This past weekend was quite honestly, bliss. The kids had Friday and Monday off and Craig had Monday off. We took advantage of the time we’d all get together. It was one of those weekends that fills your cup, rejuvenates your soul and energizes you for the coming week. Our family played lots of games on Friday and Saturday. Over the weekend Craig and I also introduced the kids to Shrek and then watched the second one, as well. Eventually we’ll get to the other two.

On Monday we went up the mountains to Craig’s families cabin to sled and spend some time with family up there. It was a really good time. I couldn’t get over just how beautiful everything was. Absolutely stunning. It was all just so white and sparkly. It was one of those moments where you sit and stare out at the snow covered trees, watching the snow fall and sitting in that beautiful stillness and silence where you could feel the spirit closer. There was more clarity in my mind. Things felt so good and pretty. I am grateful for those moments I was able to steal while we were up there sledding and laughing.

I also got the crude reminder that I’m getting older! We went sledding down the entire mountain and it was a bouncy, chaotic ride. I wanted to be the cool mom, so I grabbed a sled, one of my kids and we shot down. Now I’m so sore ha! We had fun though, so I thiiiiink that was worth it!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

I don’t know why it took us so long but yesterday we finally took H outside and introduced him to the fun of playing in the snow. For his birthday in November he got a sled, a snow suit and snow boots and I’m not sure if there is anything cuter than my little guy all bundled up in his getup. In the morning Wild Man and I just took him out in our yard and pulled him around then let him play in it (which mostly consisted of him laughing as he stuck his little face in the snow) for a while. Then we went with Wild Man’s family to a nearby field and pulled sleds around behind their four-wheelers. We hooked H’s tiny sled up behind one and pulled him around for quite a while – he loved it! Eventually though he started to look sleepier and sleepier so we put him on the four-wheeler with us while we pulled Wild Man’s brother around and H eventually fell asleep in my lap. After a while longer I took H home to my parents house where we spent the rest of the evening. We ended the day in my parents hot tub which was the cherry on top of a really awesome day. I know 2017 isn’t even a week old yet, but I’m already lovin’ it.



Christmas 2016

I’m pretty sure there aren’t even words to describe what a perfect Christmas we had yesterday. To be honest I’m getting teary just thinking about it. Everything went perfectly, so smoothly and having our sweet one year old totally into it made everything so much more magical. I laughed because on Christmas Eve night when I went to bed I realized I felt like a little kid again and could hardly sleep because I was too excited to see H see what Santa brought him and open presents from mom, dad, grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins. At one point I woke up and thought for sure it was six or seven in the morning and I laid there impatiently waiting for H to wake up because I was so excited to start the day. After a while of waiting I looked at the clock on my phone at it was 1:30am! It was a total flashback of my childhood.


Its almost like H knew it was Christmas. He woke up extra happy and was adorable when he walked into our living room and saw everything. He actually had a decent attention span when it came to opening gifts and was really cute and had a few specific toys that he really loved. We had Christmas morning just the three of us for the first time this year and it was perfect. It made the holiday more special and meaningful somehow – and also made me feel like an adult, big time. We spent a little over an hour opening gifts, taking pictures and playing with our new things then we got ready for church. We went to my families ward with them at 9am. I originally had a bad attitude about church on Christmas and now I’m embarrassed I ever felt that way. Hellllllloooooooo? Isn’t that what this holiday is about? Church was only an hour long and it was filled with choir numbers, congregational hymns and one speaker. It was a really neat way to remind me of the spirit that should be in our hearts on Christmas day. It put the day in to perspective for me and honestly because of going to church I felt a different spirit with me throughout the day.




After church we went to my parents house for several hours. They hadn’t had their Christmas yet so we were able to join them for all of that which was really fun. I truly think I’ll be kind of sad the day I don’t get to be there to see the looks on my little sisters faces when they open their gifts. We exchanged gifts then pretty quickly started my FAVORITE Christmas tradition – we broke open a bunch of the new games we received and started playing! Games and Christmastime just go together in our family. It was a blast playing games and eating Chinese food.






Then we made our way (five houses away) to Wild Man’s families house where his entire family was there for the first time in a few years! We socialized, exchanged gifts, played a couple games, ate a delicious Christmas dinner then played some more games. We got tired but it was well worth it.


When we got back home H couldn’t stay awake and went down so good. Wild Man and I looked through the pile of gifts we got and reminisced on our amazing day. Like I said I seriously cannot put into words how great of a day this was. I knew it would be good – Christmas always is – but this was better than I imaged it to be. I hope you all had an equally as amazing day and that no matter who your day was spent with that you felt love and were able to remember the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.



Temple Square


I love going to Temple Square – especially in December when the lights are up. We didn’t go last year because H was so tiny and there was no way we were taking him outside in the cold that little, so I was extra anxious to get back there this year. I was also very excited to take H and see him experience it. He loves Christmas lights and goes a little crazy when he sees them so I had high hopes of his reaction to this pretty place and he didn’t disappoint! He couldn’t point at everything fast enough and much to my happiness, he kept staring at the temple with his big blue eyes just searching it over. I loved it. This year was kind of cool as we all watched the Nativity that lights up as the scriptures about Christ’s birth are read I felt the spirit really strong as I talked to my baby about what the scriptures meant. I know he’s just one and doesn’t remember it, but it was really special to me and made me excited to continue talking about the gospel with him and our future children. I love the spirit that comes when you are in the presence of a temple.






Peace Out, Summer

Most people have started school by now, so I think I’m ok in saying Summer is over. This gives me a range of emotions, but mostly I am excited. I won’t miss being sweaty and I especially won’t miss trying to find a way to make bermuda shorts look good on me. I will miss the abundance of family activities, getaways and adventures, having my sisters, nieces and nephews home from school and being able to walk outside without shoes on and being able to lay a blanket in the grass and just soak up the sun – then theres my favorite part of summer – my families pool, which is 100% more fun now with the Captain in the family. Summer is awesome and it will be dearly missed…


But I LOVE Fall and I LOVE Winter. September through December are my very favorite months and I honestly cannot wait for them! The smells, the food, the traditions.. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. The only thing I’m not entirely looking forward to is November 20th when my baby turns one!! But lets not talk about that right now.

So anyway. Bring on the cooler weather, boots, cardigans, crispy leaves, delicious smells and the greatest seasons ever.



Winter Skincare

Ah, the havoc that cold weather can wreak upon our poor, unsuspecting skin, am I right? We finally get our skin looking all nice, moisturized and pretty, then BAM! the cold weather comes along and messes everything up. Oh, the joys…

I am still working on finding the perfect remedy to combat what cold weather does to our precious skin, but in the last little while, I have had a few people ask for any tips and tricks, because they, too, are suffering the woes of cold weather.

I’ve acquired some tips and tricks along the way. Though they are few, they’ve worked for me. Without further ado, here are CeeCee’s tricks, tips and advice.

  • Use a richer, extra hydrating facial moisturizer. I feel like this is the most obvious answer, but it works. Ultra hydrating  moisturizers are going to obviously help your skin absorb extra hydration – exactly what it needs with all this cold weather.
  • Exfoliate your face (3-5 times a week). This will help slough off dry, shedding skin and help new skin surface.
  • Use hydrating serums and masks. I’m not going to recommend a specific brand or type because everyone has different budgets, likes, etc. But they really do work! Every night and morning I use a hylauronic acid serum (provides lots of hydration) and at night I use a hydrating mask and my skin has really been reaping the benefits of this habit.
  • Exfoliate your lips and coat them in a good, moisturizing lip balm or vaseline. Just like on your face, it sloughs off dead skin and allows your new, fresh, pretty skin to surface. Then with lip balm or vaseline you lock in moisture that your lips so badly need.
  • Add facial oils into your moisturizer. Its just a little extra hydration for your skin to soak up. Lovely.
  • Olive Oil. I dump a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto a cotton ball every night and rub it onto my face and neck. Again, another extra step to add in moisture to your skin.
  • Don’t neglect the rest of your body! Use a hydrating lotion/moisturizer on your entire body because its not just your face thats going to be feeling the negative effects of cold, dry weather. I also like using Coconut Oil. The oily feeling helps me feel extra hydrated and my skin feels soft and smooth a little extra longer. (just my opinion)
  • Use honey. Honey leaves your skin soft, smooth and happy. It always leaves me a little more moisturized and dewey, as well. And it smells divine!
  • Gloves and socks. For dry hands and feet I like to put several heavy coats of moisturizer, foot or hand cream on my feet/hands then put on socks or gloves to really lock in the moisture. I love the way my hands and feet feel afterwards, too. Its incredible.
  • Get a facial! 1. Because they’re amazing and feel like heaven. 2. They’re so beneficial for your faces skin and your esthetician will cater to your specific skin needs. Tell your esthetician you’re dry and winter air is wacking your skin out – she’ll hook you up.



“The best foundation you can wear is glowing, healthy skin.”