this creation up. (if you want to see some of her stuff, check her blog out here)

I love how this turned out. It was really easy, fairly quick and an inexpensive craft all in all.

Here’s how we made it.

First we bought frames. Ikea is my place of choice for frames because they’re cute and also crazy affordable and I am all about saving money wherever I can. Then we bought several sheets of various autumnal colors and some teeny little clothes pins.


Then we found a cute leaf template and used the Silhouette to cut the shapes into the paper. Eventually, we ended up with a big, happy pile of leaves.


Next we got our frames, took out the glass, grabbed some jute and blue tape (i don’t know if thats what its really called, but thats what we call it) and began taping the jute to the back of the frame in a bunch of different angles.


Then we sanded the edges of the leaves we were going to use. It gave them a little more worn look that I really liked and thought made the whole project come together even better than if we hadn’t.

IMG_2160 IMG_2161

After the leaves were distressed, we started clothes pinning the leaves onto the jute.

almost done

It took me a little while to figure out how I wanted all my leaves placed, but finally, I finished and am really pleased with how it turned out!!


I highly recommend this craft if you’re into DIY stuff and are looking for a pretty quick one to whip out. All you need is a frame, a sturdy tape, jute, colored paper, sand paper (if desired) and tiny clothes pins.If you do make it, tag me somewhere and let me see how yours turned out!!

Happy Crafting!



“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney