Weekly Happy


One: The other day I sent a Snapchat to Wild Man that was of me holding H while he slept. Wild Man responded with, “I wish I could hold him when he naps,” and it was one of those things that kind of struck me. Like I’m really lucky that my ‘job’ is to hold the worlds cutest baby while he falls asleep and spend pretty much 24/7 with him. Sometimes its really nice to be reminded of how fortunate and blessed I am.

Two: You know Costco’s giant muffins? Lately I’ve had a deep obsession with them. The chocolate ones are everything to me and don’t tell me they aren’t healthy – I don’t care. They make me happier than any other food currently so I will keep proudly devouring them.

Three: Its Prom season and I have had the cutest high school girls coming into my spa to get lash extensions, brow waxing, etc and its so much fun!

Four: Disney planning. I’ll leave it at that for now. (woo!!)

Five: H is at such a fun stage. All the sudden he’s acting so much older and more mature. His personality has always been strong but its coming out even bigger and bolder now and I love it. He’s getting even better at reading people and knows the exact moment when someone could use a kiss or a snuggle. He is a little joy and is honestly happy 98% of the time (that 2% is while we are at church, i swear) and we are just smitten by this funny little dude.



Weekly Happy

This week? This week was so good.

One: On Saturday we went to the zoo and it was so much fun. H was a dream baby and loved looking at all the exhibits with different animals. The weather was so perfect and the animals were active. It was just the three of us and it couldn’t have been more wonderful. It was bonding, exciting and so much fun. I’m so glad Wild Man had the idea to get out of the house and do something fun!


Two: We saw Beauty and the Beast on Thursday. It was as beautiful and magical as I hoped it would be. Emma Watson was an awesome Belle.

Three: I found out my favorite cracker (Cheez It Grooves in Sharp White Cheddar) come in a family size box. Laugh at me all you want on this one, I have no shame. These crackers are the best and have probably changed my life in some way.

Four: I ordered several new face masks from Ulta and got them in the mail a few days ago. I have only tried a few but so far LOVE them and am anxious to try the rest. Skin care is way too fun and way too addicting for me.

Five: My hair is growing! A year and four days ago I chopped my hair pretty short. It was a lob and the longest part barely hit my collarbone. I loved the cut, but once I decided I was going to grow it out, I felt like my hair was barely moving. The other day I found the picture of the day I cut it and compared it to now – its actually grown quite a bit in one year! Hooray for progress!



Weekly Happy

One: The weather the last few days has been a dream. H and I have spent most of our hours outside in our yard, throwing rocks, chasing neighborhood dogs, watching cars drive by, climbing up and down the porch stairs (big hit), taking pictures and examining every leaf and speck of dirt on our property. Its been the greatest and it has refreshed me. I feel more sane, more happy and just so much better than I’ve felt recently.


Two: I’m getting back into the swing of things since falling away from any plan or organization. I know sometimes you just can’t help that you lose control of everything, but its a pain when that does happen. Finally, I am getting back on track, getting back on my house cleaning schedule, my diligent planner-writing, etc. It feels good and I feel like its making my heart a little lighter.

Three: People are SO good. Its easy (for me at least) to dwell on the mean people and the people who aren’t making life easier for anyone. But the last few weeks have reminded me about how the majority of the world is amazing. There are good people in my life who will drop everything to serve. Its incredible.

Four: Homemade Sweet Potato fries have come into my life this week and my world is forever changed.

Five: I realized this morning how happy Instagram makes me (usually). I love seeing peoples lives through little square pictures and I love that I follow people who post the real stuff along with the fancy stuff. I especially love baby posts.



Weekly Happy

If you’ve read my blog for even a couple weeks then you know this month…has not been my month. Its just been blah and theres no real reason why. So I’m actually glad I get to focus on some things that made my week good. Its good to be reminded that good things happen even when you don’t realize it in the moment.

One: I actually love the winter, but I see why winter/snow is hard for parents now. All H wants to do is go play outside and its usually way too cold! We’re itching for warmer weather. So we were really happy a few days ago when the weather was just warm enough for a half hour in a nearby park with my sister!


Two: My husband doesn’t get enough credit. He makes me incredibly happy. I don’t think he even knows he does it, but he lifts my spirits almost instantaneously and I couldn’t be more grateful for that trait. He is a light in my life – a giant light of goofiness, sarcasm and laughter.

Three: Moana came out and I am in heaven. I’ve been anxiously looking forward to the day we could sit on our couch and watch this movie. (its on right now as i type this) Disney did an incredible job with this one. I love it all.

Four: I was thinking about my spa clients the other day and realized how lucky I am to have them. They genuinely make me happy. I’m very fortunate in that most of my clients are either previous or new friends. I’m a chatty person and I love getting to know people and when they’re getting their lashes done we have no choice but to chat for a good chunk of time and cheesy as it sounds, its an honor. I love catching up with old friends and getting to know new friends. For whatever reason people really open up in a spa setting and tell me a lot of things going on in their lives or things on their mind and I feel so lucky that they trust me enough to talk to me like this – and in turn I feel like I can talk to them this way too! I’m so lucky to be able to make money doing something I love so much with incredible people.

Five: Home videos are a huge reason to be happy. On Sunday Wild Man broke out some of the videos he made from previous Disney trips we have been on and it made me so happy. Grant it, it also made me depressed that I wasn’t in Disneyland, but it was so nice to watch our memories, and soak in all the magical goodness.



Weekly Happy

I have been meaning to start this forever and finally have. Every Saturday I am going to post about something/s that made me happy during the week. Its going to help me focus on positivity and be a way for me to reflect on my week and smile.

One: I got a whole bunch of new make up products and I LOVE all but one of them. Do you know how rare that is? I am beyond thrilled with this and now I have all these new ideas for new make up looks, I’m excited to try new techniques I’ve heard about and just super looking forward to playing with my new, pretty make up!

Two: H and I played with a couple different friends this past week. One play date was at our house and the other was at our friends. It felt so good to be social with an adult, to talk about our kids and to laugh as we watch our babies interact with each other. There is something so calming and therapeutic to me when I am with friends and we can just talk and laugh and whine. Its the best.

Three: Valentine’s Day was really fun. I set up a scavenger hunt for Wild Man and H to find H’s gifts (Wild Man and I opted out of gifts this year to save for some exciting things) and I loved watching them run around the house finding clues. H mostly was just interested in holding the clues after dad read them. His main Valentine’s Day gift was a Pua (from Moana) and it was love at first sight. He kept staring at Pua and smiling and giving him loves. It was the highlight of our day.


Four: H is kinda, sorta weening himself off of his second nap (thats definitely not my weekly happy) but there are still some days he’ll either fall asleep or just needs to have quiet time. Our most successful quiet time is usually when I turn all the lights off, turn on a movie for him, give him his binky, a blanket and his Mickey Mouse tsum-tsum pillow. But the other day Wild Man was home during quiet time and the two of them watched Toy Story. I laughed at how GLUED they both were to the movie. I love their friendship and how much they both adore each other.


Five: I’m going to be posting about this later in the week, but I have found this new motivation and confidence in me that I have apparently lost. I have realized I change myself to try and be like the people who’s blogs I read or who’s twitter accounts I follow and get embarrassed if I do things these certain people call annoying, dumb, etc. The other day I was thinking about this and slapped myself back into reality. I like who I am! I’m going to do me 100% again. As long as I am happy with myself and my actions and I’m doing what I feel is best for me and my family, no one else’s opinions should make me decide I need to change myself!

Thanks for reading along guys. I know I don’t have legions of followers like some bloggers, but I appreciate each and every one of you who do read, who like my Instagram pictures and who follow me along on Twitter. Its fun to make new friendships and be connected in that way.