Eugene & Gatsby

*this is a sponsored post – all thoughts and opinions are my own

I don’t know about you guys but the hardest people on my Christmas List to shop for are the men in my life. From my husband, to my dad and father in law to my brothers in law and nephews, etc, I am typically at a loss for what to get them. It can be so difficult to know if I am getting them something they will like and/or use. But then Eugene & Gatsby came into my life and now my stressed out Christmas shoppers heart is more at ease.


Eugene & Gatsby sells unique, hand-stitched, high quality neckties and bowties for men and even for the little guys down to 18 months (something I’m particularly fond of seeing as I have a little dude of my own). Something they do that I’m a huge fan of is sell a Father/Son Special which is a necktie for dad and a matching bowtie for junior.



As their website states, “Like most gents, we were tired of boring neckties that did not reflect our personality. So, we decided to do something about it. We created Eugene & Gatsby as a reawakening to good fashion, because style should reflect who you are.” Their product is unique and modern and they have something for everyone – no matter what your preferred style may be.

Something that adds a little extra to your purchase from Eugene & Gatsby is the special hand stitched envelope they come in when delivered to your house! Its a fun little add-on that makes the business feel that much more personal and exciting. And did I mention that shipping is FREE on all their orders?


I am not a necktie or bowtie wearer. But I do have a husband and a one-year old son who have been known to wear a tie on Sunday’s and when there is a fancier occasion. My review is clearly based off of looks (and let me tell you – your man will look goooood in one of these!), so here is my husbands direct words about his experience with them: “I like them a lot. I like that they are skinny ties, that they’re modern and hip (he laughed after saying that word) and the designs are all different and unique, different from ties you can buy anywhere else. They make me look extra fresh at church, too.” 

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for the men in your life, look no further. Eugene & Gatsby is the answer.

And I have some great news! Now until January 5, 2017 you can get 15% off your purchase from Eugene & Gatsby by using the discount code: CeeCeeSparkles at checkout!


*Fun Fact: My favorite is the Frankie, whats yours?



My Costume Wigs

Halloween is fast approaching and you know what Halloween means – COSTUMES! It doesn’t matter how old you are, dressing up on Halloween (or heck, all throughout October!!) is always fun and really adds to your Halloween/October/festive experience. While we are on the topic, lets talking about upping your Halloween Costume game. I have the perfect answer for you.

My Costume Wigs


*i was given permission by My Costume Wigs to use these images from their website*

My Costume Wigs is a great, friendly company that sells a huge variety of costume wigs. They are dedicated to making your purchasing process easy and seamless, their Customer Service is awesome and their products are fantastic! One of My Costume Wigs great wigs could inspire a costume or it can be the perfect finishing touch to an already planned costume. I also feel it necessary to say that these wigs fit. I have a big head and very thick hair and I can still get the wigs on (though it can take some work) with the help of a wig cap, which they also sell. As an added bonus, when you visit the site you just might recognize one of their models!:)

Make sure you check them out before Halloween so you can make your costume that much better! You know you want to.





Stadium of Fire

Let it be known, I LOVE July. I love months that have really family-oriented holidays and lots of fun activities. I especially love any excuse to make my family all matchy matchy and any 4th of July holiday is just that.


We started July off with a bang by going to Stadium of Fire on July 2nd. My youngest sister is a crazy amazing dancer and was one of the specialty dancers for the performance so we went to watch/support her. As per usual, she rocked it. Thats not even shocking anymore. She’s just that cool. At the end of the event there are huge fireworks that so many people gather to see — they aren’t Disney fireworks, but they are still really amazing. Tim McGraw was the headlining performer at Stadium of Fire and that was the cherry on top of the awesome evening. Wild Man and I sang along to his songs and cute little H slept. Yeah, he slept through 80% of a Tim McGraw concert and huge, loud fireworks! He cracks us up. This boy sticks to his nighttime schedule no matter what!


We have been to several Stadium of Fire’s now (my sisters have danced in a few) and this was definitely my favorite one – Wild Man agrees. It was a great night with great music, great dancers and great fireworks. I love this time of year.




#ootd: Camo

The majority of my friends have baby girls. I LOVE having my baby boy and would never dream of changing it – but one thing I’ve always been a little jealous about is when moms and daughters match/coordinate. I decided to stop being bummed that I can’t match H though and then decided to make it work with me and my boy. We never really match, but we are able to coordinate a lot. Before H was born I found this little camo onesie from Old Navy and I couldn’t wait for him to be able to fit in to it. Now that he does, every time he wears it I wear my camo leggings. It just makes me feel happy, it makes me feel like I’m on top of things. (also do me a favor though and look past my crazy hair-d0)




Valentine’s Day

I so wanted to post my V-day post on Valentine’s Day, maybe even before. But obviously that didn’t happen. We have been busy and sometimes that means my blog has to take a backseat – ugh. But hopefully I’m going to be organized enough now where I can post more frequently again. Time will tell..

Our Valentine’s was just lovely. We attended church with Wild Man’s family to be there in support of his dad getting a new calling. Then we went to Wild Man’s families house for several hours. It was my families week for Sunday dinner so then we headed there (a whole five houses away) and I made chicken enchiladas. We had a small little party and exchanged a couple gifts and spent the rest of the evening socializing and enjoying one anothers company.

Wild Man and I opted out of gifts this year. We just dropped some serious money on The Little Captain’s birth and we have another exciting, big purchase (news on that, soon) in our close future so we decided our gifts would be the joy of being with each other and our cute rolly polly baby.


ceecees outfit: button-up: american eagle | skirt: downeast | tights: h&m | shoes: target

wild mans outfit: suit: macys | white shirt: h&m | tie: jcrew | shoes: macys

the captains outfit: button-up onesie: gymboree | blue blanket: gifted | white swaddle: swaddle designs 



12 Outfits of Christmas: Church/Par-tay

I neglected day eight yesterday. Right now The Captain SCREAMS if he is put down for more than 10 seconds and he was just fussier than usual so I just didn’t make the time for a cute outfit. I considered posting pictures of the simple outfit I had on, but after I was pooped, pottied and spit up on several times I gave up on the whole outfit of the day, entirely.

But I am making up for yesterday by posting two outfits today.

The first is a look I’d wear for church or maybe a fancy Christmas party. These are two pieces of my wardrobe I’ve always been particularly fond of. The skirt is especially Christmas-y, to me. The red plus gold accents just screams holiday festivities, does it not??


peplum blouse: gifted {probably Macys} – skirt: The Nest on Main – booties: Target

The second outfit is also one I would consider for a Christmas party or a night out to dinner – something fun where you just feel that much better about being all dressed up. I love this outfit because it looks a bit more dressed up, but is still super comfy – and you know I’m all about being comfy. You can’t tell in these pictures, but that sweater is also sparkly. Bonus!


And a little appearance by my sweet FOUR WEEK old!! (where does time go??)


sweater: Gap – scarf: Gap – trousers: Target – flats: Target



12 Outfits of Christmas: Basically Jammies


Day number sevens outfit for 12 Outfits of Christmas, I’m naming: I WANT TO BE IN DISNEYLAND. I don’t even care that right now its insanely busy. I want to be there. Today my family left for the magical place and its making my house/couch seem a lot less fun. So I decided the least I could do was channel Disney whilst getting dressed this morning. It doesn’t really help my jealousy, but I do at least feel a tiny bit better knowing I’m rocking my girl, Minnie Mouse.


This is a sweater I got at the Disney Store two years ago. It was bought at the park but was returned to the Disney Store. Its a size XXL, which isn’t my size, but it was so cute I literally could not leave the store without it. The sleeves are too long and too baggy for my liking, but its so cute that I’m able to look past it.

The sweat pants I’m wearing are so comfy. I got them for Christmas several years ago and they’re often my go-to comfy pants. They aren’t always super flattering (like today I’m noticing – oops) but ohhhh the comfort.

Also, MICKEY MOUSE SLIPPERS because I’m probably not going out today so I’ll be in these babies all day.


I also wanted to feature this not-so-happy-camper. He looks super cute today in his Coolest Baby Ever shirt and his little grey sweatpants. But maybe he wasn’t as big of a fan of the outfit. That, or he was really hungry. (don’t worry, he was fed right after the pictures)

sweater: Disney Store – sweat pants: Gap – slippers: Disney Store

captains onesie: Target – sweat pants: Target – socks & mittens: (you guessed it) Target



12 Outfits of Christmas: Comfy Sweater

My number one favorite Fall/Winter/Holiday clothing piece? Sweaters. A couple months ago my mom found these awesome oversized sweaters online at Old Navy and we both jumped onboard and ordered a couple. I was able to wear this sweater as a maternity top even when I was a big nine months pregnant, so it scored some serious bonus points for me. Its soft, comfortable and cute and can be dressed up and dressed down. Today I paired it with another pair of black leggings and some old black boots.


sweater: Old Navy – leggings: Gap – boots: Famous Footwear



12 Outfits of Christmas: Christmas Shopping


I knew when I took on this 12 Outfits of Christmas challenge that on one of those days I had to wear this shirt. Do you have that one shirt that you just love? I do – and this is that shirt. During the end of my pregnancy I found myself actually missing being able to wear this shirt and it was one of the first shirts I wore when we were home from the hospital. It was a Christmas or birthday gift from Wild Man a couple years back from one of my favorite little boutiques called, The Nest on Main. Its such a comfy shirt and I just feel like 99% more confident and awesome when I wear it. I also did my hair in a messy half bun and put on a decent face of make up. I felt good, guys. I like getting ready every once in a while.


Thankfully I took these pictures when I did because not too much longer after these pictures were snapped, I was changing Captain’s diaper and not only was I tinkled on, I was also pooped on. It was a mess and I ended up looking like I’d wet my own pants. It was so glamorous. The two of us had to strip down and get in new clothes, stat, so I’m glad I was able to catch the look before it was covered in my sons business. Cute little guy.

Also, it was a stripe day.


shirt: The Nest on Main – jeans: American Eagle – flats: Target

Captain’s one piece: Carter’s



12 Outfits of Christmas: Out On the Town

For day number four of 12 Outfits of Christmas I decided to do a look that would work (for me) for going out shopping, out to eat, etc. Its casual but still a little dressed up.


I didn’t actually go out when I wore this outfit except for a doctors appointment for The Little Captain. The poor little guy had a rough day and just needed more snuggles and loving so we spent most of our day at home on the couch — and it was heaven. Nothing beats baby snuggles.


shirt: Gap – cardigan: DownEast – jeans: American Eagle – socks: Gap