First Birthday Party!


On November 20th The Captain turned one and it was such a special day. Our sweet boy was surrounded by family and was reminded of just how loved he is. We were so happy to spend the day with those we love most who all gathered to celebrate our big one year old! We had a fun Mickey Mouse themed party that thrilled the birthday boy (he loves anything with Mickey on it) and made the day even better. We had spaghetti (H’s favorite) for dinner with salad, garlic bread and frog eye salad for dinner. The food was delicious and I’m thankful for my mom and mother in law who helped so much with the meal.



I was hoping that H would get into the gift opening but he was only interested for a few presents then was more interested in crawling away or playing with wrapping paper. So a lot of it was forcing him to sit on my lap while I speed opened his gifts. Our cute little guy was so spoiled and despite the way he may have looked when some of the gifts were opened, he is really into everything he got. Anything that had Mickey on it or was any form of stuffed animal got a great reaction from him, especially.




My little sister made a little ‘photo booth’ for me that we had everyone use and take a picture with the birthday boy and we took pictures with my Instax picture. I am so excited with how these pictures turned out! It is a fun way to remember such a great day.



I was so, so excited when I had a client a few months ago tell me that he would love to bake  cake for H’s birthday party. He owns his own baking catering company and was more than happy to bring my cake vision to life with a great chocolate cake. He even added home made Italian vanilla ice cream! Wild Man and I were so grateful to him to take on this task. The cake was huge and turned out perfect and I’m sure it took so much time. What a great guy, right? Best of all, H loved it and it tasked divine. He also added the cute little yellow smiling candle because he said that every time he sees H, he makes him happy. It was such a sweet little addition.



My other little sister is quite the baker herself and offered to make the smash cake. It was a cute, small Mickey shaped chocolate cake with blue frosting. It turned out perfect! Watching H explore this cake was really funny. At first he wanted nothing to do with it then little by little he started taking bigger bites until finally he was taking fist full of cake and shoving them in his mouth.


And then he got real sick of the high chair and just wanted out…



It was an amazing day! I am humbled by how much love my son has from his family and how cared for he is. I love my sweet baby and can’t believe he’s already one!!



Magical Monday: Our First Time Together

When Wild Man and I went on our first date I remember telling him me and my family were Disney obsessed. We talked about that a little more and I went into some detail, but I don’t think he fully understood exactly what I meant when I said we took our Disney incredibly seriously. As we got to know each other better and he got to know my family better I think he slowly started to realize we were those crazy Disney people. I remember thinking he must really like me when he stared to read Walt Disney’s Autobiography. Maybe it was initially to impress me/my family, but he even admits it was really fascinating and his like of Disney grew a little. After dating several months my family was planning a Disneyland trip and we decided to invite Wild Man. He accepted and everyone was really excited – but little did he know this was a pretty big test for him! He had to prove that he could hang with us in Disneyland and have a good, happy, magical attitude about it! We’d all be paying close attention. The steaks were high.

I am very happy to say that he passed with flying colors. He loved it and I believe it sparked his love of Disney and was the beginning of helping him become one of us die-hards. I’m rather grateful for my Disney-lovin’ husband. Lucky me.

*Fun Fact: Lots of people predicted he’d propose to me on this trip. He didn’t.. He popped the question a few weeks later. 






Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Two days ago we put up our Christmas decorations and I really couldn’t be happier. Wild Man texted me in the morning and said we should put our stuff up and that throughout the week we should stop at our storage unit to grab loads of our Christmas decor (yes we have loads of it). I got so excited that I went a little overboard and brought everything home and decorated the entire house. Wild Man’s only request was that I leave the star for him to put on top of the tree. I think we both expected our star pictures to be a lot cuter, but H really didn’t want to let go of the star while helping his dad — so they turned out kind of funny. Cute, nonetheless.



Decorating with H was just about the cutest thing ever. I’ve been really emotional lately for some reason and his wild enthusiasm for Christmas decorations did not help the tear flow! Oh, it was so cute. Now that everything is up he can’t look away from the Christmas tree. He blows on it all day long – thats what he does to things he thinks are cool and points in awe at all the festive stuff we have around the house.

This is really the most wonderful time of the year.



Happy Anniversary to Us!

*just a fair warning, there will be plenty of mush and cheesiness in this post because thats who i am and its our anniversary

Four years ago today Wild Man and I were married, sealed for time and alllllllll eternity in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. I still feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world because I am married to my best friend, my confidant, my number one fan, my solace, my rock, my comfort, my partner in crime and my go-to funny guy.


When I met/saw Wild Man for the first time I kid you not it was love at first site. (it does exist, people!) That is so dorky, but its real. You guys I saw him and thought to myself, ‘I’m going to marry him’ and I found out later that when I first told my mom about him she knew he was the one I’d marry (moms are so cool). It was simply meant to be and I don’t care how silly that sounds. I just knew.


I can honestly say that for the past five years (a year of dating – four years of marriage) that I have laughed hard and smiled big every single day because of my husband. He makes me so happy, he sets my heart at ease and he helps me see the world in a different, positive and optimistic light. He is the greatest of the great and I really do feel like I hit the jackpot in the husband department.


In an attempt to stop weirdly gushing about him, here are some random facts about us/our marriage:

  • Our first date was November 4, 2011
  • We were married November 1, 2012
  • Our families live five houses away from each other. I always knew of him but never paid attention to him until I joined the singles ward
  • Speaking of Singles Ward – that is the first place I really looked at him and that is where my obsession with him began
  • I was first attracted to his shaggy hair and long, veiny arms
  • Our first real conversation was at his brothers wedding reception and it was about french toast (ah, the romance)
  • I told him ‘I love you’ first
  • On our first date we went to Nickel City (i think thats what its called) and one of the prizes we won was this little thin red fish that supposedly told you your mood when you held it on your open palm. I tried it first and it immediately curled up into a tight spiral – which apparently meant I was in love. Thats cute now but it was SO AWKWARD in the moment
  • We have lived in three houses – 1 basement, one town home, and now our own home


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY buddy! I love being married to you! I love you!



Happy Halloween! (kind of a Magical Monday too…sorta)

The day is finally here! I hope while you’re reading this you’re stuffing your face full of candy. We had our big Halloween Celebration earlier this month in Disneyland and attended Mickey’s Halloween Party, but of course we still are making today a happy (but not scary – i don’t do scary halloween) Halloween! Our costumes were part of a group costume with the rest of my family. There were seven of us total so naturally we had to be the 7 Dwarfs from Snow White. My mom goes all out on making costumes every year and she did an incredible job this year as usual. Although these costumes were a little simpler than her usual craftsmanship because she’d had a big surgery not too long before our trip, they still turned out perfect and we got tons of compliments in the park, lots of people took our pictures and we felt like the coolest people in Disneyland. You can bet we’ll feel that way tonight too when we trick-or-treat to a few houses – even if we will only be three of the seven dwarfs. (fyi: wild man is grumpy, h is dopey, i am happy — my dad was doc, my mom was bashful, one sister was sleepy and the other was sneezy)



I hope your Halloween is great and I hope we all have a wonderful November! Its going to be a busy, exciting month for us!


grumpy, dopey and happy

Wild Man Appreciation

Before I say anything in the post I just have to mention this awesome weather! Utah most definitely got the memo that it is FALL and this could not make me more happy.

Ok. Onto the post.

I feel like my heart is always full because of the life I have been given. I am very fortunate to live such a nice, happy life. But every once in a while I feel like I am even more aware of how blessed I am. Maybe this is because I’ve been excitedly preparing for General Conference (eep!!) and praying about/for my family more, but lately I truly just can’t get over how LUCKY I am to have my husband. Fair warning *the rest of this post is about to get real cheesy*

I named my husband ‘Wild Man’ on the blog because he is so adventurous, always on the go, fearless and full to the top of energy. He is exciting, passionate, full of life, incredibly caring and selfless, energetic and kind. One of my very, very favorite things about him though is his big heart and what a hard worker he is. I don’t give him nearly enough credit for how amazing he is. I am so thankful for the dedication he has to our family. He is very humble and doesn’t really like to share exactly what he is currently doing that is so selfless, strenuous and involves SO much work for the benefit of our family, so I will respect his wishes and not share it. But believe me, if it were up to me I would scream from the rooftops and brag about him and all he is doing for our family. He is incredible and I have been so moved as I watch him work for our family.

He is the greatest husband. He always puts me first, even when I beg him not to. I always tell people he isn’t the stereotypical husband. He helps in the house SO much, always willing to clean up, do dishes, make the bed, do laundry, etc. (he’s also not the typical man because when he’s sick, instead of whining and burying himself in the bed, he is still up and moving and working) He is my best friend and I love that he can read me even when I say no words and he is the best listener. I love being 100% comfortable going to him with ANYTHING and knowing he will listen closely, give me good, well thought out advice and help me in any way he can. Since having our baby ten months ago my anxiety has been really bad and Wild Man has always been the one who can talk me out of my attacks, helps me feel sane again and reminds me everything is ok. I would be a miserable wreck without this guy.

Watching him become a dad has been phenomenal. When I was pregnant with H, Wild Man would tell me a lot that he was nervous about being a dad. He was worried he wouldn’t know what to do with the baby and that he wouldn’t be the best dad. Well I am telling you he is the BEST of the BEST. The second H was born and the role of ‘dad’ was placed upon him, he just shined and the shine hasn’t stopped. He loves being a dad. He is really passionate about this calling and he values and cherishes this. The love he has for our son is incredible and I hope our children always know that they are so, so loved and they have a father who is their biggest fan and loves them beyond comprehension.

I know this post is random and mushy, but I couldn’t go any longer without publicly announcing just how wonderful of a man I married.

Thank you Wild Man for all you do for me, for H and for our family. Your hard work absolutely does not go unnoticed. I am so grateful for you and I am very blessed to be your wife. I love you!




A Fairy Tale Day

thanks timehop for this picture collage i put together 3 years ago

On August 17, 2012 Wild Man and I got engaged. I know its kind of silly to make a big deal out of every anniversary that comes around – but our engagement has always been so special to me. Yesterday was our four year anniversary of our engagement and as I was thinking about that great evening I couldn’t help but also think about how smart I am to have said YES to the perfect proposal to spend the rest of my life (and beyond) with such a phenomenal man.

You know this already – I’m a Disney fan. You may not know that Up is my favorite Disney movie. Wild Man took these pieces of knowledge and planned the most perfect, magical proposal – better than anything I could have ever dream or hope for.

He picked me up from my parents house in a barrel train pulled by a four-wheeler that his mom drove. I just thought we were going for a little ride in it and happily rode around the neighborhood. Then his mom pulled into a park, told us to get out and that we only had a one-way ticket. We got out and she left. I was confused but Wild Man seemed calm about it all so I just followed him deeper into the park. He eventually led me to a table that was covered in multi colored balloons and a few other things. In all honesty I thought a little kid at the nearby playground was having a birthday party and this was the table they’d reserved, so I was really puzzled when Wild Man went and sat down at the table. I sat beside him and he pulled out a box and inside the box was a book, our own Adventure Book (like from the movie, Up – also all the multi colored balloons are from the movie, Up, as well). We sat at the table and Wild Man had his arm around me. I read the book out loud, still not suspecting anything I just thought my boyfriend was doing something sweet for me because he often did cute things like this.

Finally, I got to the last page and there was a short, sweet message on it – he stated we’d been on many adventures and he never wanted them to stop, the last thing on the page, “Will you marry me?”

Wild Man got on one knee in front of me and I’m fairly certain I went into shock. I remember covering my face with the book and starting to cry. Of course I said YES!!! He put a beautiful ring on my finger and gave me a huge bouquet of flowers and his brother and best friend came out from behind some bushes and trees (they’d been filming and taking pictures) hooting and hollering. It was perfect.

I just feel so lucky that my husband is so observant. He paid attention to what I loved and even though he really dislikes mushy, lovey-dovey stuff, he knows I adore it and he tailored all of this to give me the sweetest, most perfect proposal!



Summer Lovin’


We have been having the best summer. Babies make everything more fun – even hot, lazy days. Yesterday The Captain and I were inside our house all day long. I was getting a lot of house work, baking and cooking done and we never went outside. Usually I take H out with me to water the grass, flowers and garden but I did it while he was napping this time. When Wild Man got home from work H and I were both bursting with cabin fever and we needed out. I decided on a walk and Wild Man mentioned going to see the ducks. We live very close to a creek and the creek and the houses surrounding it are always littered with ducks (and some of the cutest baby ducks!!) so we thought it would be fun to walk over there and let H watch the water and see some ducks. It was such a fun outing and fixed our cabin fever right up. Watching my cute boy watch the water was my favorite. He is such a water baby.


Speaking of water baby – we have been spending a lot of time at my parents pool, too. Every Friday I have a Mommy and Baby Pool Club and I literally look forward to it all week. On top of that we are over swimming many days out of the week. We live close to my parents so there is really no excuse not to.


On the 4th of July we had a big, family pool party with my family, Wild Man’s family and our sister-in-laws family. It was so much fun having everyone there and eating all the delicious desserts people brought. I think those are my three favorite things about summer, honestly. Family time. Family activities. Food.




Announcing Our Pregnancy and Gender (this is not a pregnancy announcement)

You guys, I almost posted a picture of my pregnancy test from when I found out I was pregnant with H on this post – but then I realized that was a stick that at one point was covered in my urine and promptly decided against that. Its never bothered me when other people post a picture of the test, but apparently doing so myself is not my jam.

Today I was reading through a journal I kept while I was pregnant with H. I cried more than I care to admit because being pregnant was AWESOME even though I was sick 100% of the time, had gestational diabetes and was so uncomfortable. Its actually very easy for me to look past the gross stuff and think about the amazing stuff that was happening inside my body. Isn’t it crazy we are capable of GROWING a HUMAN?


A few particular entries in this journal were dedicated to the days we announced to our families we were pregnant. I learned something from this. I am not creative. Wild Man is. Keep reading, you’ll see.


Neither of our moms got a cool announcement. Turns out my mom already knew because she could tell I was different and was picking up on my symptoms and my mother-in-law guessed. So neither story with them is all that exciting..


Somehow we decided I’d decide how to tell my family and Wild Man would decide how to tell his. There are always those huge, grand announcements and I applaud them, but thats now how it worked out for me. I can’t even remember why but I ended up announcing to my family in one of the most boring, un-energetic ways possible (probably because I was too sick, tired and lazy to put forth effort anywhere in life?).

I had a picture on my phone of the pregnancy test. Every once in a while my family will sit around the tv and take turns throwing pictures up on to the tv via Apple Tv. One night we decided to start showing pictures and videos and in the middle of it I threw a picture up there. The picture of the test. It took a second for my dad and sisters to register what it was. (my mom already knew). I think my dad was the first to notice and I still have the look on his face in my mind – pure joy! Both of my sisters were quiet because they’re freaking adorable and got emotional. It was so cute. They were so excited. In my family H is the first grandchild and niece or nephew, so he was so, so greatly anticipated.


Like I said, Wild Man is 100x more creative than I am. He is also tons funnier. He is also talented with technology. All of those factors led to a much cooler baby announcement than I came up with for my family. Oh also his was lots more inappropriate than showing off a stick I stuck in my own urine.

He decided to make a video. Essentially it said in several different slides: When did it happen? We don’t know! Was it an early morning treat? An afternoon delight? Something in the night? We will never know. But one thing we do know… Our family is becoming a family of three. All while Marvin Gay’s ‘Lets Get It On’ is playing in the background and the sound of a squeaking mattress can be heard…

Embarrassing, yes. But very, very Wild Man. And it got the message across and led to some excited yelps and hugs. I still laugh/cringe thinking about this announcement.


We publicly announced our pregnancy on Mothers Day. It felt very appropriate and that was when we had hit either 12 or 13 weeks. We just did the usual post a picture on all our Social Media platforms. I pointed to my belly – which was proudly showing at this point (makes it very hard to hide a pregnancy) – and Wild Man held a sign announcing our due date, November 24, 2015. I’m laughing in it and Wild Man has a hilariously shocked face.



I guess this is where I sort of got creative. We found the gender out either in beginning of June or end of May, I can’t remember at the moment. Wild Man has a birthday in mid June and we always have a big birthday party at my parents house because they have a pool. We decided it’d be fun to somehow announce the gender at the party when both of our families are there together. We had everyone write down their guesses then before the pool party really started we had a gift bag and counted to three and Wild Man pulled a swimming suit (see the pool theme?) out of the bag. And it was a BOY swimming suit! I don’t know – is that creative? I thought it was fun.

Fun fact: I remember being terrified of having a boy. Having only sisters I had no idea what to expect – but I am LOVING it.


Now that we’ve done all the announcing and such, I’m already planning how to announce all these same things with baby #2 (not a pregnancy announcement) and I’m hoping to be more creative. But I can’t guarantee that it won’t be any less inappropriate because Wild Man will still be the dad and he’s gotta stay true to himself 😉




Wild Man

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet, big hearted, optimistic, charming best friend! I like to think I celebrate this guy all year long, but I really love that there is a day in the year where everyone can celebrate what a stud he is. Anyone who knows Wild Man knows what a joy he is to be around and what joy he can bring around. I feel so, so blessed to be his wife and know that we are together forever! He is an amazing husband, incredible father and an all around phenomenal human being. He has a knack for bringing smiles to peoples faces, he is so friendly and inviting and is such a great listener and genuinely cares for those around him. He loves the Gospel, honors his Priesthood and tries every day to be Christlike. He is a softy, a goofball and is still a child at heart. One of my favorite things about him is that he loves Disney!! (so naturally i’m all heart-eyed) He is the best of the best and I hope today he has the BEST day ever because no one deserves it more than he does. I love the birthday boy!