Summer Lovin’


We have been having the best summer. Babies make everything more fun – even hot, lazy days. Yesterday The Captain and I were inside our house all day long. I was getting a lot of house work, baking and cooking done and we never went outside. Usually I take H out with me to water the grass, flowers and garden but I did it while he was napping this time. When Wild Man got home from work H and I were both bursting with cabin fever and we needed out. I decided on a walk and Wild Man mentioned going to see the ducks. We live very close to a creek and the creek and the houses surrounding it are always littered with ducks (and some of the cutest baby ducks!!) so we thought it would be fun to walk over there and let H watch the water and see some ducks. It was such a fun outing and fixed our cabin fever right up. Watching my cute boy watch the water was my favorite. He is such a water baby.


Speaking of water baby – we have been spending a lot of time at my parents pool, too. Every Friday I have a Mommy and Baby Pool Club and I literally look forward to it all week. On top of that we are over swimming many days out of the week. We live close to my parents so there is really no excuse not to.


On the 4th of July we had a big, family pool party with my family, Wild Man’s family and our sister-in-laws family. It was so much fun having everyone there and eating all the delicious desserts people brought. I think those are my three favorite things about summer, honestly. Family time. Family activities. Food.




Stadium of Fire

Let it be known, I LOVE July. I love months that have really family-oriented holidays and lots of fun activities. I especially love any excuse to make my family all matchy matchy and any 4th of July holiday is just that.


We started July off with a bang by going to Stadium of Fire on July 2nd. My youngest sister is a crazy amazing dancer and was one of the specialty dancers for the performance so we went to watch/support her. As per usual, she rocked it. Thats not even shocking anymore. She’s just that cool. At the end of the event there are huge fireworks that so many people gather to see — they aren’t Disney fireworks, but they are still really amazing. Tim McGraw was the headlining performer at Stadium of Fire and that was the cherry on top of the awesome evening. Wild Man and I sang along to his songs and cute little H slept. Yeah, he slept through 80% of a Tim McGraw concert and huge, loud fireworks! He cracks us up. This boy sticks to his nighttime schedule no matter what!


We have been to several Stadium of Fire’s now (my sisters have danced in a few) and this was definitely my favorite one – Wild Man agrees. It was a great night with great music, great dancers and great fireworks. I love this time of year.






This year is going by so fast. I can’t believe its already July! I know its been summer for a few weeks now, but to me July really begins summer. Lots of sunshine, lots of pool time, lots of sunburns (i’m not one of those lucky ones who tan), lots of time spent outdoors, lots of fun.

We are in a busy phase of life so we don’t really have anything big or exciting planned – yet – this month, but I’m sure we’ll find some ways to plug some fun into the month as we go.

This month I’ve set a few new goals of myself:

  • We have a few elderly neighbors who I have long adored from afar. They seriously are adorable and I’ve told Wild Man millions of times I want to be their best friends. I think this month is the time to begin these friendships. I want to serve them, visit them, help them where they may need it, etc.
  • My house is clean, organized and feels so good – I’m hoping to keep it this way. I’m also going to be a lot better at keeping to my daily cleaning schedule that I’ve really fallen away from in June.
  • New recipes. Why does Summer seem like a good time to try out all these new dinner and dessert recipes?
  • I haven’t missed a day of reading scriptures in a really long time. But I know I can still do better, so this month I’m going to start really studying the scriptures, not just reading them. I want to get as much out of them as possible.
  • Heres a fun fact: I can’t swim. Well, I guess I sort of can now. I’ve been taking lessons (from my husband, mom and sisters) and I’m getting better! I’m going to perfect it this month.
  • I need to eat healthier and exercise more. Just like every other month of my life. Maybe this will be the month that I finally have enough self control to master this. Maybe.

I hope you have a safe, fun July!!