Spiritual Sunday: Mom-Love

Sometimes being a mom is really, really hard. Not for the reason you automatically think though. Its not because my kids are hard – I’m actually very fortunate to have two good, very well mannered boys. I’m lucky. Its hard because I make it hard. Its taken me a while to admit that I’m the reason I feel the way I do sometimes. Its not always hard, but lately its hard a lot of the time. I know without a doubt that its because I AM SO DANG HARD ON MYSELF. I expect myself to be strong and tough and perfect and flexible and able to function while spreading myself thin. I have this vision of a ‘perfect’ mother and for some reason I get caught up in expecting myself to be that mom. That mom that 100% does not exist.

Am I the only one like this? I sure hope not. I tell myself I’m not. Thats why I’m doing this post. In case there are other moms who get stuck in this rut of mom guilt and being really, really, really hard on yourself and you need a boost. Maybe I can be a small little boost for you.

When I’m needing my own boost I typically turn to words. In writing and venting it out, yes, but also reading other peoples words. I’m all about inspirational, uplifting quotes and scriptures that instill hope. Over the last couple weeks of battling my mom-demons I’ve compiled my own list of moral boosting quotes and I’ll be sharing them here today with you guys. I hope at least one can make you feel a little lighter and more confident in yourself. Because ladies, we as moms are freaking awesome. There is no reason for us to be so hard on ourselves. As long as we love our children, ourselves and are doing the best we can – then we are being good mamas. Promise. Easier said than done, I get it. But for real. We are good and we are strong and amazing and everything our children need.

“God will be as close to us as we will have him.”

-Marvin J. Ashton-

“Now when our hearts were depressed and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren the Laminates and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.”

-Alma 26:27-

“We learn and grow and become stronger as we face and survive the trials through which we must pass.”

-President Thomas S. Monson-

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

-Jeremiah 29:13-

“She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished. How beautiful it was that she always chose herself.”

-Tyler Kent White-

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

-Isaiah 4:10-

“Your prayers for those in need are heard and answered by a loving God. He neither slumbers nor does he sleep.”

-Henry B. Eyring-



One of My Favorites…

Great news. General Conference is right around the corner. September 30-October 1st, to be exact.

As I’ve been preparing for the upcoming Conference I was trying to decide what my current favorite talk has been. Obviously they’re all amazing and inspired, but some just hit you in a stronger, more powerful way. Quite a few have done this for me but I can’t help but think of one in particular.

It was a talk by Elder Holland in October of 2015. It was titled, “Behold Thy Mother.” When this talk was given I was 8 months pregnant with my first child so I remember listening so intently because I wanted all the council I could get in hopes of becoming a good mom to my son. The talk not only inspired me and made me cry my eyes out, but it has planted itself in my brain so much that I have found myself going back and reading it at least once a month, if not more, to check in on myself and see if I’m being the mom I want to be.

Today I’m just going to share a few of my favorite snips of this talk. Really, I should just share the whole thing because its all incredible. But I’m going to shorten it a little to my favorite, most inspiring quotes. But if you want to read the whole talk (you do, i promise) then you can find it here.

“No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child.”

“It is not only that they bear us, but they continue bearing with us.”

“Maternal love has to be divine. There is no other explanation for it. What mothers do is an essential element in Christ’s work.”

“To all mothers everywhere, past, present or future, I say, “Thank you. Thank you for giving birth, for shaping souls, for forming character, and for demonstrating the pure love of Christ.””




I get really, really caught up in things that I know better than to get wrapped up in. I start thinking the way I dress, the make up I buy and wear, the way I do my hair, the way I present myself and the state of my house is super important. I allow myself to believe that some of the most vital things are if the laundry is done, the floors are swept and mopped and if my home somehow doesn’t look like I have a hyper one year-old living in it when I actually do. Oh and don’t forget how important it is to be emotionally stable at all times and ensure that everything in your life is happy, bright and shiny. Of course its completely impossible to attain this kind of lifestyle, but somehow I still find myself in ruts when I strive to be that ‘perfect’ person with a ‘perfect’ life and so on.

Thank goodness Heavenly Father has His ways of reminding you very quickly that there are things SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. Sometimes He reminds you in gentle, soft ways and other times He reminds you in loud, scary, earth shaking ways. But He always gets His point across and the reminder is blatantly there.

Not very long ago I got my reminder. It wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last, but it was a reminder unlike one I have every had in my life. It brought with it a lot of fear, worry and uncertainty, but it also brought an insane amount of miracles, blessings and life lessons like you wouldn’t believe. Its always weird to say you’re thankful for a trial (especially when you’re in the midst of it) but when you finally are able to even start getting the smallest glimpses of the bigger picture its amazing what you’re able to see and realize how much you have grown and how much growing you still have ahead of you. I think thats the stage I am in right now. There is a long road of understanding and comprehending ahead, but I have seen glimpses and I have already seen blessings and lessons surface and even though its easy to get swept up in ‘why me?’ and ‘this is terrible’ its kind of awesome to see what the Lord has in store for me and my family and our friends because of the trials He gives.

In short, if your house is messy and your dishes aren’t done and theres a pile of dirty laundry in your room – there is a lot more things of much greater importance that are in your life. If you didn’t do your hair or make up and you’re wearing dirty clothes, its not the end of the world. There are much more important things. If your home was left messy because you were spending time with your family or offering service to someone in need – in my opinion you’ve chosen the right task. Family, service, love and being there for one another is so much greater than vacuuming and making your bed every morning. I’m not saying your home can now turn into a disaster though. I just can’t stop thinking about how much more people are than what your house looks like. Priorities get mixed up I think. And also, its ok to cry! Its ok to be miserable and be confused. Its ok to tell people you aren’t happy and your heart is heavy. Its ok to show people that your life isn’t perfect. Its ok to fall apart sometimes and be raw and real and ask people for help and prayers. You don’t have to be perfect! Ever! Because no one is or every will be. I think its better if we embrace how messy and weird life is.

…can you tell I have a lot on my mind and have no idea how to properly voice it?

This is probably so jumbled and may not make any sense at all. But I have been feeling a lot of things lately and I just really felt like I wanted to share this and remind you guys we aren’t given challenges we can’t handle and we are given trials to learn from and grow from. I also want to remind you to be kind and respect people. Keep in mind you never know what they’re going through and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Say I love you, give support, lend a helping hand and don’t shy away from service. Let people vent to you, be a shoulder to cry on and never let people forget you are there for them. We are here to help each other, to love each other and to travel together on this journey. I’m grateful for those people in my life, for you reading this and especially for my wonderful family.



Spiritual Sunday: Love at Home


Being a mother and a wife is such a special, sacred calling. I feel like I have this incredible responsibility to make sure my husband and children are happy, loved and nurtured. A reoccurring job wives and mothers often hear they need to implement in their home is assuring that it is a place where love is felt and the spirit is strong, making it a sanctuary and a place of refuge. This thought is quite daunting, but I also feel so honored to have this task placed upon me. I want my husband to come home from work and my children to come home from school or play and feel the spirit in our home and I want them to know how loved and cherished they are. As I have been thinking about this lately I have been setting some goals for myself on ways to make sure our home is full of love and full of the spirit.

  • Say morning prayers, evening prayers and lots of prayers in between – blessing the food, prayer for others, family prayer, etc
  • Make sure the scriptures are read daily by everyone in the home
  • Keep the house clean, organized, bright and happy
  • I love the quote, “there should be no yelling in the home unless there is a fire” – I want to be a wife and mother who doesn’t yell and who is still able to keep order without raising my voice
  • We will hold weekly Family Home Evening
  • We will treat all our family members as equals
  • I can pray as a mother and ask that our home be blessed with the spirit and with love

These are just a few simple things, but I truly believe that as we really make sure to hold ourselves to these goals that our home will be a place of love, happiness and most importantly, a place where the spirit dwells.



Spiritual Sunday: My Favorite Primary Song

Its been too long since I have done a Spiritual Sunday post. Sometimes I feel like these posts are kind of annoying, but recently I’ve reminded myself that I can be a force for good and I can spread a little joy on my tiny corner of the internet that maybe, even for a second can make someone feel happiness – and I feel like a good way I can do this is through my Sunday posts.


Because I am a Pinterest-addict and also pin a lot of LDS stuff, I come across a lot of neat LDS quotes. The other night I found this one and I literally felt my heart burst with warmth. It was a quote from my favorite primary song – my all time favorite church song. The song is called, A Childs Prayer and the lyrics are:

“Heavenly Father, are you really there? And do you hear and answer every childs prayer? Some say that heaven is far away, but I feel it close around me as I pray. Heavenly Father, I remember now, something that Jesus told disciples long ago – ‘suffer the children to come to me’, Father, in prayer I’m coming now to thee.

Pray, he is there. Speak, he is listening. You are His child, His love now surrounds you. He hears your prayers. He loves the children. Of such is the kingdom, the kingdom of Heaven.”

I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers. But for whatever reason as I read this quote I was reminded of just how incredible that is. I have a Father in heaven who loves me, cares for me, wants the best for me, has an incredible plan of happiness for me and who genuinely listens to my prayers – no matter how repetitive, obnoxious, anxiety-filled, depressing or worldly they are — and He answers them (in his own time and way of course)! I am so blessed. The Gospel is so good and I am so, so very thankful for my Heavenly Father who does hear everyones prayers, who is close to me especially as I pray and who loves me.



Spiritual Sunday: Direction is Better Than Speed


I don’t know if its this way for everyone, but for me at least, its easy to get discouraged when it comes to progressing spiritually. There are times where I am rocking it. I’m not just reading my scriptures, I’m studying them, I’m not saying simple prayers, I’m putting my heart, soul and lots of faith into them, I read General Conference talks, daily, I enforce Family Home Evening in my home once a week, I encourage family prayer and scripture study and just feel like I’m doing everything right. But then there are times where I’m so spiritually lazy. It isn’t because my testimony has faltered at all, I have ill feelings towards the church or don’t agree with something the church has said or asked me to do… Its just that I can truly be lazy. I go days without reading my scriptures, my prayers are short and routine. I know I can do better — so much better, in these instances.

Lately whenever I feel as if I’m not doing the 10,000 things I need to do in order to be a good member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints, I have found the quote from Larry R. Lawrence to be incredibly helpful and assist in putting things back into perspective for me and giving me hope and a boost I need. The quote says, “To Him, our direction is more important than our speed.” I am so thankful Elder Lawrence was inspired to say this phrase in General Conference because it has lifted me up on so many occasions since then. Maybe I am not progressing at lightning speed or as fast as whoever I am currently comparing myself to or even half as fast as them, but as long as I am not standing still or doing nothing at all, I’m still headed the right direction! And that is enough for Heavenly Father.



Spiritual Sunday: Hymn #224

“I have work enough to do, ere the sun goes down. For myself and kindred too, ere the sun goes down. Ev’ry idle whisper stilling with a purpose firm and willing, all my daily tasks fulfilling, ere the sun goes down.

I must speak the loving word, ere the sun goes down. I must let my voice be heard, ere the sun goes down. Ev’ry cry of pity heeding for the injured interceding, to the light and lost ones leading, ere the sun goes down.

As I journey on my way, ere the sun goes down. God’s commands I must obey, ere the sun goes down. There are sins that need confessing, there are wrongs that need redressing. If I would obtain the blessing, ere the sun goes. down.”

-I Have Work Enough to Do (Hymn #224 in the LDS Hymnal)

Several weeks ago in Relief Society this song was our closing hymn. I don’t feel like this is a widely well-known church hymn, yet I know I’ve sang it so many times before. But this day as I sang it, it really struck something in me. I’ve never paid attention to the words before like I did this time, and guys? This is a really good song.

Particular lines that really stood out to me:

“I have work enough to do…for myself and kindred too…”

“I must speak the loving word”

“As I journey on my way…God’s commands I must obey…”

“There are sins that need confessing, there are wrongs that need redressing”

I love when you’re singing a hymn and the words really mean something to you. I felt like as I listened to these words I was able to set a few new goals for myself. I need to spend my days working for me and my family and spend a lot less time in front of the tv or mindlessly doing things that really don’t matter. I need to make sure I am speaking kindly and lovingly to everyone – not just those who are easy to speak that way to. I need to obey the council we are given and always be mindful of heeding to the Commandments. Every night I want to use the atonement in my life and repent of the sins I’ve committed no matter how big or small and strive to be a better person.

This is a short post here, but I strongly encourage you to read through some hymns or really pay attention next time hymns are sung – those words are powerful and pack some powerful messages.

Have a  happy Sunday!



Spiritual Sunday: Earthly Angels

angels 2 16x20

After posting my last Spiritual Sunday (that was actually posted on Monday…) I almost immediately knew what I wanted the following weeks message to be.

Our earthly angels.

We have earthly angels literally everywhere, all around us. But this week I was made especially aware of four that really stood out to me and made me so grateful for the blessing that these people are in my life. These four angels I’ve been particularly aware of this week are four incredible women who I really hope I can turn out like. My momma, both of my grandmas and a friend.

My momma. I genuinely feel bad for the people in the world who don’t know my mom. If I allowed myself, this post could go on for hours as I gush about what an amazing woman she is – but I’ll spare you of that time commitment and keep it short-ish. My mom has always been so giving, humble and full to the brim of service. She has three daughters and has always, always, always put us and our happiness first. She works so hard to make sure that we are happy and living a good life. This past week I’ve really been thinking about how she is one of those who won’t necessarily get up in your face and tell you her testimony or bear her soul to you about how she feels about the gospel – but she is one who rather than telling you, will show you. Her actions, deeds and big, selfless heart immediately teach you that she is a woman of God and lives a good life. I think this is one of the best qualities to have. I always remember hearing that quote that goes something like, words are nothing without action. That is my mom. She doesn’t just say she’ll do something – she does that something. I’ve also been overwhelmed with her kind and giving heart as we’ve prepared for Baby Boy. She has helped us so much. There are countless outfits in his dresser, accessories in his bedroom and other necessities for baby and me that she has bought us. It is really so helpful and lightens the weight on our shoulders significantly as we stress out (ok, the stress is mostly me) about making sure everything is perfect and ready for when the little guy comes. She is my constant earthly angel who teaches me how to be a good mother, friend and member of the church. She has also taught me so much about service and giving.

My Grandma. Both of my grandmas are being highlighted in this post. This particular one is my dads mom. You will never meet a more happy, optimistic, glass-half-full (more like overflowing) person. I always leave her presence feeling rejuvenated, happy and full of goals to be a happier person. Last Monday, Wild Man and I went to visit my grandparents who don’t live too far from us. My sweet grandpa struggles with some health issues and was already in bed, so it was just us and grandma. Wild Man asked her how grandpa was doing. She gave us the quick update (luckily he’s been having some good days, but is still tired, hurting, etc) but then before the mood could drop, she said, “but we are SO blessed!” She then proceeded to tell us of all the blessings in their lives and how she sees the Lords hand everywhere. This then led to an amazing story of how she converted to the church and her beautiful, strong testimony. It was incredible and Wild Man and I both felt so blessed and fortunate to have been there to hear her say these amazing things. I was completely uplifted by her – even more than usual. I was made very aware that she is absolutely one of my earthly angels who has given me an incredible example of steadfast faith to follow and strive for.

My Grandma. This grandma is my momma’s mom. My moms a wonderful person and there is no doubt in my mind she got many of her traits from her own mother. My grandma lives in Idaho and we don’t see her nearly as much as we’d like to, but it makes me extra thankful for the times I do get to see her and my grandpa. As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach I always find myself looking forward to seeing them when they come out to Utah to see us. My grandma has always been an example to me of being the person that always has it together. Her house is always perfectly clean, she makes delicious meals, she sews and her projects always turn out perfectly, she is always on top of things and though I’m sure she’d say she isn’t really… She at least is more so than most everyone else. I’m also inspired by her health. She cares for her body physically and mentally and I really hope I can be that same way. As I sit here and think about her and the fun conversations we always have and the sweet little gifts she always provides her family, I can’t help but feel so grateful that she is my grandma and that she loves me. She is on of my earthly angels because she inspires me to always do my best and care for everything I do.

My Friend. I have a lot of friends who could fit into this category of being my earthly angel. This friend in particular is the girl who does my lashes. I’ve known her for several years now and I genuinely enjoy the time I get to spend with her. She is an Esthetician and a Cosmetologist. Two of the most gossip and drama-filled professions out there, I’d say. Being an Esthetician myself, I know how easy it can be to be sucked into talking about negative, non-uplifting subjects with clients. But this woman in particular just never does. Every time I’ve seen her we’ve had a discussion about the gospel, we happily talk about our families, we help each other set goals to be better people and we are able to uplift each other and make each other feel better at the end of the appointment than we did at the beginning. I give complete credit to her and her willingness and eagerness to bring the spirit into the room and to share her thoughts and insight about the gospel. She is an earthly angel to me because she inspires me to bring the same uplifting spirit into my spa, and to always stay on the positive side while in conversations and discussions.

Obviously I have soooooooooo many more earthly angels. But these are the ones who really stood out to me this week and left me feeling inspired and eager to make changes in myself for the better. I’m so thankful for these people. I’m thankful Heavenly Father has sent us angels here on earth to help us, guide us, inspire us and be examples to us.



“We were not placed on this earth to walk alone.” -Thomas S. Monson

Spiritual Sunday: Beware of Pride

I love my Primary calling. Working with kids and helping them understand the gospel is so much fun, but this week when I was told I could have the week off from Primary and go to Relief Society, instead, I was way more excited than I thought I would be to go back. Its fun to sit in a room full of women who are friends, who are fun to talk to and who tell you what a cute pregnant lady you are 😉 Oh, except this cute girl who has a one-month old baby wet her pants during the lesson and now I have a legitimate fear of doing the same thing sometime after Baby Boy is born. But if it does, I hope I can handle it as classily as she did – seriously I’m impressed. And also terrified of my future control over my bladder.

Our lesson in Relief Society was one of those where as soon as I heard the title I was like, oh this is no coincidence that I’m here and not in Primary for this lesson. It was a lesson I needed to hear and I’m thankful I did.

Beware of Pride.

We started the lesson with writing characteristics of a prideful person on the board. Some of which were:

  • Selfish
  • Egotistical
  • Compares self to others
  • Not open to criticism
  • Disobedient
  • Impatient
  • Judgemental
  • Greedy
  • Not happy for others
  • etc, etc, etc

I immediately and unfortunately identified with a few of these.

Compares self to others. Not open to criticism. Impatient.

I’m sure I have plenty of other characteristics of a prideful person because I am far from perfect and becoming a humble, wonderful person is still a work in progress for me. However I’m also thankful to know I do also possess some characteristics of a humble person, too (does that make me even more prideful in saying that??) But as per usual in this gospel, there is always, always, always room for improvement and growth.

I compare myself to others. Sometimes I do it in a way thats only hurtful for me and brings my self esteem down, but I’m also very good at comparing myself to others to build myself up. Its not like I make these rude comparisons to others faces, but I know Heavenly Father can hear my thoughts – so its only hurting myself when I compare myself to others in any way.

I am not open to criticism. I like to think I’m doing the very best I can (usually). I like to think I’m almost perfect (ha!) and I like to think if there are changes I need to make in myself, then I will be the one to address them. So when people decide to ‘criticize’ me and give me their opinions/suggestions, etc, I can get a little bugged by it.

I am impatient. Pregnancy has especially reminded me of this prideful characteristic I have. I don’t like waiting for things. I want time to pass so much quicker than it typically does (I know one day i’ll regret saying that) or I want things to move according to my own timeline. Especially now with two weeks left until my due date, I’m feeling extra impatient. This is probably my worst struggle.

We then discussed how having these attributes can really halt your spiritual progression, keep you from blessings, keep you from blessing others and cause the gospel to not work fully in your life. Instant guilt. So of course as I sat there in my seat trying to silently eat a snack I’d brought myself, I began setting a long list of goals for myself so I can be better.

After talking about that more discouraging topic, the teacher asked us to change the words on the board from characteristics of a prideful person to characteristics of a humble person. The changes were made to words such as:

  • Selfless
  • Complimentary
  • Boosts others up
  • Takes advice/instruction openly without getting offended
  • Obedient
  • Patient
  • Long suffering
  • Giving
  • Service-oriented
  • Empathetic
  • Can be happy for others successes, promotions, good news..
  • Etc, etc, etc

Then the lesson took a change and you could tell all the women were eager and excited to take these attributes and apply them into their daily lives. I for one, was very eager to work on my patience, taking advice from others without getting offended and boosting others up. It got me all excited. I know I don’t have to master all these humble characteristics in this one week, but they can all be a work in progress and I really hope I can hold myself accountable to really striving to be a humble, more Christ-like person.

Our teacher then ended the lesson by encouraging us to approach our spouse, parents, siblings, someone close to you and asking them to honestly tell you what they think you could work on when it comes to being prideful. She said its very eye opening to see yourself from the point of view from someone close to you, who’s opinion you value. I’ll admit, when I first heard this challenge, I thought NO WAY, because surely whatever Wild Man or my family told me would upset me and then I’d defend myself.. But then I realized its giving me the perfect opportunity to work on not being offended easily and taking criticism openly. Just like that I have the chance to start on these goals. Now I just need to get in the right mindset to ask.. So wish me luck on that, please.



Spiritual Sunday: Just Be Nice

We are going to be short today and I plan on letting my quote I chose for todays Spiritual Sunday do most of the talking:IMG_2697

Just be nice. Give service. Love one another. Lets all help each other out. We all have the same goal to be the best people we can be and we have the power to help others as they strive towards that goal. Be as Christ-like as you can and always be on the lookout for someone in need – then help them. I’m trying to be better at this. I want to be known for the service I give and the helping hand I offer. Try it with me?



“In the service of the Lord, its not where you serve, but how.” -Elder Edward Dube